The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 275

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Chapter 275: Nine Thousand Years!

"It is my Divine Demonic Sect, Honourable Lord Demon."

The old village head of the Ancient Spirit Village, old clan head of the Mighty Bear Tribe, and the old clan head of the Hunting Tiger Tribe spoke, informing everyone as they faced the Yao Luo Mountain and greeted with respect. With an imposing expression, they then told everyone: "Do according to the words of Honourable Lord Demon. Left a bloodline for my Divine Demonic Sect while the rest of the people will prepare for a bloody battle."

After listening to these words, the entire people were shocked.

"Is there truly a great enemy?"

"The legend from ancient times, is it really true?"

The entire people of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe sunk in panic and shock with an imposing atmosphere while everyone's expressions were, tensed.

"I will not go. Even if there are really great enemies, I also want to fight with everyone. How can I leave behind my clansmen?!"

Within the Mighty Bear Tribe, Xiong Zhan came out boldly. He had been recovering behind closed doors and was, jolted out from the commotion.

However, he did not want to leave. If there were really great enemies, he also wants to fight along with his clansmen!

"I will also not leave and pledge to live and die with my clansmen!" Xiong Lie stood beside his elder brother, Xiong Zhan's side, and was also unwilling to leave.

"I will not leave!"

"I will also not leave." Many youngsters did not want to go as they were unwilling to leave, wanting to live and die with their clansmen.

"No, I cannot leave!"

Within the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Hu Ming, Hu Chi, Hu Mo, and the rest of the youngsters gritted their teeth and said, unwilling to leave.

"My family are all in the village. I cannot leave!"

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, many youngsters also did not want to leave. Those young boys and girls cried and pulled their family's hand, reluctant to leave.

"You guys must go, to leave a bloodline for the Divine Demonic Sect!"

The elderly of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe berated, and forcefully got these youngsters and children to go out.

There would be strong cultivators leading the team to protect them. They must leave behind a bloodline for the Divine Demonic Sect, just in case.

Just like this, the younger generations of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, were forcefully sent out.

The remaining people were preparing for a bloody battle. They did not even know who the enemies were and the atmosphere was incomparably tense.


"《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》!"

When Su Yi woke up again, he had received such information while his mind was still a little foggy, which was caused by the forceful injection of the enormous knowledge.

"Young man, have you woken up?"

A voice traveled into Su Yi's ears.


Su Yi was shocked. When he followed the voice and glanced over, he then realized that currently, he had appeared on top of a mountain with cloud spreading on the surrounding. Chain of mountains connected while countless sky-high trees stood.

A huge tiger laid on the bottom of a sky-high tree. It did not glow while its figure was skinny as though it had passed its prime that even its tiger eyes were very dimmed.

"A strong beast of the demon race!"

Su Yi was shocked. Although it looked to have passed its prime, when such a huge tiger appeared, Su Yi could clearly sense that this tiger was different from the rest.

"You are correct. I am, also considered as one of the members of the demon race, but strictly speaking, I came from the Divine Demonic Sect and had always been guarding this place. It has already been nine thousand years. I initially thought that I could no longer wait for long await person, but I never thought that heaven will not eliminate my Divine Demonic Sect that at the end of my last days, you have come!"

The huge tiger quietly laid there and glanced at Su Yi while saying. Even though that skinny figure was, only laying down, it was much taller than Su Yi.

"Nine thousand years. Divine Demonic Sect……"

Su Yi was shocked. To be able to live for nine thousand years, what kind of terrifying cultivation stage of existence did it have? And the Divine Demonic Sect, it seemingly had appeared within his mind and also that Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, could it have a connection to this Divine Demonic Sect?

"You have just seen it. That is the past Divine Demonic Sect. Nine thousand years ago, the Divine Demonic Sect, that is what kind of glorious!"

The huge tiger spoke. Within the dimmed tiger eyes, it emitted out some radiance, but its gaze became lonely again as it continued to say to Su Yi: "Only sadly, those gang of shameless people joined hands to try to exterminate our Divine Demonic Sect. Lastly, most of the people of my Divine Demonic Sect had passed while my master at the expense of himself, found this place and brought the bloodline of the Divine Demonic Sect to hide here until now, hoping that one day, a qualified descendant could obtain the inheritance that was left behind and flourish my Demonic Sect once again. It has already been nine thousand years, yet no one was ever qualified. I initially thought that it is the will of heaven, but heaven will not eliminate my Divine Demonic Sect that at the end of my last days, you have come!"

Su Yi was very puzzled and looked at the huge tiger, saying: "Senior, surely what you are saying, is not me, right?"

"Correct. It is you. You have passed. The only one that has passed through the test and obtained my master's inheritance and the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse!" When the huge tiger finished, the surrounding glow of the space fluctuated, and the scene before Su Yi's eyes changed again. They had already appeared inside a big ancient hall.

The big hall was, very huge, with many carvings of strange beasts on the surrounding that was emitting a radiance along with a demonic air spreading that could shake people's soul!

However, when this demonic air spread, it made Su Yi feel incomparably enjoying like a feeling of fish swimming within the water.


Su Yi sized up the surroundings and wanted to speak, but the huge tiger interrupted his words. The body laying down, slightly moved, and got up. The figure that appeared skinny became even skinnier while the appearance of passed one's prime got more prominent. It shook its body and glanced at Su Yi as it said: "The time is almost up. Some of the matter, in the future, you will naturally know, but since you obtain the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, you are already the disciple of my master and also the new sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect!"

"New sect leader!"

Su Yi still found it hard to return to his senses until now. That was too unbelievable as he felt that everything was a little chaotic.

"In the future, the responsibility to flourish the Divine Demonic Sect will be handed over to you." The huge tiger looked at Su Yi seriously and said while the dimmed tiger eyes were brooding like the boundless abyss.

"Senior, I'm afraid I cannot carry that huge responsibility. I already have a bunch of troubles with me, and furthermore, I come from the outside, not the people from here."

Su Yi bitterly smiled. The opponent that destroyed the Divine Demonic Sect was definitely horrifying, moreover, with his situation now, where did he have the capability? Furthermore, he was not the people from here.

"From the first day you came in here, I already knew. Everything about you is very extraordinary. I can sense from your body that you have many secrets with you, but everything on you, have a lot of similarities with my Divine Demonic Sect. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why the inheritance chose you."

The huge tiger glanced at Su Yi and continued: "You are indeed very weak now, but I know that you are exceptional, far surpassing the people in the same generation. Right now, you still have the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse. In the near future, you will rise up, and one day, you will understand the might of the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse."


Su Yi still wanted to say something, but the huge tiger shook its head as it slightly glanced far away, as though it could see through this big hall, and said: "There is not much time left. The great enemies have come faster than I expected. Remember, you are already the sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. In the future, the Divine Demonic Sect will be handed over to you!"

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