The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 269

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Chapter 269: Outer Condense Of Yuan Qi!

"Crimson Flame Palm!"

Su Yi's eyes twitched while his palm print directly smacked out. All of a sudden, scorching aura came one wave after another like a fiery waves, immediately contending over.

Seeing that Su Yi still did not retreat, and instead went forward, the entire people on the scene were secretly in an uproar.

A Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade cultivator clearly knew that he was facing a cultivator in the Yuan Spirit Realm with such a vast difference, yet he was actually still so bold. Not many people would have such a big gut.

Su Yi directly toughly contended with no fear.

Although he knew his opponent was in the Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade, from the earlier battle, Su Yi had some understanding of his opponent battle strength and had some confidence in himself.

Moreover, this was definitely a good opponent. So what if the opponent had high cultivation? He had the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique with him. Battle strength was the real might!

"Bang bang!"

The two clashed while the Crimson Flame Palm exploded open with fiery waves sweeping out.

Su Yi retreated in a straight line. Right now, under the full force of Hu Ming's might, he had suffered some hidden losses from the head-on confrontation.

Hu Ming was even more shocked. He thought that he would be able to handle that brat in one move, yet he never expected that things would not go his way while there was not even a wound on that brat. That had made him very shocked.

"Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade. Indeed very strong!"

Su Yi was surprised. The difference between the Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade and Yuan Xuan Realm indeed was like an enormous gulf. He felt that this Hu Ming was much stronger than the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear after it had gone through the raging transformation.


Hu Ming's five fingers stretched out as claws changed into a palm. A green Yuan Qi was surging on his palm as though forming a green layer of cuticle that was crystal clear with a continuous fierce aura.

"Outer condense of Yuan Qi!"

The gazes of Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest trembled.

Yuan Qi spilled out, that was the sign of a cultivator in the Yuan Xuan Realm.

While the outer condensed of Yuan Qi, was the sign of a cultivator in the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Yuan Qi spilled out and outer condensed of Yuan Qi, were two completely different concepts.

Only a cultivator in the Yuan Spirit Realm could cast the outer condensed of Yuan Qi!

"You make me more and more surprise. But, no matter what, today, you will definitely lose!"

The green glow on the palm enveloped, which was crystal clear while faintly emitting an ancient aura. The current power he was displaying caused the corner of Hu Ming's lips to revealed a confident smile.

It was the first attack after he had broken through to the Yuan Spirit Realm. Without any delays, his palm shook as his feet stepped out, smacking towards Su Yi with a fast speed.

"Come on!"

Under the gazes of the people, Su Yi still did not retreat while seemingly a sort of the sound of the clanging of the wind and thunder faintly emitted from his body. Within his eyes, a crimson color gushed out as if flames were burning.


His figure was like an afterimage, real yet fake with countless transformations as he directly confronted with Hu Ming.

One was in the Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade while the other was in the Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade, yet both of them instantly battled intensely with a fiery explosion as their figures crisscrossed, while from time to time, explosion sound of energy would ring out.

The remaining people of the Hunting Tiger Tribe were very perplexed. They initially thought that they could easily handle the people from the Ancient Spirit Village, giving them a warning.

However, they had never anticipated that such an insane mighty brat would suddenly appear. They formerly thought that Hu Ming would be enough to handle him, yet they never thought that currently, the brat that looked so young, could fight with Hu Ming to such an extent.

With his Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade against a Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade, the brat was so powerful to this insane extent.

The two of them never stopped clashing, and in a blink of an eye, they had already exchanged moves more than ten times while their figures were akin to lightning, so fast that nobody could see clearly. But, they could vaguely see that Su Yi seemed to be at a disadvantage.

"Water Spiritual Ancient Ripple Fist!"

With a loud cry, Hu Ming's complexion had already become darker and darker.

In his mind, the brat before him could definitely not contend against him, but after they had fought, no matter how he attacked, the brat actually with only the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade, could directly toughly contend against him. It looked as though he held many advantages, but it was absolutely not that much better.


A low and deep explosion sound rang out as Su Yi and Hu Ming clashed.

The places both of them clashed, where the explosion sounds rang out, the surrounding ground would quiver with rocks shattered into powder and tiny cracks on the floor, extending like a spider web.

"Pat pat……"

After the clash, Su Yi scraped against the ground as he retreated. His complexion had become a lot paler while his hair also started to become a little messy.

Hu Ming also retreated. Although he also looked miserable, his condition was much better than Su Yi.

The entire people at the scene were speechless with shock on their faces. No one had ever expected that Su Yi could actually battle with Hu Ming to such an extent where neither could gain the upper hand.

Hu Ming stagnated while his figure was straight with an exceptional temperament. Within his eyes, there was a limpid green glow.

Su Yi stabilized his body. His figure was clean and skinny, yet it was already long at a young age while his skin emitted radiance, revealing a glow like the warm jade. A crimson light gushed out from within his bright piercing eyes. Unknowingly, his body had an overbearing and mighty aura that caused people's hearts to secretly trembled, exhibiting an air that was out of the ordinary.

Hu Ming's expression secretly moved, but his entire momentum was calmed, and had instead, began to appear steady.

Su Yi's expression also started to calm down as he quietly stood, letting people feel a type of air without reason.

However, the people on the scene knew distinctively that these two were not actually becoming calm, but that they were preparing, waiting to explode. These two fellows would most likely settle the win in the next fight.

"Let's truly end it!"

A loud shout traveled over as Hu Ming once again attacked. With an explosive aura, he pounced over to Su Yi while his long sleeves fluttered. The green glow on his body was brilliant, as though bringing up the water fog all over the sky.

The water fog got denser and denser. Afterward, it seemingly formed a windstorm as the sand flew and rocks rolled with a pouring rainstorm enveloping the surroundings, while the howling raging wind whistled.

"Is this the might of the Yuan Spirit Realm?!"

Such a momentum caused the hearts of Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest to uncontrollably trembled.

Simultaneously, Su Yi attacked. A brilliant glow abruptly shone within his eyes like the blinding flashes of lightning as his robe fluttered, and black hair flew and danced with unknown momentum as though carrying along with the wrath of thunder. The element of the Yuan Qi in his body suddenly changed while Yuan Qi flowed through the specific meridians and, lastly, converged onto his right foot.

"Wrath of the Eight Wastelands, Oppressing the Mountains and Rivers with a single foot!"

Su Yi's right foot abruptly stepped down with Yuan Qi whirlpool underneath his foot like a windstorm engulfing everything as he directly stomped the ground!


When the foot landed, the ground shook as the empty air roared!

"Rumble rumble……"

From where Su Yi's foot landed, the ground shattered with lines the thickness of an arm cracked on the ground like a spider web, as it spread and extended.

Circles of black earth element Yuan Qi energy like a wave sweeping through harshly assaulted to the windstorm that Hu Ming had brought up.

"Bang bang bang……"

The clanging of explosion sound blasted open as the windstorm of water fog all over the sky exploded. A strong raging wind of energy assaulted, sweeping towards Su Yi.

"Pat pat……"

After continuously retreating for more than dozens of steps, Su Yi then stabilized, but the blood in his chest surged as his throat unbearably became sweet while a strand of blood already seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

Hu Ming also got blown back, but his situation was also not that much better than Su Yi as a stuffy hummed sound rang out from his throat as he fiercely swallowed down a mouthful of fresh blood.

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