The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 270

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Chapter 270: Heavenly Tiger Art!

"Yi Su is too strong!"

Such a scene caused Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest of the people from the Ancient Spirit Village to be dumbfounded.

No one had expected that Yi Su with his cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade could actually fight with, Hu Ming, who was in the Yuan Spirit Realm to such an extent.

Even until this moment of the fight, Yi Su was still not really defeated.

"How is he so strong? Has an insane person appeared in the Ancient Spirit Village?!"

The remaining people from the Hunting Tiger tribe, continued to be submerged in shock.

They initially wanted to give a warning to the Ancient Spirit Village as this was also an unwritten rule.

However, they never expected that this time, they had misjudged and encountered such an insane person.

"I did not expect that a Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade can have such might."

Looking at Su Yi, Hu Ming's eyes no longer had any contempt and disdain while a strand of green fog flashed passed within the depth of his eyes as the aura on his body once again surged. In an instant, the surrounding empty sky on the mountain waist with cloud spreading, converged into dark clouds, covering up the sunlight.

The dark clouds gathered, making the surroundings abruptly became dim while the atmosphere unknowingly made people tense.

At this moment, the surrounding aura on Hu Ming surge like rippling waves with frightening aura.

The strong aura on Hu Ming's body condensed while his entire hair flew, especially behind him, there was a like a clanging wind and thunder sound traveling out that deafened the ears along with a brilliant green glow.

"《Heavenly Tiger Art》"

At the moment, glancing at the aura on Hu Ming, Shangguan Chen Feng's eyes abruptly trembled.

The Heavenly Tiger Art was the same as the Mighty Bear Tribe's 《Mighty Desolate Verse》, which were their strongest martial art techniques. Casting the Heavenly Tiger Art also showed that Hu Ming was definitely going all out.

"Are you going to go all out in one move? It seems like I have to do the same too……"

Su Yi lifted his head while ignoring the traces of blood dripping at the corner of his mouth. Instead, he slightly closed his eyes while at the same time, a strange hand seal was condensing in his hands.


Following as Su Yi condensed the hand seals, suddenly, there was an air current fluctuating on his surroundings as though a glow was going to flashed out while strands of dark black fluctuating energy started to appear from the surrounding empty space.

The strands of dark black energy converged together as the glow got more and more profound. Finally, it seemingly converged into a dark black hurricane whirlpool in front of him.

"What is Brother Yi Su doing?"

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest were quite uncertain. It was obvious that Hu Ming was already preparing to give it his all, but looking at Su Yi's moves, all of them could not understand.

However, they could faintly feel that Su Yi was seemingly also preparing his hidden card.


Behind Hu Ming, within the clang of the wind and thunder that deafened the ears, a tiger roar suddenly transmitted out.

Inside the enveloping water fog all over the sky, a massive several zhang long brilliant green radiance of a virtual figure of a tiger charged out from Hu Ming's back like a living thing. It emanated mighty shocking pressure along with monstrous momentum like a fierce tiger pouncing on its food as it flounced towards Su Yi.

This green virtual figure of a tiger had a frightening aura as its fierce eyes shone, glancing with hostility. With one roar, it could deafen the ears.

Also at this time, the last hand seal had condensed on Su Yi's hand, and his complexion instantly became incomparably pale too.

"Roar!" All of a sudden, inside the dark black energy whirlpool that Su Yi had condensed before him, a frightening roar also transmitted out.

The glow fluctuated, and a giant strange virtual figure of a beast charged out from within.

This strange beast was like a snake, a python, and a dragon as if it was a real thing. Its entire body was pitch black and profound with a horn on its forehead emitting a radiance.

"Ancient Desolate Dragon……!"

"No, this is the virtual figure of the Ancient Desolate Dragon!"

When such a strange beast emerged, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest were even more astounded.

That was a rare Ancient Desolate Dragon while they had only seen it before in the records.

Looking carefully, they then knew that the Ancient Desolate Dragon was also a virtual figure.

The Ancient Desolate Dragon was ferocious and vicious, with brooding eyes. The surroundings clouds move while the ground quivered.

From the virtual figure of the Ancient Desolate Dragon, a whiff of a thick and powerful aura fluctuated out and swept through while the surrounding ground moved and the mountain shook as though in an earthquake.

Under the entire astonished eyes at the scene, the two virtual figures immediately fought intensely.

The frightening aura seemingly blotted out the sky and covered the earth as it swept through with mighty pressure releasing, making the people on the scene secretly shiver.

The dragon and tiger clashed, with a vast and mighty hurricane sweeping out while the sky dimmed and earth became dark as sand flew and rocks rolled.

The ground kept cracking with profound black glow and water fog emitting on the empty sky, covering up the area.

The tiger and dragon entangled and kept assaulting, erupting out glow after glow.

From the naked eyes, the black dragon seemingly could indistinctively absorb the water fog all over the sky, suppressing the tiger figure.

"Bang bang!" Frightening energy explosion sounds swept out and then exploded with an unusual energy charging in all directions, sweeping through.


Finally, after one howl from the dragon, the Ancient Desolate Dragon suppressed the tiger figure and fiercely crushed it within its hand while the water fog and green glow dissipated.


With a figure akin to lightning, Su Yi's body dashed out with speed like that of a sudden clap of thunder, which left no time for covering one's ears as he directly reached before Hu Ming.

"Bang bang!"

Su Yi's continuous fists were akin to lightning as he used the last strand of his power and went all out without reservation, blowing Hu Ming until he spewed out fresh blood and scurrying retreated.

"So what if it is the Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade? I will still throw you down."

Lastly, Su Yi gave a loud cry as he directly carried Hu Ming up while his figure dashed out, fiercely throwing the heavily wounded Hu Ming out of the mountain waist as Hu Ming rolled down from the stone road.

Inside the square, the dark clouds dispersed while a key and an interspatial bag appeared within Su Yi's hand as he unceremoniously kept it with him.

"Soul Tamer. Yi Su is also a Soul Tamer!"

Shangguan Chen Feng spoke as he finally recognized it. Yi Su was also a Soul Tamer as he had previously used the method of the Soul Tamer to heavily wounded Hu Ming.

"Soul Tamer!"

"Oh my god, Brother Yi Su is also a Soul Tamer!"

When the two words landed into their ears, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, and the rest were all stunned.

Until now, they finally found out that Yi Su still had an identity of a Soul Tamer.

Soul Tamer, that was an existence that was even rarer than the Alchemist and the Tool Refiner.

"It is your turn now!"

"Bang bang bang bang bang!"


Su Yi did not stop as he kept striking out under the stunned and dumbfounded gazes of the remaining youngster from the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

In the series of explosion sounds and screams, a few young men and women were thrown out from the meandering and steep stone road while they rolled down and brought along dust.

"Gulp gulp……"

Watching such a fierce scene, the people from the Ancient Spirit Village swallowed their salivas as their throats felt boiling hot.

How strong was this? Most probably, Hu Ming and the rest of the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe had never thought that once they came out of the Tian Yao Cave, they would be forcefully thrown down the mountain by someone.

Within Su Yi's hand, another few interspatial bags had unknowingly landed in his hands while he skillfully kept them.

However, the current Su Yi already long had a pale complexion while he was panting too with a strand of blood still on the corner of his mouth. His entire head of black hair was disheveled, yet it added fierceness to him.

An elixir in his hand was popped into his mouth while he took his sleeves to wipe the blood off the corner of his mouth, yet on Su Yi's pale face was smiling.

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