The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: Divine Demonic Sect!

When Su Yi regained consciousness and woke up, he could only feel that the surrounding space was trembling. When he opened his eyes, he found out that he was currently floating within a mysterious void vortex.

The vortex emitted a glow while spreading a sort of mysterious aura. Wind and thunder sound along with beasts roar faintly transmitted from the surroundings.

Following after, the vortex around Su Yi stagnated while the surrounding glow trembled as though his eyes abruptly became bright, and a new land emerged.

It was a dimmed land with cracks extending on the ground everywhere as the mountain collapsed, and a large piece of a magnificent building shattered as though it had experienced a great calamity while the scene made people stunned.

On the surrounding space, there was the mysterious and enormous aura not dissipating along with a whiff of a vast and mighty demonic air as if wanting to run-through to the empyrean.

This demonic air was remarkably strange with boiling demonic air, yet it was not evil and dark, but instead, it had a supreme power as though it could shake the empyrean and the vast and mighty sky!

Su Yi's body floated in the void. When he glanced below, he could see cracks on the ground everywhere with a densely covered abyss and many huge bones rising, while blood dyed the rocks red.

Many ancient buildings were turned into debris as large hall collapsed in utter destruction.

Back then, this place must have been a glorious big building with a door and a courtyard, yet now, it had already crumbled and was on the decline.

"What is this place?!"

Su Yi exclaimed in shock. That was definitely a big building with a door and a courtyard, yet it no longer exists now. Just what kind of a big calamity could destroy such a grand building?


All of a sudden, the space before his eyes once again trembled. There was a flood of mighty energy with a blinding glow in his mind spreading, while holy music was resonating in his mind along with runes flying all over like the pouring flaming sunlight.

"Obtain my inheritance and become my disciple. Respect the sect leader, and flourish my Divine Demonic Sect!"

Such a voice like the heavenly thunder exploded in Su Yi's mind while the flying brilliant runes as if they had life, fluctuated and converged and lastly seemingly condensed into a bunch of ferocious ancient beasts, galloping inside his mind as though trying to crush his mind, which then blended in.

"《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》the strongest cultivation technique of the Divine Demonic Sect…………"

Tremendous information madly gushed into Su Yi's mind.



At the same time, an anomaly had happened on top of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Beams of light dropped down like a waterfall. Far away from the vortex, a statue of an ancient huge virtual image of a beast appeared, and densely covered the empyrean as though it was going to descend from the Ancient.

"An anomaly in the land that comes from the Tian Yao Cave. The ancestors have materialized!"

"What a strong and mighty pressure that is connected to our cultivation techniques. The ancestors must have materialized!"

The villagers of the Ancient Spirit Village, and the clansmen of the Hunting Tiger, and the Mighty Bear Tribe kneeled down and pray towards the sky as they faced the direction of the Tian Yao Cave, greeting from afar.

That expansive mighty pressure was connected to their cultivation techniques, so it definitely came from their ancestors.


On the group of mountains and lands, currently, countless beasts were prone on the ground and howling as they glanced towards the direction of the Tian Yao Cave and paid homage.


At this heaven and earth, outside of the Forest of Demons for more than ten thousand miles, on top of a large mountain, an old figure appeared.

"It has appeared. As expected, they did not die out!"

Although the figure was old, the radiance around his body was so brilliant that it blotted out half of the sky with a gruesome frightening aura like a deity as he stood tall in the sky. Other figures could be, evidently seen, yet it was not clear and would be automatically, forgotten in a blink of an eye.

"Let's set off. We must quickly exterminate everyone!"

Such words spread on this land.

"Swish swish……"

When the words landed, in the sky of the land, many figures charged up to the sky with radiance permeating as they stood on the sky, quivering it.

Afterward, the series of figures scaled across the sky with vast and mighty auras.


"To think that they actually did not die out!"

On the vast sky, an enormous giant virtual figure of a tiger cast light onto the sky with incomparable horror. With a gaze of hostility, the fearsome eyes were like two moons hanging in the sky.

"If you cut the weeds without digging up their roots, they'll grow again when the spring breeze blows!"

A voice permeated, then on the sky, many figures scaled across and left.


The commotion of the Tian Yao Cave did not last for a very long time. After 15 minutes, it then began to dim down.

"Whoosh whoosh……"

Dozens of figures with strong auras appeared on top of the sky of the Tian Yao Cave. Among them, there was the village head of the Ancient Spirit Village, Shangguan Cheng Ya.

"The commotion of the Tian Yao Cave, it appears the rumors are true. Such a huge commotion, most likely someone has gained the biggest benefit."

An elderly spoke with brilliant eyes and a tremendous aura.

"After more than a thousand years, it turns out the rumors are actually true?"

"Inside the Tian Yao Cave, there is indeed the biggest benefit."

"Looks like the biggest benefit of the Tian Yao Cave has landed onto the Ancient Spirit Village."

Many people exclaimed in shock. Even though they were all old, they only knew a little bit about it.


All of a sudden, from far away, there was a monstrous glow that emitted a powerful and expansive aura with a rumbling sound.

"At the top of the Yao Luo Mountain!"

The gazes of these strong elderly cultivators trembled as they looked towards the Yao Luo Mountain. There was a glow emitted from that direction, which was precisely the Yao Luo Mountain.

"Whoosh whoosh……"

On top of the Tian Yao Cave in the sky, three old figures also abruptly appeared with a brilliant glow.

"Greeting to old village head."

"Greeting to old clan head!"

When the strong elderly cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe saw these three old figures, they also abruptly shockingly greeted.

Only, they knew that inside the Tian Yao Cave, for history, there were strong cultivators safeguarding it while the people were the village head and clan head of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe. That was sufficient to prove the importance of the Tian Yao Cave.

"In the future, there will be no more Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe. Only the Divine Demonic Sect!" An aged voice spoke faintly.

"The inheritance has already acknowledged its owner while a new sect leader has been throned. The Divine Demonic Sect will now arise, and the great enemies will also be coming over. Arrange the younger generations to leave. As for the rest of the people, they will prepare for a bloody battle and protect the new sect leader!"

On top of the Yao Luo Mountain, all of a sudden, such voice traveled over and resounded in this land as it landed into the ears of every living thing.

"Then who is it…Can it be……"

An elderly was shocked. He was an esteemed elder of the Mighty Bear Tribe, but he had only heard about some stuff that on the Yao Luo Mountain, there existed a strong cultivator, which had protected this land from the ancient times till now, protecting the people of the Mighty Bear Tribe, Ancient Spirit Village, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Therefore, from the ancient times till now, when the younger generations of the Mighty Bear Tribe, Ancient Spirit Village, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe went to the Yao Luo Mountain to train, although there were some injuries, there would never be a great catastrophe and suffering from the killings of the strong beasts. Rumors had it that was because a strong cultivator lived in the Yao Luo Mountain to protect them.

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