The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Killing Out A Bloody Path!

"To think that there is still such a remaining evil in this type of stage. It is absolutely cannot be left behind!"

Very quickly, several more great enemies showed up, directly attacking the old clan leader of the Mighty Bear Tribe together.

On a low altitude, intense fights were also happening everywhere, while on the ground, it was even more horrible.

The villagers of the Ancient Spirit Village, the clansmen of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe were all brutally killed and slaughtered.

The people with low cultivations that could not fly were much less their opponents, almost without any resisting force.


Within the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe, some elders brought along a few weaker cultivators trying to break out through the air.

"Go and die!"

Some great enemies chased over with steaming killing intent, killing the people at mid-air, and crushing them into a bloody fog.

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, Elder Shangguan Qing Ming got wounded and fell down while he gritted his teeth, trying to take the chance to bring some of the weak cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village to sweep through the sky.

Wanting to break out in this sort of bloody battle, whoever could escape, must escape.

"Wishful thoughts!"

With a great enemy obstructing, vaguely, there was a black hair elderly with a curved saber in this hand like lightning while the saber glow sliced the sky with an aura that shook it. With speed like that of a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for covering one's ear, the curved saber shot out from the chest of Elder Shangguan Qing Ming while exploding a radiance.


Blood spurted out from Shangguan Qing Ming's chest while his blood-red eyes showed unwillingness. But, after the saber glow gushed out, his body forcefully exploded.

"Go and die……"

The elderly never stop attacking as his carved saber swept out with a series of strange saber glow that drifted and broke the sky as the few villagers of the Ancient Spirit Village that Elder Shangguan Qing Ming had brought along in mid-air were forcefully slashed.


Inside the glow cover, Shangguan Yan sorrowfully cried while his eyes almost became black as he had seen with his own eyes that his father got killed in mid-air.

"Elder Qing Ming, auntie!"

Su Yi's eyes also became blood-red as those figures that got slashed were all familiar people. There was Elder Shangguan Qing Ming who had brought him in, and the few aunties that made him new clothes. A series of familiar faces abruptly floated before his eyes.

"Let me out, let me out of here!"

Shangguan Yan was torn with grief while he struggled to charge out of the glow cover, yet he ultimately could not do anything.

"You have gone too far in bullying others. You must pay for their lives!"

The village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya, appeared before the elderly with a curved saber. Her eyes had a bloody anger intent with turbulent momentum while she clenched a treasure sword in her hand with sword glow like the tides, sweeping out.


The elderly with the curved saber coldly smiled as his saber akin to lightning, instantly fought together with Shangguan Cheng Ya.


People kept getting killed on the ground as screams kept shouting out while blood flowed like the river. Everywhere was stained by blood into a griefing red.

"Quickly search if there are any remains of the Divine Demonic Sect!"

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, strong cultivators had already turned the place into a bloodbath and then rushed into each place as if searching for something.

"You guys are this heartless, viewing people's lives like mere nothing. One day, you shall suffer the wrath of the heaven!"

An elderly had been severely wounded and landed on the ground, unable to move anymore. As he glanced at these strong cultivators, he shouted while his eyes were all swollen red.


These people were cold and heartless as they directly stepped on these elderly's bodies, trampling and crushing them.

"Check again and kill all of them!"

Figures landed onto the ground with auras scanning around. When they found people that were alive, they directly smacked out a glow, slashing them.




A blood-curdling scream sounded everywhere with sorrowfully cries and red eyes.

Watching as their close ones and clansmen dying before them, the remaining people were in grief.

These great enemies were too strong, totally unstoppable.

"We are back. Kill!"

All of a sudden, at the entrance of the ancient land, several flying beasts mounts emerged with loud shouts traveling over. On top of them appeared many youngsters figures.

On the bodies of the flying beasts mounts, there were Xiong Zhan, Xiong Lie, Hu Chi, Hu Ming, Hu Mo, and the rest of the exceptional youngsters in the younger generation.

"Why did you guys came back? Quickly leave!"

An elderly loudly shouted with pain in their eyes. Initially, they thought that the hope of their clans had left so that even if they died, the bloodline would not end. But they never expect that these youngsters would actually come back.

"We are born at this place. It is our home, so how can we leave?!"

"If we are to leave, then while we live, there will also be a lifetime of regrets!"

"How can we bear to leave our close ones and go?!"

Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, Hu Ming, Xiong Lie, and the rest of the youngsters replied. When they were on their way, they insisted to return, only allowing the younger people to leave.

"You guys should have left……"

An elderly sorrowfully cried as these strong cultivators were too strong while what used were there be for these youngsters to come back. However, when he heard the words of these youngsters, his gaze had a sort of relieve as, if these were when they were young, they would also not leave.

"It turns out that so many have already escaped, yet they still come back to seek death. The heaven also want to exterminate you remaining beasts!"

A powerful and fearsome beast appeared while opening its big blood-dripping mouth as if swallowing the sky as it directly enveloped towards these youngsters that had returned.

Hu Ming, Hu Mo, Xiong Zhan, and the rest wanted to advance and retreat with their clansmen, but they entirely did not know what stage that these great enemies had reached. They had only come back to die, without causing any effect as they were still too weak.

"Foul beast. I will fight with you!"

The High Elder of the Mighty Bear Tribe charged out and speedily dashed over with aura on his body burning. He initiated the 《Mighty Desolate Verse》while an ancient aura surged as he clashed with the fearsome beast.

"Bang bang!"

However, the result was that the fearsome beast only got blown back while an arm of the High Elder got torn down by the beast as blood poured down.

The energy from the clashed was frighteningly powerful, causing Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, and the rest of the people's flying beasts mounts to get blown away.

One by one, Xiong Zhan and the rest rocked. Afterward, following as the flying beasts mounts fall down, they harshly landed on the ground, incomparably miserable.

"Overestimating your power. Go and die!"

The fierce gaze of the fearsome beast shook people. With a surging aura, the surrounding air swept through as a claw smacked down. With only two moves, it directly swallowed the High Elder into its big blood-dripping mouth and chewed while fresh blood spilled out from the gaps of its teeth.

"High Elder!"

Xiong Zhan, Xiong Lie, and the rest sorrowfully roared. They had never expected that these great enemies to be so horrifying to this stage. It was them who had caused the death of the High Elder.


In the sky, a lightning-like glow broke the air and passed through Shangguan Cheng Ya's shoulder, bringing out a bloody hole as fresh blood dripped, making Shangguan Cheng Ya bled with a pale complexion while her figure staggered in the sky.

All of a sudden, another great enemy in the middle-aged appeared with a brilliant long spear in his hand. Alongside the elderly with a curved saber, one at the front and one at the back, they surrounded Shangguan Cheng Ya.


Shangguan Xi Wei shockingly shouted while her tender face grew white. She patted on the glow cover, yet she was powerless to do anything as she was totally unable to get out.

"Granny Shangguan!"

Su Yi's eyes became blood-red as a series of familiar figures were killed in the sky while they turned into bloody rain. These people that came were fierce and ruthless, a demon.

Although he had not stayed here for a very long time, he had already treated this place as his second home.

These familiar faces had turned into a bloody fog. In their entire lifetime, they were peaceful with the world, yet they got horribly killed and slaughtered by these people.

With anger and unresigned in his chest that was going to explode, Su Yi clenched both his fists so tightly that even his fingernails, were deeply stabbed into his skin.

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