The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: The Strongest Duel!

Xiong Zhan's mighty and powerful punch also abruptly caused Su Yi to lift his head and looked.

However, such a mighty and powerful punch made the battle intent in Su Yi's heart to boil even more.

When glancing at the fist like a small sea of fire, Su Yi's eyes also abruptly gushed out with a glimmer like the crimson flames as Yuan Qi traversed in his meridians and then converged onto his right fist.

"Rumble rumble!"

All of a sudden, when Su Yi shook his arm, the glow on his right fist became brilliant, as though inflated along with a clear wind and thunder ranging through like a thunderclap rumbling!

At this instant, there was a feeling from Su Yi's body as if a king had awoken to descend, producing a tremendous pressure that swept out.


At the moment, in the canyon, the surrounding beasts appeared to feel something as they kept howling while their entire bodies shivered.

Such frightening mighty pressure swept through and spread in the square.

The ones who felt this pressure first were those seated elderly and strong cultivators of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Ancient Spirit Village.

At the moment, their complexions had some changes.

A series of gazes almost at the same time, unitedly landed onto Su Yi as they stared at him.

These elderly and strong cultivators felt that the source of the frightening might precisely came from the young man called Yi Su, who came from the outside.

They could feel that currently, the aura on that young man was seemingly not as strong as Xiong Zhan's aura, yet indistinctively, it was much mightier by many times.

It was like a young wolf and a young tiger. Not mentioning about their battle strength, the momentum of the young tiger was naturally much stronger with a natural-born presence of a king of the beasts.

"This martial art technique is not simple!"

There were strong elderly cultivators glancing at each other as their throats were boiling hot, feeling that the aura on that young man who came from the outside was too overly mighty.

"This martial art technique is most probably at least in Emperor Grade, right?"

A strong cultivator exclaimed as the aura presently on that young man, Yi Su, might be because he had most probably used an Emperor Grade and above martial art technique.

"The techniques of the young man were incomparably odd. Most likely, all of them are Emperor Grades, while this martial art technique has definitely surpassed Emperor Grade!"

A strong cultivator's eyes were vicious as he could see that the techniques Su Yi used were already exceptional while this fist martial art technique had definitely surpassed an Emperor Grade.

"That aura might be from his cultivation technique and not his martial art technique. That young man is, after all, only in the Yuan Xuan Realm. The people that can cultivate King Grade martial techniques are already extraordinary, while those that can cultivate Emperor Grade martial techniques are already destined to be a genius and not a human. If it is a stronger martial art technique, it is impossible to cultivate it successfully."

An elderly shockingly exclaimed as he had seen through the signs.

A young man in the Yuan Xuan Realm, even if his talent was powerful, to be able to cultivate an Emperor Grade martial techniques were already a miracle.

Even if a Yuan Xuan Realm cultivator could cultivate an Emperor Grade martial art technique, it was also hard to cast the real might of the Emperor Grade martial art technique, while on the contrary, the consumption would be enormous, and the might would not be enough leading to the martial art technique not as powerful as the lower grades sometimes.

As for the higher grades martial art technique, it was impossible for a Yuan Xuan Realm cultivator to cultivate it successfully.

Therefore, the frightening aura on that young man currently might have a connection to his cultivation technique.

It was a long story, but the speed in the arena was akin to lightning.

When Su Yi's fist punched out, the surrounding heaven and earth energy were presently fluctuating.

Strands of real-like heaven and earth energy suddenly seeped out from the empty space and converged onto Su Yi's fist.

"Gulp gulp……"

In the square, when Hu Chi and Shangguan Chen Feng saw Su Yi had wounded the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear severely in one punch, they were already dumbfounded.

At this instant, even from afar, they could also feel the terrifying might rising once again on Su Yi's body as they sucked in a cold breath.

Both of them could feel that the current fist of the young man that came from the outside, was much more terrifying than the earlier fist.

The might that spread from afar had already made their hearts unknowingly turned cold.

Su Yi currently, naturally did not know that when he initiated the Overlord's Fist, it had already caused the surrounding people to be very astounded.

At the moment, he was only staring closely at Xiong Zhan's fist. The Overlord's Fist simultaneously emitted an intense crimson glow like the sun, which made it hard for people to look directly on it as it harshly clashed over.

Xiong Zhan was incredibly powerful, the most powerful person in the same generation that Su Yi had ever met.

However, his Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade had never once make Su Yi nervous. Instead, it had incited the battle intent and blood in his heart. If he could not even defeat Xiong Zhan, who was in front of him, then he should not talk about stepping into that dominating and tall, Sacred Mountain.

Under the watchful gaze from the surrounding thousands of people, the two fists harshly collided.

There were no fanciful techniques while it was the most direct collision.

The moment the two fists clashed, the space abruptly quivered while the surrounding air was as though a bomb was thrown into the peaceful water, which suddenly detonated with monstrous airwaves.

"Ka ka….."

With the two people as the center, the floor of the surrounding arena had lines of cracks rapidly extending, while along the way, crushed rocks, were directly turned into powder under the series of astounded gazes.

The two fists collided, with two traces of red glows respectively breaking forth.

The scarlet glow on Xiong Zhan's fist was like the incomparably scorching flames.

Whereas the glow on Su Yi's fist, was brilliantly crimson that was overbearing and destructive.

The glows broke forth with a raging wind sweeping through as the arena kept cracking with monstrous airwaves in the space.

This horrifying destructive power caused the surrounding onlookers to be perplexed and filled with shock.

The battle between the two young men in the Yuan Xuan Realm had actually stirred up such a horrifying might. How frightening!

"The difference is too huge!"

Some of the youngsters in the same generation glanced at the two young men in the arena while their hearts secretly trembled and turned cold as they deemed that they did not even have the qualifications to touch them.

They were similarly in the younger generation, yet the difference between them was too huge.

This sort of difference was not purely on the cultivation levels, but more on the charisma and might on them presently!

Within the thousands of shocked gazes, the two fists were like two meteorites colliding.

Under such horrifying destructive power and might, everyone involuntarily watched with bated breaths.

It was unknown that under such terrifying confrontation, who would become the final winner.

Everything happened quickly. In the eruption of glows, the two fists collided and were only in a short stalemate. Afterward, under the stares of the people, the space between the two fists was like boiling water vigorously fluctuating as it stormingly swelled and then finally directly exploded.

Bang bang bang……"

Continuous explosion sounds rang out with blinding crimson glow charging straightly to the sky while the surrounding frantic raging wind swept out from the arena as though forming into a hurricane, causing the square to shake.


At the surrounding square, some younger generations subconsciously secretly retreated as that spreading energy of raging wind made them afraid.

"Pu chi……"

Under all of the gazes that watched with bated breaths, a muscular figure directly flown out along with blood spurting out from his mouth. Within the energy glow, that body only crashed onto the ground after several zhang, crushing the surrounding arena.

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