The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 271

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Chapter 271: Inside The Tian Yao Cave.

Following the recent stormingly increase of his cultivation, his spiritual power had also similarly increased tremendously while on the means of the Soul Tamer, his battle strength had increased too.

"Too strong!"

Shangguan Xiu uncontrollably had goosebumps. This fellow was too strong. The eight people that came out from the Tian Yao Cave, including Hu Ming that was in the Yuan Spirit Realm, actually got directly thrown down the mountain.

"Okay, quickly enter the Tiao Yao Cave!"

All of a sudden, a faint voice traveled over, which sounded old as though from the ancient.

"There is a strong cultivator……"

Su Yi was shocked. A strong cultivator had always been watching everything in the dark nearby, yet he actually did not sense it.

The strength of this strong cultivator must have definitely reached a scary realm.

"Reportedly, the Tian Yao Cave always have strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe secretly guarding in the dark. It turns out to be true."

Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest were also evidently very shocked as they glanced at the surrounding, yet they could not see anyone. They could only bow towards the Tian Yao Cave with a respectful expression.

"Take the key and open the stone door to enter the Tian Yao Cave. After half a year has passed, somebody will call you guys to come out." That old voice once again rang out and then disappeared.


Su Yi came forward and passed the key into Shangguan Chen Feng's hand.

Shangguan Chen Feng took the key, but his eyes still had a shock that was hard to calm down as the young man before him was so mighty to such extent while he was also a Soul Tamer. He was simply a freak!


Shangguan Chen Feng came forward and used the key to open the stone door.

Within the 'rumbling' shaking noise, the big stone door slowly pulled up.

A radiance glowed brilliantly while the giant tiger and bear on the two sides of the stone door glowed with a fierce aura emitting that charged through the clouds.

The stone door opened, and a faint tunnel appeared with radiance emitting.

After the eight people had entered the stone door, it once again shut, and lastly, entirely landed down.

"What rich energy that is super special."

Su Yi sized up the inside of the cave. It was a tunnel, but it emitted a type of special aura that made one's mind at ease and allowed the spiritual soul in their minds to feel very comfortable, but this energy was not the heaven and earth energy and was very special.


At the same time, the moment they entered the cave, Su Yi once again felt that familiar strange energy, which was very weird, but it disappeared again.

"Let's go. There is an open space inside that we will have closed-door cultivation within for half a year!"

Shangguan Xi Wei said to Su Yi. Although they had never been here before, the elderly in the village had long told them about the situation inside.

The tunnel was very long, dimmed, and deep. It was unknown how many miles they had to walk in for, and the glow was getting dimmer and dimmer. However, the surrounding special aura was getting denser and denser.

On the two sides of the tunnel, there were many stone carvings of lifelike giant beasts dominating on the two sides of the walls.

The stone carvings of the beasts, some were ferocious and hovering around, some bared fangs and brandished claws as though a living thing, revealing an ancient aura as if they would climb out from the walls at any time.


The tunnel was very long with many stone carvings of beast figures while faintly, there would still be sounds of a beast roar coming out from the depth of the tunnel.

Su Yi was very shocked. From the stone carvings, the original shapes of those beasts seemingly were some major beast in the demon clan. There were dragons, big snakes, ancient leopard, vicious tiger, and sky birds. Even though he clearly knew those were stone carvings, with one look, it would make people's scalp became numb.

"This place is not very simple."

Su Yi secretly mumbled to himself. From the various kinds of markings, this Tian Yao Cave was not simple. What kind of place was this?

"What a scary place."

Shangguan Yan spoke with goosebumps and his head full of sweat dripping down. His complexion was horribly pale as if he had a huge fight.

"This aura is too frightening."

The complexion of Shangguan Ye and the rest was about the same as Su Yi as their bodies wouldn't even stand straight.

Inside here, there was a strong indistinctive aura that emitted out from these ferocious stone carving, suppressing them until they could not contend.

When they saw that Su Yi seemingly did not have any impact at all, Shangguan Yan and the rest felt very strange, but they could only bitterly smiled as this fellow was absolutely a freak.

The aura got denser and denser. Finally, the group of people walked to the end, where a spacious area in the cave appeared before them.

The space had a total of hundreds of zhang broad while radiance emitted out from the surrounding. The wall, was smooth like jade and was inscribed with some ancient rune that twinkling with glow, intertwining with the dark and light, revealing a sort of holy aura that was exactly opposite from the frightening aura just now!

When they reached here, the auras from the stone carvings entirely disappeared, and the eight people then recovered to normal.

Inside the cave, it was entirely quiet as though the air would not flow. Everything was silent as if time had also lost its meaning within here.

"There is still a rich energy aura that is comforting. No wonder cultivating inside here can improve tremendously!"

Shangguan Xi Wei was greatly astonished. She could feel that the aura of the dense heaven and earth energy made the spiritual soul very smoothing. Cultivating inside here would have surprising benefits.

Su Yi did not find it strange. When he entered the door, he also felt that the energy was getting denser while he also did not know what kind of existence it was, but the aura was very comforting to the spiritual soul.

"There are eight rush cushions. That place has the densest energy. It will all depend on us in this half a year on how much benefits everybody can gain."

Shangguan Chen Feng spoke. Inside the cave, there were eight rush cushions scattered in four directions, each emitting faint radiance that was ancient and old.

When his words landed, Shangguan Chen Feng had already walked over. The eight rush cushions, were prepared for eight people, that's why every time within the Tian Yao Cave, only eight people could enter.

"Brother Yi Su, go cultivate!"

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and the rest spoke. Presently, their eyes were filled with anticipation, especially after they saw the improvement on Hu Ming, Hu Qiu, and the rest, they were, even more, looking forward to this Tian Yao Cave. After half a year, they wondered what stage would they reached.


Su Yi was also very much looking forward to it. Coming to this place, he hoped that he could cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul here.

The eight people each sat cross-legged on the rush cushions. The eight rush cushions, were spread on each location of this cave like eight directions.

When Su Yi sat cross-legged onto the rush cushion, he abruptly felt that there was extra rich energy came whirling around him, enveloping him in the middle.

"What rich energy."

Su Yi was shocked as when he felt this energy he knew, that he had come to the right place.

There was an unusual aura in this energy that seemingly could drill into his mind to strengthen his spiritual soul.

"Half a year's time. Closed-door cultivation!"

Su Yi calmed down and suppressed the excitement in his heart while he prepared to have closed-door cultivation for half a year in order to cultivate himself and especially the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

From the beginning till now, Su Yi knew absolutely clear that the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique was the most important thing he relied on. This time, the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul would definitely improve.


Circulating the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, Su Yi began to cultivate, wanting to see if he could use the energy inside this Tian Yao Cave to cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.


Following as the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique circulated, on the rush cushion that Su Yi was on, suddenly glows were alternatively twinkling while the surrounding unusual energy seemingly got implicated as it abruptly converged over.

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