The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: Sorrow And Anger!

Su Yi felt hateful as veins budged out on his face, looking ferocious. He hated that his strength was not enough while he watched the people near him lied in a puddle of blood.


All of a sudden, there was a commotion inside Su Yi's mind as though the mysterious sphere of light inside his mind was affected by a type of traction as it abruptly trembled with glow suddenly emitting out.

Suddenly, a whiff of frightening and frenzy aura emitted out from Su Yi's body like a peerless fierce beast was awakening.

Within his eyes, the bloody gaze abruptly turned into crimson like a fluctuating crimson flame.

"Bang bang bang!"

The surrounding bloodbath was still continuing. At this moment, the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe no longer distance themselves as some elderly struggled to rush over to the side of those returning youngsters to protect them.

However, these elderly could already hardly take care of themselves. They entirely could not protect the youngsters while they kept getting wounded.


Hu Chi, Hu Ming, Xiong Zhan, and the rest of the youngsters sorrowfully roared.

Because of them, these elders, were ruthlessly killed, yet they did not even have the strength to charge over and risk their lives.

They felt helpless, furious, agony, and heart-wrenching!


Not far away, a strong beast pounced over, trying to swallow a few of the clansmen of the Hunting Tiger Tribe in one mouth.

"I am going to fight it out with you!"

Hu Ming furiously roared as his eyes turned red while his figure rushed out.


That beast spoke the human language, totally did not place Hu Ming in its eyes as a claw waved out, and the ground cracked.


An elderly wanted to help, but he utterly could not get away. Hu Ming got swept away while his body got forcefully torn into pieces.

The surrounding youngsters, were harshly blown away from the ripples of the powerful aura while they spewed out fresh blood.

Those clansmen of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, were still swallowed into the mouth of that beast.

An aura kept escalating while the veins on the surface of Su Yi's body started to stormily budged. The crimson color in his eyes slowly covered the entire eyeball as the aura inside his body was already like an erupting volcano, further revealing a sort of might and destruction!

When such an aura spread, it caused the grieving Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest felt it too and became shocked.

"It is that whiff of aura. Powerful, very powerful!"

Su Yi felt it. It was that whiff of familiar mysterious power that came from the mysterious sphere of light.

Back then, when he was faced with the chasing of the Dharma Protector Hei Jiu from the Black Fiend School, he had relied on this mysterious power to escape.

This mysterious power made Su Yi surprised as though he had seen the light within the darkness, a life-saving straw when he was drowning.

"Not enough. Far from enough. I need to become even stronger!"

At this instant, those great enemies before him, was not something that Hei Jiu from the Black Fiend School could be, compared to while Su Yi gritted his teeth, hoping to endure even more of the mysterious power.

The mysterious power emitted out from the mysterious sphere of light and gushed into Su Yi's body, making his physique to tremble and inflated as though it was going to explode.

If, it was a typical cultivator in the same cultivation level, they would have long exploded and died.


With a loud shout, Su Yi's gaze had already turned crimson while the mighty pressure of the aura around him reached the extreme. His crimson gaze surged as a fist directly detonated towards the glow cover.

On the fist covered with glow, the aura was frantic and scorching, revealing a sort of destruction.


Raging wind of energy abruptly exploded with a blinding glow while that glow cover actually had cracks, which later shattered.

Although Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Chen Feng, and the rest were shocked, they were more worried about the bloody battle in front.

When the glow cover got destroyed, a series of figures abruptly madly charged out.

Even though Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and the rest distinctively knew that they were not their opponents.

They also could not watch as their close ones, one by one, turned into a bloody fog before them and fell into a puddle of blood.


On a low altitude, Shangguan Cheng Ya's figure staggered as she once again got severely injured while she spewed out blood with a complexion that was already as pale as a paper.

"Remaining evil of the Divine Demonic Sect, go and die!"

The elderly with a curved saber revealed a gaze of ruthlessness and a killing intent while the saber was akin to lightning, emitting out a brilliant glow that instantly sliced towards Shangguan Cheng Ya's neck from the sky.

The terrifying aura was shocking while wherever the saber glow passed by, there were ripples in the sky getting tattered inches by inches with a horrifying scene.


Low and deep cry stormily charged into the cloud along with brilliant crimson radiance as a mighty and overbearing aura directly assailing over.

A saber glow like the faint roar of a dragon, similar to the wind and thunder with a brilliant saber glow directly slashed down with a peerlessly fierce stance.


The two saber glow clashed as a big saber and a curved saber confronted. A frightening momentum erupted with an explosion sound like thunder. Following the 'clacking' sound, the latter big saber seemingly could not withstand that horrifying momentum as it then cracked and shattered.

However, that curved saber also got roughly obstructed and blown back with reverberating sounds of metal clashing.

The big saber got shattered and turned into powder while a crimson figure emerged from the radiance as he staggered backward on a low altitude.

That was a young man with only the appearance of 15-16 years old, while for an unknown reason, he was actually floating in the sky.

The elderly with the curved saber was shocked as in front of him was such a young man while his face abruptly unbearably changed.

"Just go and die!"

But at this moment, a long spear like lightning pierced through Shangguan Cheng Ya's chest from her back.

The middle-aged man with a long spear in his hand pierced through the village head while he plucked out his long spear with an emotionless gaze!

"Pu chi……"

Fresh blood spurted out as Shangguan Cheng Ya's body fell down from mid-air.

"Granny Shangguan!"

Su Yi sorrowfully roared while his figure dashed down from the mid-air, pulling Shangguan Cheng Ya's body and harshly rolled on the ground together simultaneously.

"Pu chi……"

Shangguan Cheng Ya had a mouth full of blood while her pupils were already shrinking.


Shangguan Xi Wei rushed over with a loss of color on her tender face.

"Granny Shangguan!"

Su Yi kneed on one knee as he held the village head in his arms with wet crimson eyes.

"Yi Su, this is your fake name, right?"

Looking at Su Yi, Shangguan Cheng Ya's shrinking pupils were struggling to stay focus with a smile on her horribly white face.

"Su Yi, Granny Shangguan, my name is Su Yi. You will be alright. You will definitely be alright!"

In his memories, Su Yi did not have any grandma and had only heard that his grandma had died early.

Coming to such heaven of peace and happiness, and meeting such a kind elderly that was peaceful with the world, had caused Su Yi to always treat her as his family, treating her as his grandma.

Tears dripped down Su Yi's face while his heart was dripping blood as he speedily took out a recovery elixir, wanting to stuff it into Shangguan Cheng Ya's mouth.

"Yi Su, Su Yi."

Shangguan Cheng Ya slightly smiled with fresh blood still on the corner of her mouth. She started to cough, blocking Su Yi's hand with the recovery elixir as she glanced at him and said: "Child, promise granny one thing."

"Granny Shangguan, quickly take the elixir. You will be alright. One hundred things, or one thousand things, I will also promise you. You will be alright."

Su Yi was in a hurry-scurry, flustered and in a panic, not knowing what to do, only that he must make Shangguan Cheng Ya take the elixir.

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