The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: Thrown Down The Mountain!

At this instant, as the party involved, Hu Qiu's complexion also changed drastically.

At this lightning instant, Su Yi glanced at Hu Qiu, who was before him with a sudden change of complexion while the curve at the corner of his mouth became even deeper as he faintly said: "Come, and give me your interspatial bag."

"What are you going to do……"

Hu Qiu now then shockingly felt that the terrifying young man before him already had one hand on his arm. He abruptly cried when another hand instantly reached out.

However, it was too late. Su Yi slightly bent his waist and raised up with force from the ground as he shook his arms while a fearsome strength simultaneously released from his hands.

Hu Qiu had not come back to his senses when his body suddenly got lifted up while at the same time, a trace of monstrous power swept into his body, causing him to lose balance. Then, a sharp wind separating sound traveled into his ears as he felt as though he had suddenly flew up.


A wind separating sound rang out, and everyone saw an unbelievable scene as the body of Hu Qiu fiercely flown out. He got directly hurled down like a kite with a broken string as he fell down the mountain.

"Bang bang bang……"


After a few breaths, the stone road below them transmitted over 'bang bang bang' rolling sounds and screams while the noise got farther and farther away.

Su Yi's figure slightly moved, and an interspatial bag appeared in his hand. He unceremonious kept it with him with a calm expression as if everything had happened as a matter of course.

"Hu Qiu has been thrown down the mountain……"

Although Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Ye, Shangguan Chen Feng, and the rest already knew that Hu Qiu was absolutely not Yi Su's opponent, they never expected that Hu Qiu would be, defeated in this method. Yi Su had really forcefully thrown Hu Qiu down the mountain.

Whereas the people of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, presently, every one of them was perplexed with astonished eyes, a stark contrast to the earlier disdain and arrogance.


With Hundred Transformation Steps under his feet, Su Yi's figure directly charged out as though turning into an afterimage as he straightly dashed over to the front of the nearest perplexed young man from the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Going all out with his current cultivation's might while adding onto the speed of the Hundred Transformation Steps, how would the young man have the time to avoid it?

That young man only saw a blur, and that face which made him astonished had already appeared before him.


"Bang bang!"

The young man had not come back to his senses when he felt the robe in front suddenly became tight. Following after, a trace of enormous power gushed into his chest, and his entire person directly flown up with fresh blood dripping. The bottom of the mountain once again transmitted over rolling sounds.

"Hu Zhi……"

The youngsters of the Hunting Tiger Tribe shockingly yelled, yet it was too late to save him. Moreover, they were still in shock and had not come back to senses.

"Brat, you have hidden quite deep. Courting death!"

A furious shout sounded, and a figure akin to lightning with speed comparable to Su Yi instantly appeared behind his back along with a trace of the sharp and mighty raging wind.

At this moment, Su Yi's complexion also secretly changed while a strand of crimson color silently flashed within his eyes.


Without turning his head back, the Yuan Qi beneath Su Yi's feet seemingly formed into a whirlpool while his figure as if imaginary and as if real leaned forward on one side with an unbelievable arc.


The sharp and mighty raging wind behind him struck close to his ears and passed by his shoulders. The few strands of hair near Su Yi's ear broke while a bit of stinging pain transmitted from his cheeks.

Su Yi turned around, and another interspatial bag, was kept with him, yet his expression became serious. However, the curve at the corner of his mouth still slightly lifted up as he glanced at the exceptional youth before him.

The one who had just instantly attacked was precisely Hu Ming of the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Hu Ming looked at the young man before him. He had actually avoided his move while his secretly astounded gaze involuntary became even denser. His gaze closely stared at Su Yi as he said: "You did not appear to have ever shown yourself in the Ancient Spirit Village, right? It seems like you have hidden quite deeply. Xiong Zhan and Hu Chi are both defeated by you and not by Shangguan Chen Feng, correct?!"

At this moment, Hu Ming finally realized that he had been staring at the wrong person from the start.

According to what he knew, initially, he thought that the Ancient Spirit Village won was naturally because the strongest of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Hu Chi, and the strongest of Mighty Bear Tribe, Xiong Zhan, were defeated by Shangguan Chen Feng.

Hu Ming was also secretly finding it strange in his heart. According to what he knew, Shangguan Chen Feng should not be able to defeat Hu Chi and Xiong Zhan.

But, from what he saw now, the Ancient Spirit Village must have always been hiding this young man, locking every information about this strongest young man before him in order to win this time. Hence, Xiong Zhan and Hu Chi would be defeated.

Looking at the might of the earlier attack of this young man, it was indeed powerful. Hu Ming reckoned that the young man before him surely should be above Hu Chi and Xiong Zhan.

"Uncle Hu Ming, go deal with that brat!"

The remaining five young men and women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe finally came back to their senses now. Seeing that Hu Ming had already attacked, they abruptly shouted loudly with lingering fear in their hearts while they hoped that Hu Ming could take revenge and deal with that brat.

"You guess correctly."

Su Yi glanced at Hu Ming while he ignored the shouts of the youngsters from the Hunting Tiger Village. His expression then returned to calmness as he faintly smiled and said: "I will give you another last chance. Hand over the key of the Tian Yao Cave and the interspatial bag with you, so that you guys can go down the mountain!"

"Indeed, very arrogant. Only you have chosen the wrong person today!"

Entirely without any leeway, Hu Ming did not say much as this brat had thrown Hu Qiu and Hu Zhi before him. If he did not deal with this brat today, he would also not have any face to go down the mountain.

Furthermore, Hu Ming had a hundred reasons why he definitely could not let this brat off today.

In Hu Ming's heart, he honestly did not believe that with his cultivation now, he could not handle this brat in front of him.

Even though this brat appeared to also have an extraordinary might.


The Yuan Qi in his body surged. When his words landed, Hu Ming's foot stomped on the ground. On the surrounding of the foot, cracking sounds kept ringing out from the tough stone road with tiny cracks extending and spreading on the ground from the foot. His figure was also akin to lightning as he directly pounced over to Su Yi.

The color of Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest complexions secretly changed as even though they knew that the rest was not Yi Su's opponent, Hu Ming was different.

Hu Ming, that was an existence that might be in the Yuan Spirit Realm.


Sharp wind separating sounds rang out. Following as Hu Ming's figure dashed out, two running lights, one at the front and one at the back, abruptly swept out.

Hu Ming did not dare to be careless as the brat before him seemed to be exceptional and strange. Martial art techniques cast out as he dodged the two running lights at sideways, yet the figure that just pounced over got forcefully stagnated.

"Ka ka……"

The ground cracked, and the stone quivered. The two running lights landed and stabbed into the ground. It was precisely the saber and sword on Su Yi's back, which he had thrown out.

Facing a cultivator that was most likely in the Yuan Spirit Realm while he was only at the Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade, Su Yi unhesitatingly threw away the restraints, so that he could go all out!

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