The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 277

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Chapter 277: Lord Honourable Demon!

These people that were peaceful with the world, from the moment they were born, they had never left this place.

Some of them had very powerful cultivation, yet they had never fought this gory before.

Particularly there were also some cultivators with low cultivation. They were totally not the opponents of these strong enemies.

"Kill and stake everything!"

The fresh blood of their clansmen stung the hearts of the strong cultivators from the Ancient Spirit Village, Might Bear Tribes, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, which shook off their nervousness and incited their bloody nature.

The great enemies had come, so they could only stake everything!


Beasts roar frightened the people while on the Yao Luo Mountain, all of a sudden, group of beasts roared as densely packed beasts charged out.


An ancient dragon scaled the sky along with lightning on its entire body and torching fearsome eyes.


A grand lion roared with a brilliant glow on its entire body along with a vast and mighty aura.

The aura on the bodies of the grand lion and dragon had reached the cultivation of the Demonic Emperor Realm. Unlike a typical Demonic Emperor Realm, they were incomparably strong as their figures rushed out while bringing along the beasts from the Yao Luo Mountain to pounce over to also resists the great enemies.

"That is the lion emperor and dragon emperor of the Yao Luo Mountain. They have come to help us!"

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, some strong cultivators were greatly astounded. That was the dragon emperor and lion emperor of the Yao Luo Mountain, and they had come over to help them.


Inside the Tian Yao Cave, surging energy was fluctuating, causing the eight figures on the rush cushions to ripple with brilliant lights, making the auras on them to speedily escalate.

The aura on Su Yi's body was also escalating with an unbelievable speed.


Within the Yuan Qi Ocean Whirlpool, an explosion sound rang out while a new aura emitted out. A tremendous amount of heaven and earth energy unknowingly came from the surroundings as they madly gushed into Su Yi's body.

"The time is up. The great enemies have come!"

Such voice had landed into the ears of the eight people. Then, the entire Tian Yao Cave rumbling shook with shattered and broken stone statues while huge rocks fell.

Su Yi stopped cultivating and shockingly stood up with the other seven people as their complexion frighteningly changed.

Inside the Tian Yao Cave, a glow grew brilliantly and trembled. Afterward, an enormous force emitted out along with radiance enveloping onto the eight figures.

Su Yi and the rest, were swallowed within the radiance involuntary, while in shock.

The next instant when the eight figures appeared again, they had already landed on the bottom of the vast and mighty mountain with flashing lightning, and thunder ringing out with brilliant glows, yet it was, covered by the black clouds while beasts roared like thunder as a big battle was happening intensely.

"What is going on?"

The complexion of Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest shockingly changed as they had never seen such a big battle before. On the sky and the ground were a bloody fight while those great enemies were strong as familiar strong cultivators kept falling down from the sky and spat out blood.

"The incoming enemies is much more than I have anticipated. I am already powerless to send you guys to leave, so do not anyhow move at this place. I hope that it can protect your safety……"

Familiar voice landed down with a glow silently befalling onto the bodies of the eight figures. All of a sudden, the space distorted, and this space seemingly disappeared. The outside could not detect it, but the eight people could see everything on the outside clearly.


A brilliant glow abruptly shrouded in the sky of this ancient land.


The glow was brilliant, as though it came from the inside of this land. A huge swift claws print reached out on the sky with gruesome demonic aura emitting like a demon claw while everywhere it passed by, cracks could clearly be, seen on the layers of the sky as in one swipe, it enveloped a few enormous beasts and strong cultivators with glows, instantly killing them as the strong cultivators turned into a bloody fog.

Such a strong attack had shocked the entire people on the scene.

Someone sucked in the cold air as their hearts shook, and guts trembled. Just solely based on that frightening aura could already make this land shudder!

"To think that you are actually still alive!"

At the sky, in an instant, stars seemingly fell and a virtual figure of a giant tiger appeared that became more and more real, casting light on the sky. With hostility tiger eyes, the fearsome eyes were as though two moons hanging on the sky, incomparably terrifying.

"To think that you have hidden at this place, and instead, allowed you, a group of beasts to drag out one's feeble existence for so long." An old figure emerged in the sky with a resounding voice.

Not far away, at the end of the sky, there was a giant ferocious bird with spread wings like a black cloud blotting out the sky. The brilliant eyes were like two blood moons looking over here with hostility.

There was also a mighty figure on the sky appearing loomingly with a sharp aura as though glancing at something.

A figure rippling with sword light as if the entire person was like a god of the sword, stopped at a deep part of the sky with imposing gaze looking at this ancient land.

"Those that are supposed to come will sooner or later arrive. On the contrary, not many people have come. Too bad, the sect leader is not around anymore, or else, even if you have ten guts, you guys will also not dare to come!"

A faint voice appeared while a tiger with an old state emerged in the sky while revealing the past of one's prime. The glow on its body dimmed, yet when the entire figure of the tiger stepped in the air, it seemingly was blending together with this land, unknowing causing people to tremble.

"Honourably Demon, that is Lord Honourably Demon from the legends!"

An elderly lifted his head, and his gazed trembled while looking at the old tiger with an old state. That was their Lord Honourably Demon from the legends that had always been protecting them.

"You have already reached the end of your life, yet you still dare to say such brave words. Execute the remaining evil of the Divine Demonic Sect!"

The old figure in the sky spoke, abruptly emitting out gruesome killing intent. Although his body was not enormous, when the palm smacked towards the tiger with an old state, it instantly inflated like colorful clouds condensing lightning, emanating smog.

"Come on. Finally, there is a battle. Dying in boredom, I will rather be, burnt by a big battle. Let me see what kind of stages you guys have reached!"

When the words of the tiger with an old state traveled out, the dimmed glow on its body abruptly became brilliant with radiance spreading ten thousand zhang, casting light on this ancient land. The glow in its eyes gleamed like a sea of fire suddenly undulating, violently blazing while emitting a monstrous demonic aura. A claw reached out and instantly became massive, much bigger than the handprint that was coming over. Wherever it passed by, it would submerge the sky, as all of a sudden, it had abruptly collided with that handprint.


The clash was like two meteorites raming in the sky as it shook the land while the chain of mountains underneath exploded open.

The group of people below was shocked as this might was too massive. Luckily, it was a big battle in the sky. Otherwise, if it was any nearer, it would be enough to destroy everything. The might of that strong cultivator had surpassed their expectations.

"Cease being arrogant!"

That giant tiger howled and also attacked. With similarly one claw, it smacked towards that Honourably Demon.


The Honourably Demon coldly humphed while a strange holy object was spatted out from its mouth, exploding a brilliant glow as if the holy radiance. Along with rumbling clear wind and thunder sound, it actually directly blocked that giant tiger's claw.

"Honourably Demon, you have already reached your end, hand over the last remains of the Divine Demonic Sect, and I will wholly protect a part of your Divine Demon Sect's bloodline to enter the Sacred Mountain, considering that as leaving behind a small unextinguished bloodline. What do you think?"

All of a sudden, in the sky, the figure shrouded with sword glow like a god of the sword spoke, inquiring the Honourably Demon.

"Sacred Mountain. That is the people from the Sacred Mountain!"

Within the light circle, when he heard the two words 'Sacred Mountain', Su Yi also abruptly shook.

That person actually came from the Sacred Mountain!

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