The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 281

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Chapter 281: The Might Of The Sword!

"Granny has reached the end. Even an elixir also cannot save a desperate situation. From the day you entered the Ancient Spirit Village, granny could already feel that you were unlike an average person. As expected, granny has not chosen the wrong person!"

Shangguan Cheng Ya look at Su Yi and Shangguan Xi Wei at his side with a smile as she said to Su Yi: "Child, promise granny. In the future, you must take good care of the people of the Ancient Spirit Village and protect the bloodline of the Divine Demonic Sect."

She paused as fresh blood spilled out. Shangguan Cheng Ya took Shangguan Xi Wei's hand and placed it onto Su Yi's hand with the elixir and forcefully pressed them together with many difficulties. With great effort, she continued: "Today if you guys can leave, you guys must take care of one another as sister and brother in the future, or else I…………"

"Grandma, stop talking. Stop talking anymore. Quickly take the elixir……" Shangguan Xi Wei cried while she tried to wipe off the fresh blood on her grandmother's lips.

"Granny Shangguan, quickly take the elixir. I promise you. Just quickly take the elixir." Su Yi kept nodding his head while tears dripped along his cheeks and fell.

"Good child. Then, I will be at ease."

Shangguan Cheng Ya smiled. The shrinking pupil could already no longer stay focus and lost its last glimmer as it started to become dim and shut tightly.


"Granny Shangguan!"

Su Yi and Shangguan Xi Wei sorrowfully roared with heart-wrenching pain as they shook the elderly in their arms, but she no longer could be awoken anymore.


A curved saber was akin to lightning as it turned into an arc of lightning, once again striking towards Su Yi.

The elderly with the curved saber once again attacked as that young man was notably strange while his instinct gave him an uneasy feeling, so he must eradicate the source of trouble.

"Be careful!"

A loud shout traveled out along with a tiger roar. An elder of the Hunting Tiger Tribe appeared with a piece of treasure like a scissor and like a fork as though along with a tiger shadow, blocking before Su Yi.


The might of this elder was extraordinary, but he was incomparable to that elderly with the curved saber and abruptly got blown away while his weapon grew dimmed with cracks and fell.

The elderly with the curved saber staggered and retreated two steps back.

Su Yi got up and handed over Shangguan Cheng Ya to Shangguan Xi Wei.


Su Yi looked at the sky and gave a loud roar that could deafen the ears while the scorching and mighty aura on his body churned out and got denser and denser with might and destruction.

Such an aura caused the surrounding strong beasts to also unknowingly trembled. A series of blood moon-like fearsome gazes unitedly glanced over, mixing with astonishment.

From within Su Yi's body, a crimson glow like the naked flames became even real while his eyes, were also covered with crimson color. The scorching aura caused the surrounding air to bring along traces of distortion and illusory.

"What a strange brat. His body has an outer power that does not belong to him. It should have a connection with the Divine Demonic Sect….."

Feeling the frightening aura that was released from within Su Yi's body, inside the depths of the nearby elderly with the curved saber and the middle-aged man with the spear, there were shocked, followed by a blazing gaze that flashed and passed.

At a distance, there were also obscure auras landing, which had noticed this aura that was different from the crowd.

"No matter who you guys are, I will never let you guys go!"

Su Yi's crimson gaze closely stared at the middle-aged man with the spear and grew cold. It was unknown whether it was because he had formed his Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul or under the influence of the outer power from the inside of the mysterious space, his entire person had an added destruction-like sharp drive.

This aura was mighty and robust. To strong, to Yang, to firm and to vigorous, it formed into a special kind of mighty air!

Su Yi's hair was disheveled while his robe was already tattered by the outer power from his body, but the momentum on his body sublimed. Veins flashed and revealed on his face, adding on a ferocious appearance to him.

"What a unique brat. Since he is a remaining evil, he cannot be left behind!"

