The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: The Last Method!

The remaining super-strong cultivators were also not afraid.

They knew that this was the last method of the Honourably Demon, but relying on this final method, it could not do anything to their joint attacks.

After the Honourably Demon had cast its last method, it would then reached its real end!

"It is indeed impossible to kill you guys. However, this is also enough!"

The Honourably Demon spoke while its gaze suddenly had laughter in them as it glanced below and abruptly said: "If you don't show up now when are you going to appear? Just bring out as much as you can. Remember your promise to me. You will become the new Honourably Demon of the Divine Demonic Sect. In the future, the Divine Demonic Sect will be, handed over to you guys!"

When such words landed down, it resounded in the air.


All of a sudden, at the bottom of the collapsed Yao Luo Mountain, abruptly, there were rolling flame spreading and sweeping through, pouring down from the sky while everywhere it passed, it would burn everything into nothing.

These scorching flames were too overly scary, while the entire space was also fluctuating.

"Not good. This old demon has another arrangement!"

"This old demon wants to arrange for people to bring the remaining of the Divine Demonic Sect and escape!"

Seeing this, the complexion of the few super-strong cultivators changed.


The fearsome tiger grew cold as huge claws slashed the air, wanting to break free from the restrain of the Honourably Demon.

The ferocious bird spread its wings that seemingly could cover the sky, causing the air to distort and break.

There was beast roaring on the surrounding of the old elderly as even the empyrean was shaking.

The strong cultivator of the Sacred Mountain waved his sword with a monstrous sword light that could slash everything.

And the few strong cultivators were also going all out, releasing monstrous auras as all kinds of attack scaled and crisscrossed, wanting to break the restraint of the Honourably Demon and stopped its arrangement.

Only, the might of the Honourably Demon was beyond their expectations as it actually made them completely unable to escape.

At this moment, they then realized that this Honourably Demon had purposely lured them to a high altitude and gradually restraint them while it had another arrangement.


The ground started to crack as gruesome flames appeared while a scorching aura got more and more intense.

The ground moved, and the mountain shook as a frightening aura charged into the clouds.

Lines followed along the ground and cracked, spreading in this ancient turmoil big land.

On the sky, gruesome flames whistled out and converged together, surging turbulently, making the skins of the strong cultivators on the scene painful as flesh broke out in goosebumps!

"What is going on?!"

The color of the complexion of the incoming groups of great enemies changed as this scorching aura was unlike typical, causing them to unknowingly felt a type of creepy feeling while their hearts secretly quivered.

All of them glanced at the gruesome flames in the sky. There seemed to be something inside that was going to emerge out.


Gruesome sea of fire seemingly blotted out the sky and covered the ground as it instantly wanted to blot out the entire giant sky.

Su Yi was as though a killing god, battling against several strong cultivators. The sword light was brilliant with monstrous killing aura, but under the joint attacks of the several strong cultivators, he also was forced to retreat back slowly.

However, the middle-aged man with the spear, the elderly with the curved saber, and the rest felt even more shocked.

That young man was actually so frightening. Although it was obvious that he borrowed a sort of outer power, yet he could endure that terrifying outer power and fight with them so intensely to this extent, which was even more horrifying.

A real killing intent raised in their hearts. If such a young man could leave today, most likely, without long, he would be able to grow to a frightening stage.

In the sky, the sudden commotion also allowed the mad Su Yi to feel it.

His figure staggering retreated while Su Yi's gaze followed that frightening scorching aura and glanced at the direction where the commotion started. In that gruesome erupting sea of fire, he seemingly could feel a whiff of familiar aura was surging.


Within the gruesome sea of fire, a massive virtual figure emerged from the sea of fire loomingly.

When that massive virtual figure emerged, those strong cultivators were the first to sense it.

Within that virtual figure, an indescribable horrifying mighty pressure could be, felt making the faces of the people to surge with astonishment.

Especially, when the strong cultivators and beasts on the scene felt the spreading aura of the virtual figure in the sea of fire, a creepy feeling started to climb in their hearts.

"Let's deal with this brat first!"

The middle-aged man intensely shouted and gritted his teeth. On that pale complexion, the long spear once again emitted a blinding glow and directly shot over to Su Yi.

The elderly with the curved saber and the other strong cultivators once again stared at Su Yi as none of them wants the brat before them to land into someone else's hand and unitedly swept out with powerful attacks.

Su Yi's eyes became crimson with an undiminished killing aura as the sword light in his hand, along with a killing intent all over the sky, fluctuated.


All of a sudden, at this instant, at the sea of fire on the sky, a cry pierced through the clouds and cracked the rocks resounded while a massive virtual figure of a flaming flying bird like a phoenix and a roc speedily formed a shape. Its extensive wings spread and flapped, enveloping with fluttering flames. The entire sky was also trembling as this sort of momentum made the people in the surrounding shocked.


Brilliant flames swept over towards the surrounding of Su Yi, covering him and the others within.

"Bang bang bang……"

Almost without any maneuver, those initially strikes from the joint attacks towards Su Yi landed onto that gruesome flames while explosion sounds traveled out, yet the several figures, were abruptly bounced back and harshly landed faraway.


The virtual figure once again cried while its spread wings flapped with raging flames over all the sky, casting light on this dark night.

On the surrounding sky, a space distorted and collapsed with a series of flames sweeping out, converging into a series of fire as though it had grown eyes as it landed onto the bodies of the strong enemies in the sky.

"Bang bang bang……"

The fire exploded, and the sky was in turmoil. A strong cultivator, was blown away while someone spurted out blood. There were also strong cultivators falling down with shrieks.


The flames all over the sky landed down like a light screen as it lastly enveloped this piece of the ancient land, covering many people of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, bringing them to the sky.

The bodies of Su Yi and the not far away Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest, were also enveloped within as if an endless colossus hand reached down, making the surrounding land to dim while they were involuntary covered.


Such a shout seemingly resounded inside Su Yi's ears.

Vaguely on the sky, a space was torn open, revealing a black hole.

The surrounding glow distorted while the profound black light that emitted out seemingly could swallow people's souls inside too.


That massive flaming virtual figure brought many people of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe to the black hole.

"Who dares to intervene?!"

Up in the sky, that fearsome tiger, old figure, and the rest had cold expressions as they never expected that someone would actually intervene right under their eyes, bringing away the remaining evils of the Divine Demonic Sect.


Going out with full force, every one of the super-strong cultivators no longer had any reservation as they blasted the sky while brilliant glow exploded with energy kept crushing the sky and shooting out like countless meteorite landing, destroying this ancient land.

The Honourably Demon could no longer persist while that big net had already cracked.

However, as it watched the gruesome flames disappearing in the direction of the black hole, the eyes of the Honourably Demon revealed smiling intent as it mumbled: "There is a successor. Heaven blessed my Divine Demonic Sect. Now, I can die without any regrets!"

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