The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: Mightily Overturned!

"Brat, you indeed have courage!"

Listening to Su Yi's words, Xiong Zhan's complexion abruptly sunk as Su Yi had touched his reverse scale, daring to mention about his younger brother.

The aura on his body surged with dark black Yuan Qi glow overflowing from Xiong Zhan's body.

All of a sudden, the formerly atmosphere at swords' points abruptly tensed up.

"No need for joining hands. My mount is enough to pummel you under its foot!"

Following as the last word fell from Xiong Zhan's mouth, his foot stepped onto the shoulder of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear as he waved his hand, pointing at Su Yi with a gaze looking down on him along with disdain and arrogant!


Beast roared like thunder as the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear howled. It instantly attacked with a scarlet glow abruptly erupting out like the waves. The aura was scorching hot and frantic as it lifted its giant foot and directly stomped towards Su Yi.

The foot stomped out with might and unreasonable arrogance!

As it was looking down on Su Yi.

The Scarlet Searing Raging Bear listened to Xiong Zhan's word and was going to trample Su Yi under its foot with such a humiliating method to entirely defeat its opponent.

The Scarlet Searing Raging Bear attacked. The aura of Demonic Xuan Realm Seventh Grade on its body swept out without any reservation along with a raging wind that caused the flagstones on the surrounding arena, starting to lift as rocks flew.


The giant bear foot stomped down and instantly landed towards Su Yi's head.

Under the bear foot, there was a brilliant scarlet glow as though there was a naked flame whistling, trying to crush everything under its foot into powder. It was remarkably mighty and terrifying!

With such foot, it had also made Su Yi furious.

His gaze sunk, and Yuan Qi gushed out from within his body. Su Yi's head full of black hair flew back as he shook his arm. His five fingers tightly clenched into a fist as the fist abruptly detonated towards the sky.

Without retreating and instead, going forward, Su Yi's fist toughly contended against the foot of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear.


Looking at Su Yi's action, the entire square was in an uproar as he actually planned to contend toughly against a Scarlet Searing Raging Bear in the Demonic Xuan Realm Seventh Grade that was using its full force.

Some people watched with bated breaths.

While some people were in great terror.

Many people couldn't help but suck in a cold breath for Su Yi, as they were worried that he would be stomped into meat paste by the foot.

In comparison, Su Yi's entire person appeared tiny to the foot of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear.

Furthermore, it was a fist. Compared to the foot, it was almost negligible.

There were even some people that involuntary shut their eyes tightly, not daring to watch as they were afraid to see Su Yi got stomped into a gory meat paste.


A fist and a foot collided, abruptly letting out a sound like an explosion with airwaves sweeping all around.


Somebody found it weird as it did not appear like what they had expected that Su Yi would be, stomped into a meat paste.

From the naked eyes, on the arena, that clean and skinny, yet upright figure lifted the giant foot of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear with one hand while his entire body, was covered with Yuan Qi light shield that emitted a faint crimson glow. Under the foot, the ground of the arena cracked, but he had evidently lifted the foot of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear up, making it unable to continue stomping down any further.

Such a scene made people marveled as many of them could not believe it.

"Presumptuous foul beast!"

While the entire square was stunned, an unusual battle intent gushed in Su Yi's sterned eyes as a black Yuan Qi surged on his fist. The moment his fist retracted and pushed out, a mighty and raging force once again directly detonated out.


An energy explosion sound like a frightening thunder rang out. The fearsome eyes of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear abruptly trembled as its giant foot, was directly raised up while its massive body staggered. It totally did not have the time to maneuver before it was flown away with its head down.

At this moment, Xiong Zhan, who initially thought that it was enough to crush his opponent under the foot, drastically changed his complexion while Yuan Qi swept out under his feet as he scurrying jumped down from the shoulder of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear.

"Pat pat……"

As he wanted to avoid the falling Scarlet Searing Raging Bear, Xiong Zhan's foot kept scraping against the ground as he directly retreated staggeringly while his complexion shockingly changed.



With a screaming roar, the massive body of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear harshly flew and fell onto the square harshly.

"Ka ka……"

The place where the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear landed cracked while its hideous mouth spurted out blood.

The foot that stomped towards Su Yi appeared as though it got blown up with blood dripping out from the cracks.


The entire square was in an uproar as they were astounded!

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, even the seated elderly and strong cultivators abruptly stood up.

Looking at the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear on the floor, all of the onlookers glanced at each other.

Even if Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest that already knew of Su Yi's strength, their entire bodies uncontrollably shivered.

That was a Scarlet Searing Raging Bear in the Demonic Xuan Realm Seventh Grade that even a typical cultivator in the Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade would find it tough to handle.

However, right now, in just one move, the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear got severely wounded and blown away.

At this moment, even the formerly disdained and arrogant Xiong Zhan's eyes had drastically changed.

As he was previously on the back of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear, he could feel it the most. That fist previously, contained an exceptionally mighty and frightening power as if it was assaulting layer by layer continuously and endlessly.

That fist was remarkably strange as it contained many different types of forces. Perhaps hard, perhaps gentle, perhaps hard but gentle, perhaps gentle but hard, perhaps going horizontally, perhaps going vertically, perhaps retracting……

The Scarlet Searing Raging Bear entirely could not withstand that force that flowed endlessly as it instantly got blown away and severely wounded.

"Your turn!"

After blasting away the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear in one punch, Su Yi did not stop.

It was also within Su Yi's expectation that the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear, would be blown away.

Although the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear was mighty, it was also not the opponent of the Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade.

Even though Su Yi did not use his hidden cards, with the Seven Injuries Fist going all out, it was enough to knock down the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear.


When his words landed, Su Yi's foot stepped onto the ground, and his figure abruptly swept out, heading towards Xiong Zhan.


The moment he saw Su Yi's figure sweeping out, the shocked Xiong Zhan quickly came back to senses while the aura on his body instantly climbed to the peak and the initial earth element Yuan Qi abruptly switched into fire element Yuan Qi.

"Mighty Desolate Verse, Scarlet Ancient Seal!"

A deep cry rang out from Xiong Zhan's mouth, along with fire element Yuan Qi surging out. All of a sudden, scorching Yuan Qi was whirling out from his palm with a whistling sound like the wave that lastly converged together as though infinite flames had gathered together to form a small sea of fire.

The aura of the glistening hand seal was frighteningly hot, burning the air along with a trace of an ancient pressure sweeping out.

"Scarlet Ancient Seal, this is the hidden card of Xiong Zhan!"

"This Scarlet Ancient Seal was the ultimate technique of the Mighty Desolate Verse that even Xiong Lie has yet to cultivate it successfully. In the entire younger generation of the Mighty Bear Tribe, only Xiong Zhan alone has cultivated it successfully!"

"Rumour has it that this Scarlet Ancient Seal, was impossible to cultivate successfully for those that had not reached the Yuan Spirit Realm. To think that Xiong Zhan has cultivated it. How frightening is his talent!"

When such a hand seal condensed within Xiong Zhan's hand, the faces of the strong elderly cultivators in the entire square changed.

That was the ultimate technique of the Mighty Bear Tribe《Mighty Desolate Verse》which was incomparably powerful. To think that Xiong Zhan had actually cultivated it successfully.

Outside the square, the gazes of Shangguan Cheng Feng and Hu Chi trembled.

That was the real might of Xiong Zhan. They then asked themselves and knew that they could not contend against it.

Especially Hu Chi. He knew even distinctively in his heart that if Xiong Zhan had previously used this Scarlet Ancient Seal, his condition now would be much worse.

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