The middle-aged man with the spear spoke while his gaze was secretly and hiddenly scorching as if he wanted to capture Su Yi as he did not use the long spear in his hand. His left hand shook, and from a low altitude, he dived down with his five fingers slightly crook as though distorting the sky with a claw heading towards Su Yi, collapsing from the top of Su Yi's head.

"I want you to pay with your life!"

Looking at that claw print, Su Yi did not retreat and instead went forward. His crimson eyes were as though intense flames were burning while radiance stormingly escalated. The scorching aura that blotted out the sky and covered the ground on his body exploded as he shook his arms, and Overlord's Fist detonated out, mixing with wind and thunder-like sound that instantly blasted out and clashing with the former's claw.


The fist and claw collided. The explosion sound was like a shocking thunder while the surrounding air was also roaring with frightening raging wind energy sweeping through and shooting out.

"Pat pat!"

Su Yi staggered and stormingly retreated continuously while the ground beneath his feet directly cracked.

However, at the moment, that middle-aged man with the spear also did not gain any advantage as his body staggering retreated too.

"What a strong outer power!"

The middle-aged man was shocked, but then his gaze became even more blazing as he felt that the momentum and aura on the body of the brat, most likely was remains of the Divine Demonic Sect. Most probably, it was on the body of this brat before him.


A saber glow sliced through the air as the figure of the elderly with the curved saber suddenly appeared in front of Shangguan Xi Wei while the curved saber in his hand struck down.

"Be careful!"

Shangguan Chen Feng appeared, blocking before Shangguan Xi Wei with a sword glow explodingly emitted out in his hand.

However, it was too weak. Everything was for nothing as the sword glow was simply not it's enemy. That curved saber fiercely stabbed into his chest while fresh blood instantly dyed his white robe red.

"Brother Chen Feng……"

Shangguan Xi Wei sorrowfully and tenderly cried.

Su Yi glanced sideways and saw the scene as his body trembled!

"Take care of the Ancient Spirit Village." Shangguan Chen Feng looked at Su Yi and spoke along with fresh blood shooting out from his mouth.

"A mantis rising its forelegs trying to stop an oncoming car. Overestimating your ability."

The elderly with the curved saber had no mercy as his gaze was icy cold while plucking out his saber.

Shangguan Chen Feng's body directly exploded, turning into a bloody fog.


Su Yi sorrowfully and angrily roared while pulling out the broken sword on his back. Inside his body, unknowingly was it because of the ferocious outer power or it had received Su Yi's agony in his heart, and got implicated, the glow on the broken sword was brilliant and twinkling while a monstrous sword aura directly instantly gushed out.

In an instant, from within the broken sword, a trace of surging energy also flooded into Su Yi's body, complementing and mixing with the outer power from inside his body, causing his power to once again increased.

However, at the same time, a gruesome killing intent also followed along with that surging energy and assaulted into Su Yi's body, making him as though he could see the scene of blood flooding into a river and bone stacking up before his eyes.

This sort of killing intent was too terrifying as if it wanted to destroy and slash everything, causing Su Yi's physical body with his cultivation now, to also directly trembled as though he was going to be crush into powder under the sweeping killing intent.

The power inside the mysterious space counteracted the influence of the killing intent on Su Yi's body.

But, within Su Yi's crimson eyes, the bloody glow of killing intent had instead, once again climbed up and covered everything.

"Hong hong!"

On the broken sword, currently, the glow was brilliant with the clanging of the wind and thunder.

That terrifying aura was as though a monstrous fearsome beast was awakening.


The sword aura was monstrous with blinding sword light.


The crimson glow in his eyes was brilliant with a stern bloody light. Su Yi unhesitantly clenched the broken sword tightly and directly slashed towards the elderly with the curved saber.

Everywhere the sword light passed by, the air would upheaval along with killing intent all over the sky, making people's heart palpitate!

The elderly with the curved saber seemingly could feel something as his gaze had fluctuation while the glow on his body instantly became even more brilliant.

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