The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 252

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Chapter 252: Why Should I Be Afraid?!

Looking at Shangguan Cheng Ya, Su Yi's pupils slightly shrank.

It was only just a Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade, so what was there to be afraid? Su Yi was also already at the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade, and from the beginning, he had never once been frightened. He was only worried that the responsibility was too huge.

Although Xiong Zhan should be slightly older than him, he was also considered the same generation as him. If he could not even win against someone from the same generation, then he should not talk about stepping into the Sacred Mountain, such a colossal, in the future.

"Why should I be afraid?!"

Su Yi exclaimed as he nodded his head. In his eyes, there was also a battle intent surging. From the day he started cultivating till now, Xiong Zhan was also the most powerful person in the same generation that he had ever met.

"Good, that is more like it."

A smile spread on Shangguan Cheng Ya's face. Then, she turned her head around and glanced at the dignified elderly from the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the High Elder from the Mighty Bear Tribe, saying: "I think the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe shouldn't have a problem now right?"

"Of course, Yi Su is also regarded as the people of the Ancient Spirit Village. Then it will be like this. But, if Yi Su is defeated, then within one hundred years time, the Ancient Spirit Village will not participate in the once every ten years competition."

After the dignified elderly from the Hunting Tiger Tribe discussed with a few elderly that appeared like an elder, he nodded his head and replied.

Obviously, these elders from the Hunting Tiger Tribe were initially a little afraid of Shangguan Cheng Ya. But, adding on that the Ancient Spirit Village will not participate in the competition for one hundred years, this brought benefits and no harm to the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Even if the Ancient Spirit Village won, the Hunting Tiger Tribe also did not have any losses.

"Xiong Zhan, what is your opinion?"

The High Elder of the Mighty Bear Tribe lifted his head and looked at Xiong Zhan in the arena. To be safe, he still needed to ask for Xiong Zhan's opinion.

"Based on his strength, he does not have the qualifications to challenge me, but I am willing to give him this chance!"

Xiong Zhan had an ugly expression as he, had been ignored.

When that brat came to the arena, he did not seem to have placed him on his heart.

However, feeling the aura on this Yi Su's body before him, it did not appear to be on par as his. He initially also wanted to seek a chance to take revenge for his younger brother, Xiong Lie's severe injuries, so Xiong Zhan would naturally not let go of this chance.

Glancing at Su Yi, Xiong Zhan continued word by word with a cold expression as he said: "No need for my mount to attack, I, alone will be enough!"

"They are going to battle!"

"Yi Su versus Xiong Zhan. I wonder who will win and who will lose!"

"That Yi Su does not appear to be old. Does he really have the strength to contend against Xiong Zhan and his mount?"

"The Ancient Spirit Village's bet this time is not small!"

The surrounding strong cultivators of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe started to discuss softly as the bet was not small.

No one doubted on Xiong Zhan's words, and no one thought that Xiong Zhan was arrogant.

Based on Xiong Zhan's gifted talent, it had been a long time that such a talented person had emerged.

"Okay, as promised, the Ancient Spirit Village will need to defeat Xiong Zhan and his mount at the same time!"

The High Elder of the Mighty Bear Tribe glanced at Shangguan Cheng Ya and gritted his teeth. He knew that he had no choice but to agree while he also believed in Xiong Zhan's strength.

That brat that came from the outside seemed a little mysterious, but no one in the Mighty Bear Tribe believed that he had the strength to defeat the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear. Moreover, he had to fight the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear with Xiong Zhan around. That was definitely an impossible feat.

"Of course, every word of this old lady has always carried weight!"

Shangguan Cheng Ya nodded her head and looked at Su Yi with a smile on her rosy cheeks, saying: "Go, just do your best!"

When the words landed, Shangguan Cheng Ya's foot stepped forward. Her footsteps were evidently soft and slow, yet her figure flashed while that slightly hunched body was already in the Ancient Spirit Village's lineup.

"What a fast speed. It seems a little similar to Shrink The Earth Into Inches……"

Su Yi's eyes moved. The village head's speed caused Su Yi to be in thought as it seemed a little similar to Shrink The Earth Into Inches of the Hundred Transformation Steps.

Only, when it was cast, by the village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya, it was this terrifying.

"Xiong Zhan, battle according to the rules!"

Following as Shangguan Cheng Ya got off the arena, the High Elder of Mighty Bear Tribe also spoke.

However, there were hidden meanings in the High Elder's words. He was reminding Xiong Zhan not to be careless, and the interpretation of according to the rule meant that he must join hands together with the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear.

"Yes, High Elder!"

On the back of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear, Xiong Zhan bowed down and nodded his head.

"After discussion, the final decision is that Yi Su has the qualification to challenge. The rules are as per normal, no attacking too severely on purpose while Yi Su must challenge both Xiong Zhan and his mount, the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear at the same time. The final winner will also be the winner of this competition. Do you guys understand?"

The elderly from the Mighty Bear Tribe that has been hosting the competition once again spoke. His tone, was calmed, yet it resounded in the entire square. His gaze intentionally and unintentionally kept sizing up Su Yi from afar.


Su Yi and Xiong Zhan nodded their heads at the same time.

"Then, I will now declare that your battle starts now!"

The tone of the elderly became slightly heavier, and his voice resounded in the square.


Following as the elderly declared the start of the battle, the auras in the entire square also unknowingly trembled.

"Sha sha……"

All of a sudden, the surrounding gazes in the square unitedly 'sha sha' landed onto both Su Yi and Xiong Zhan.

"This is the first challenge!"

There were gazes filled with anticipation, and nervousness especially, the people from the Ancient Spirit Village as they held their breaths, and watched. Not mentioning Shangguan Chen Feng and the rest of the youngsters, even some middle-aged people were also nervously clenching their fists tightly.

It must be, known that this battle concerned the future of the Ancient Spirit Village as it was a grand gamble.

"Humph, just that brat, and he actually want to challenge Brother Xiong Zhan and the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear. He is seeking for humiliation!"

"Overestimating his ability!"

In the Mighty Bear Tribe, many people did not mind as their gazes watched Su Yi from afar with ridicule and disdain.

Ignoring the surrounding gazes, Su Yi, Xiong Zhan, and that Scarlet Searing Raging Bear glanced at each other from afar.

At the moment, the battle intent was brewing and boiling inside the two youngsters' chests.


The bell-like eyes of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear glared at Su Yi on high ground with fierce splendor glow. With one howl, the airwaves shook the surrounding air and assaulted towards Su Yi, causing the dust at the arena around Su Yi to fly while his robe fluttered.

But, Su Yi stood unwavering that even his eyes had not blinked once.

"Brat, I have to say that you are notably brave, however, sometimes bravery is useless!"

Xiong Zhan looked at Su Yi while the armor on his body glowed with dark black earth element Yuan Qi moving, emitting a frantic aura that seemingly had a connection to his cultivation technique, revealing some overbearing and bravery.

Towards Xiong Zhan's words, there were no fluctuations on Su Yi's face as he faintly glanced at Xiong Zhan, who was on the shoulder of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear while he said: "Just attack together. I hope that you are slightly stronger than your younger brother. Otherwise, I will be a little disappointed!"

"Yi Su, this brat. He is really……"

Listening to Yi Su's words, some of the strong elderly cultivators in the Ancient Spirit Village glanced at each other. This brat was truly arrogant. Could it be that he was really unafraid of Xiong Zhan?

It must be known that there must be no mistakes as the entire hope of the Ancient Spirit Village depended on this brat.

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