The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: Battling The Yuan Spirit Realm!

"Brother Yi Su is going to go all out!"

Seeing that Yi Su had put down the saber and the sword on his back, the expressions of Shangguan Yan and the rest also began to be imposing.

All of them distinctively knew that the broken sword on Su Yi's back was not any ordinary item, weighting above thousand kilograms.

After throwing off the enormous weight, Su Yi's battle strength would then reached the real peak.

When his two consecutiveuj moves suffered a setback, and he actually could not even touch the corners of the robe of the brat before him, especially when he saw that the brat had actually threw away the saber and sword behind his back, for Hu Ming, it was clear that the brat did not place him in his eyes as he absolutely did not have any plan to use his weapons.

As he looked at Su Yi, there was an added slight cold appearance on Hu Ming's face.

"Allow me to see what kind of extraordinary fellow the Ancient Spirit Village has!"

When Hu Ming's words landed, the Yuan Qi under his feet swept out as he once again pounced towards Su Yi with speed akin to lightning.

Although he felt strange about Su Yi's strength, Hu Ming was not too worried about Su Yi as, after all, he knew precisely about his current might.


Hu Ming's fist blasted out at a rapid speed while his fist speedily enlarged within Su Yi's eyes.

Su Yi's gaze twitched while the faint smiling intent that was always on his face also resided as Yuan Qi surged from the inside to the outside with a crimson Yuan Qi spilling out to condense into a Yuan Qi shield.

Yuan Qi spilled out and condensed into a Yuan Qi shield as an extra layer of defense.

At the same time, Su Yi also did not pause as his arm shook while his five fingers trembled, tightly forming into a fist.


At this instant, Su Yi's aura of Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade went all out without reservation while all of the Yuan Qi in his Yuan Qi Ocean converged onto the fist, making the radiance on the fist to glow brilliantly. Then, the fist directly collided over with Hu Ming's fist.

That was the Overlord's Fist, while Su Yi did not try to probe as he directly went all out.

Against someone that most probably was already in the Yuan Spirit Realm with his cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade, Su Yi did not want to risk it and wanted to end the battle quickly with all of his might.

When Su Yi did not retreat and had instead gone forward, chosen to contend toughly, a surprise flashed passed Hu Ming's eyes before revealing a cold smile.

Presently, this brat seemed to be at the Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade, while with his current cultivation, even if he's at the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Ninth Grade, that brat would also not be his opponent.


The two fists touched, and the next instant, the radiance on Su Yi's fist glowed brilliantly as though inflated as a clear wind and thunder rang through like a thunderclap rumbling.

At the same time, as if an overlord had awoken, a tremendous pressure like the descending of a king emitted out from within Su Yi's body while a whiff of frightening Yuan Qi energy as though an erupting volcano assaulted from his fist.


Frantic energy abruptly exploded between Su Yi's and Hu Ming's fist while enormous raging wind formed into airwaves like a windstorm as it directly shot through.

"Pat pat……"

Su Yi's body staggered as his figure retreated a few steps back before stabilizing.


At this moment, Hu Ming's body continuously staggering retreated as his foot rubbed against the ground for several zhang before stabilizing while the gaze with a cold smile, was instantly replaced by shock.

Not far away at the surrounding, when they saw Hu Ming got blown back, the faces of the remaining youngsters from the Hunting Tiger Tribe also turned into shock.

Initially, the faces of Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest also secretly revealed imposingness, but when they saw the scene before their eyes, they were also shocked.

Obviously, from the earlier exchange between the two of them, Hu Ming seemed to not gain any advantage and was, on the contrary, at a slight disadvantage.

Su Yi shook his palm as his fist felt a little numb. Looking at Hu Ming with a dandy appearance, his physique seemed to be quite tough too.

However, in terms of battle strength, Su Yi was also a little surprised. Could it be that this Hu Ming had not stepped into the Yuan Spirit Realm?

Or perhaps, was the Yuan Spirit Realm only like this? It did not seem to be any much stronger!

"Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade. With such might, no wonder Hu Chi will be defeated!"

The shock in Hu Ming's eyes gradually lightened while secretly hidden. Feeling the aura on Su Yi's body presently without any reservation, his complexion sank.

With only Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade, it had actually almost caused him to suffer some losses. No wonder this brat dared to be so arrogant as he did have reason to be so!

"Coming out from the Tian Yao Cave, yet you only have such might?"

Smiling intent once again emerged on Su Yi's face, but in his heart, he was not careless as he could feel that this Hu Ming seemingly did not go all out with his might and had some reservation.

"As you wish!"

When such words descended, Hu Ming's heart instead became calm as though his eyes never had any sort of carelessness and contempt.

He wasn't careless, and contempt was not because he really thought that he could not deal with Su Yi, who was in front of him.

But, it was because he knew very clearly that when he was at that age, he did not have such cultivation and battle strength.

And right now, this brat had come to the Tian Yao Cave. After half a year had passed, most likely, he could reach his stage, so he had no reason to be careless and contempt.


The Yuan Qi in his body surged as from within Hu Ming's body, a new strong aura swept out with green water element Yuan Qi emanating radiance that was blinding, and brilliant, as though there was water fog on the sky, making the air to become wet as if it would rain at any time.

"Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade. He has really reached the Yuan Spirit Realmed First Grade!"

When Hu Ming's aura no longer kept hidden, the gazes of Shangguan Chen Feng and Shangguan Xi Wei trembled. It was exactly what they initially expected that Hu Ming had really reached the cultivation of Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade.

"Hu Ming's main attribute is the water element. Brother Su Yi is going to suffer losses!"

There was always a scorching heat on Su Yi's aura while the glow of his Yuan Qi was also crimson. Shangguan Yan and the rest had always thought that Su Yi's main attribute was the fire element, whereas currently facing Hu Ming, his cultivation was oppressed, and on the attribute, it was also affected.

Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, the five types of elements, everyone knew that they secretly restrict one another.

Only the wind element and the thunder element were the exceptions.

"Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade!"

Feeling the aura on Hu Ming's body currently, the expression on Su Yi's face, on the contrary, did not have any significant changes.

Firstly, Su Yi had already sensed that this Hu Ming was most probably at the Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade.

Furthermore, for the cultivation of Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade, Su Yi had been in contact with many of them before.

At the moment, within the mysterious space in his mind, Golden Python and the rest had long reached the Demonic Spirit Realm, and their speed of advancement had always been fast.

Even though, in this period of time inside the Ancient Spirit Village, Su Yi had a type of special feeling with the Ancient Spirit Village.

However, towards the mysterious space inside his mind, Su Yi did not have any plans to expose it.

Hence, Su Yi did not summon out the mysterious space to check on the situation of Golden Python and the rest while he also did not know whether or not the mysterious space had once again widened along with his series of breakthroughs.

"Let's end it. To be able to make me use the might of the Yuan Spirit Realm for the first time, it is a glorious defeat!"

When such words traveled out, the Yuan Qi within Hu Ming's body surged while his movements also did not have any stagnation. His figure directly pounced out as he stretched his hand out. The five fingers slightly trembled as there were actually tiny traces of air dents revealed as though bringing along with the residual traces of the space with blinding green glow, blasting towards Su Yi.

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