The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: The Descending Of The Great Enemies!

“At most within two days, they would come. Go back first. The benefit that the old sect leader has left behind is already not much while I will lend you a helping hand. Just take however much you can as in the future, there will be a long road for you to walk. I hope that the old sect leader has not chosen the wrong person, and one day, you can lead the Divine Demonic Sect and stage a comeback in a big way to the world!”

Such sound seemingly reverberated within Su Yi’s ears.

Afterward, a glow fluctuated around Su Yi’s body while the radiance before him twinkled as space squirmed.

The scene before his eyes changed again. Su Yi returned back to the cave with shocked as he landed on top of the rush cushion.


Inside the cave, that mysterious and strange energy once again flooded over with whooshing sound while emitting flowing and colorful lights that headed towards Su Yi and converged, gushing into his body, which was incomparably magical.

Su Yi could distinctively feel that the strange and mysterious energy now, was much denser, utterly until the stage of surging.

The energy automatically entered Su Yi's body. Compared to Su Yi's initially energy that he had circulated and absorbed, it was much surging by numerous times.

"This is a great benefit. I cannot miss it."

Feeling this surging energy, and adding on that he had already confirmed that this energy was beneficial to his spiritual soul, Su Yi once again sat cross-legged and circulated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to continue to absorb this strange energy to fortify his spiritual soul and cleansed his physical body.

"Su Yi is back. What happened just now?"

Su Yi had disappeared for a very long time, but for Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Yan, and the rest in the cave, Su Yi had seemingly disappeared inside the space crack and instantly appeared, which was very strange.

Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest glanced at each other with questioning gazes.

"The energy inside here has become much denser. What has happened?"

Within the entire Tian Yao Cave, right now, the mysterious and strange energy turned incomparably surging while Shangguan Chen Feng and the rest could also felt this frightening change.

The mysterious and strange energy had currently even become so dense until the stage that it would automatically drill into their bodies.

"Quickly cultivate. Don't miss it!"

Immediately, Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest also sat cross-legged on the rush cushion, continuing to circulate and cultivate.

Within the entire cave, presently, the energy around Su Yi's body was the most surging, reaching the stage of frantic.

That strange energy whistled as though forming a huge tornado wind storm whirlpool around Su Yi's body, madly spinning.


Time gradually passed, but for the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, these two days were like years to them.

Strong cultivators had brought the clansmen and villagers to the entrance, waiting for the enemy.

"Who is our great enemies?"

No one knew who the enemies were. As for the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Ancient Spirit Village, every one of them from birth to now, were peaceful with the world.

Even though there were occasionally some disputes between the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe.

It was all only a small dispute, while most of it was the competitiveness between the seniors. To suddenly have great enemies coming over, made the people at a loss.

"We are the descendants of the Divine Demonic Sect. The ancestor said that there were great enemies. Once they came, it would be a bloody battle!" An elderly said with an imposing expression.

"If there are really great enemies, we can also leave in advance. Then once they left, we can come back again." Someone spoke. If there were really great enemies, perhaps they could leave first.

"No, we cannot run away!"

The old clan leader of the Mighty Bear Tribe spoke with a very old appearance, yet he had a red glow all over his face and a muscular body like a small old bear, but his face was imposing as he said: "We can only let the youngsters go as maybe those great enemies are much stronger than our expectation. Once we left, and they did not give up, at then, our Divine Demonic Sect's last bit of bloodline would also have no chance to remain!"

"How strong are the great enemies?!"

After hearing this, the people of the Mighty Bear Tribe was shocked. The great enemies, just how strong were they?

It was another evening. When the night clouds on the faraway mountain disappeared, the land a silvery gray color and the last strand of night cloud mixed together with the gray evening mist, the ancient land appeared loomingly and drifting, with many strange atmospheres.

"The great enemies have reached. Prepare for a bloody battle!"

All of a sudden, from the Yao Luo Mountain, a glow charged through the sky and emitted, casting light on this ancient land.

"The great enemies have come. Where?!"

Within the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, the people that had been nervously waiting, lifted their heads, yet they could not discover any traces.

However, immediately, a strong cultivator could already felt it.

A horrifying aura surged in the sky with a glow descending as though someone had torn through a hole at the sky with radiance emitting as if descending from the empyrean with a shocking sight.

"Remaining evil of the Divine Demonic Sect. No one shall live!"

A sound like thunder shook the sky. From within the tore sky, a series of figures descended with brilliant glows emitting from their bodies and a monstrous aura reek of murder air while the radiance was as though shrouded with a holy loop.

"Kill all the remaining evil of the Divine Demonic Sect!"

Sound quivered the sky as it was shot through by a glow.


Beasts howled like thunder as massive beasts figures appeared with frightening aura. Strong cultivators shocked the thunder with vast and mighty aura.

Very quickly, the ancient land abruptly had a brilliant glow with black clouds converging.


A glow landed like the lightning and thunder, glaring and dazzling the eyes with murderous intent. It was unknown if it was a sword glow or a saber glow as the might was powerful while it chopped off the chain of mountains, cutting off the abyss and landed onto the Mighty Bear Tribe.

"The great enemies have reached. A bloody battle!"

Within the Mighty Bear Tribe, the figure of the old clan leader charged out and resisted against that glow, but the frightening raging wind swept through, causing some of the people of the Mighty Bear Tribe to be injured while many places to collapse and became ruins.

"A bloody battle!"

Within the Ancient Spirit Village and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, a series of figures charged into the sky with a brilliant glow.

The village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya, became different as her body no longer hunched. The glow on her body, was brilliant, while her eyes were dazzling and bright.


Shangguan Qing Ming shouted loudly as his hair ragingly danced, and his robe fluttered. He held a treasure sword in his hand while he directly charged into the sky and chopped towards the incoming enemies.

"Kill. As expected, there is still so many remaining evil!"

In the sky, a series of figures pounced out and kill while many of them were strong cultivators as the glow on their bodies emitted to the point of dazzling and bright as if it was on purpose so that people would find it hard to see their real appearance.


There were also many strong beasts appearing while ferocious birds assaulted the sky, and fierce beasts scaled the sky, heading towards the ancient land to alight with boiling murderous intent.

In an instant, the vast and mighty ancient land had rolling black clouds, flashing lightning and thunder roar as the color of the land changed, making people shocked.


The incoming enemies were ruthless and landed in the Mighty Bear Tribe, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Ancient Spirit Village, killing without reason.

In fact, a big battle in the sky had instantly frightening exploded.

There were many strong cultivators in the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, but at that moment, they were obstructed by great enemies.


Inside the ancient land, screams abruptly rang out with fresh blood pouring.

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