The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: What A Strong Killing Aura!

"Swish swish……"

A curved saber slashed the sky with dense saber glow that instantly charged out with several hundreds of saber glows speedily sweeping towards Su Yi.

Such saber glows unitedly went out while every single saber glow could seemingly slash through the sky.

The saber glows unitedly went out while the scene was shocking, as though it could slash everything.

The surrounding light became dimmed as though in this small space, only these several hundreds of saber glows, were left as they crisscrossed.


The sword light and the saber glow clashed. Su Yi's sword light only had one and appeared flimsy, but in an instant, it released a monstrous power that when it touched the saber glow, it turned into endless sword aura along with a terrifying killing intent sweeping through, slashing everywhere.

The frightening sword aura's light was as though flooding water pouring down. It was entirely no longer a single light, but a ray of sword light like the sunlight, blotting this entire small space.

They vigorously collided with the clanging of metals.

At this instant, the elderly with the curved saber was astonished while the middle-aged man with the spear not far away also had shock gushing out from his gaze.

Very quickly, the saber glows of the elderly with the curved saber got shattered inches by inches by the sword aura's light.

There was a sword light sweeping through containing killing intent as the ripples arrived before the elderly with the curved saber.

The elderly with the curved saber scurrying resisted as the curved saber in his hand scaled the sky and exploded, emitting out sparks of fire. A crack appeared while the figure scurrying retreated.

Fresh blood then followed along the wrist of the elderly with the curved saber and flowed out. The curved saber in his hand also had a nick while his astonished gaze stared towards Su Yi with great shock.

"What a powerful outer power. What a strong killing aura!"

The heart of the elderly with the curved saber had waves as the young man had such frightening outer power.

That sword just now with the gruesome killing aura had exceeded his expectations.

He did not have any reservations and almost got severely wounded. But even like this, his current wounds were not light.

Su Yi's body also slightly retreated back. However, a trace of killing intent surged over to behind his back that was swift and ruthless.

"Come on!"

The aura on his body stormingly gushed out with exploding scorching energy aura.

Su Yi knew that the one behind him was the middle-aged man with the spear. He released his aura to the extreme while some places on his skin even blasted out cracks with mangle flesh as though a bloody man while dripping blood. In retaliation, a sword slashed out.


The mysterious power and the broken sword, were now merged as the killing aura along with mighty, and destruction mixed together forming a frightening vast, and mighty wind storm as it swept through.

Familiar figures one by one got killed bloodily.

Granny Shangguan died in front of him, and Shangguan Chen Feng died in front of him.

Su Yi was now in extreme anger and unbearable pain. Not caring about everything, the killing intent from his heart surged and exploded, covering everything, wanting to kill these great enemies.


The sword light and the spear collided. Abruptly a glow erupted very vigorously and also as fast as lightning.

However, it was only in an instant as the spear bent and crack. Then, it got rebounded and blown back.

The gaze of the middle-aged man gushed with shocked as his body got blown away and crashed into a stone wall behind him while he spewed out blood and left a puddle of blood on the ground.

Su Yi's gaze was crimson and bloody with a brilliant broken sword in his hand as the hair behind his back madly danced as though he was a killing god.

The nearby strong cultivators had noticed it while a huge beast and two brilliant figures appeared and stared towards Su Yi.

"You guys have all come!"

Su Yi stabbed the presently brilliantly glowing heavy sword into the ground. The surrounding ground collapsed with cracks extending while he stared at the surrounding gazes that were looking over here with mighty, destruction, and monstrous killing aura on his entire body.

That was a sort of monstrous might that emitted an aura which suppressed the empyrean!

"That brat is very strange. Let's kill him together. Maybe he has something to do with the remains of the Divine Demonic Sect!"

A strong cultivator in her 50s with a loose robe and a hairpin in her hair had a frightening aura and wavering light on her body. Her gaze was icy cold while she scaled the sky in giant steps at a high altitude. She waved her hand, which appeared like the black cloud covering Su Yi and directly crushed over.

"If today I am not dead, in the future, none of you will live! You must pay back a hundred times!"

Su Yi furiously roared while the killing aura in his body burnt as his hair danced, and the surrounding huge rocks also rumbling moved. He plucked out the sword and directly slashed towards that strong cultivator.

"What a powerful outer power. Let's kill him together. This seedling must not be left behind!"

Another beast and a strong cultivator joined in and unitedly attacked, wanting to suppress Su Yi.

In actual fact, it was only their guesses. This young man was so extraordinary and incomparably strange. The remains of the Divine Demonic Sect might be on the body of this young man.

At the depth of the sky, a big battle was even more intense as sword shadows scaled the sky with beast claws tearing the sky and fresh blood dripping. It was remarkably terrifying.

The Honourably Demon went mad with the last splendor, having a big battle everywhere!

At this moment, the Honourably Demon was fighting with its all.

That few super-strong cultivators were also exploding as all kinds of Yuan Qi elements already formed into heaven and earth energy with surging aura and intense battle.


The old state of the Honourably Demon's body was presently incomparably powerful, transforming into a massive body, standing in the sky while glancing with hostility. It had a demonic aura that was different from the crowd as it charged into the sky as though it was a godly tiger from the ancient!

This type of demonic aura was not any typical demonic aura. Instead, the mighty pressure came from the demon clan and the heaven and earth that was demonic, yet not evil!

The strong cultivator from the Sacred Mountain had a sword light in his hand as brilliant as the galaxy that could cast light on this dark night, releasing a holy aura that could slash this space.

The body of that fearsome tiger was also expanding while a glow intersects on its body. Its hook-like claws seemingly could crush the stars.

A ferocious bird spread its wing while its blood moon-like fearsome eyes shone like the sun and moon.

There were a few more glistening figures that were incomparably powerful.

An old figure had brilliant eyes while he and the fearsome tiger were the ones who wanted to kill the Honourably Demon the most.

The old figure was ruthless, yet the glow on his body was blinding as it blotted out half of the sky with gruesome terrifying aura on his body like a deity standing on the sky. He took the chance and struck out a palm print with intersecting glow appearing as though the falling star clouds, smacking onto the body of the Honourably Demon.

Fresh blood spilled out from the body of the Honourably Demon, but it continued to have a furious fight with the surrounding strong cultivators seemingly forgotten about its life and death, while its demonic might could not be, stopped.


A few super-strong cultivators attacked jointly, exhausting everything they could to fight together to kill the Honourably Demon.

However, the hearts of these few super-strong cultivators were also frightened and incomparably astonished. No wonder this tiger was the remaining Honourably Demon of the Divine Demonic Sect. It was actually so powerful that even at its end, it could fight with its own strength against so many joint attacks of theirs.

"An arrow at the end of its flight can still be this mad, but it has also reached its end!"

That fearsome tiger loudly roared as it could tell that the Honourably Demon already getting more and more exhausted.

As expected, the Honourably Demon continuously got wounded while its massive tiger body retreated in the sky.


The Honourably Demon roared while its eyes shone. The demonic aura on its body got more and more flourishing as it glanced at the surrounding circle of great enemies. The glow on its body grew even brilliant, forming into a series of ripples as if nets above and snares below, covering the sky.

The nets above and snares below interweaved, letting out 'hong hong' sound and a brilliant glow with twinkling runes. It actually captured the few super-strong cultivators inside it as though going to bind them while emitting a type of demonic aura that covered the empyrean.

"Demonic Abstruse Divine Net. This is your last method, right? Do you really think that you can deal with so many of us?!"

The old figure spoke with a glistening glow as though a deity standing at the sky. From that surrounding brilliant glow cover, seemingly many faint beast figures could be seen.

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