The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: Iced Shadows Sword Style!

When Hu Chi's word landed, the atmosphere in the square also unknowingly became frozen as their tit for tat had reached the peak!

"You will know soon!"

Shangguan Chen Feng spoke while his face was not angry, but instead, happy as a faint smile even emerged.

However, everyone could feel that currently, the sharp aura on Shangguan Chen Feng's body was getting thicker and thicker.

Following the tit for tat from the two people, the onlookers at the square were, however, extremely quiet.

Facing the two youngsters in the arena, even some of the proud and arrogant youngsters from the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe and Hunting Tiger Tribe would have some respect for them.

Strength was respected, even in this heaven of peace and happiness-like place, it was also the same.

The two people in the arena stared at each other with their gazes interweaving that even began to emit a glow. Although they no longer spoke, the atmosphere became much tenser.

Su Yi looked at the two people in the arena. From their auras, it was hard to tell who had a better advantage.

Whether it was Hu Chi or Shangguan Chen Feng, they were the best amongst the younger generations. If they were at the outside, they would most likely have a rare and precious-like existence anywhere.

"You guys can start now. Remember, no attacking too severely on purpose!"

The voice of the elderly from the Mighty Bear Tribe faintly traveled out.

"Let's start and use your strength to speak!"

At the same time, when the words of the elderly from the Mighty Bear Tribe landed, Hu Chi's foot suddenly stomped one step forward. When his foot stepped down, a deep explosion sound suddenly blasted out from under his foot.


The place where Hu Chi's foot landed down, under the trembling gazes of everyone, the surrounding sands flew, and rock rolled with tiny little cracks extending out on the floor of the arena. An indistinctive raging wind spread, heading towards Shangguan Chen Feng's feet and permeated.

At this instant, Shangguan Chen Feng lifted his head while his gaze sank. A whiff of vigorous and firmed Yuan Qi flooded out from his body with Yuan Qi spilling out, forming into a Yuan Qi light shield. Likewise, his foot also stomped down with Yuan Qi gushing out and colliding over.


Two whiffs of Yuan Qi clashed and instantly surged out.

At this instant, the fierce aura on Hu Chi's body erupted with a crimson Yuan Qi stormingly gushing out from his body. At the same time, when it formed into Yuan Qi light shield and enveloped his body, a vast and mighty aura also broke forth.

"Very strong. Indeed the number one amongst the younger generation."

Many strong cultivators in the square, including some elderly and strong cultivators from the Mighty Bear Tribe, expressed praises towards the two youngsters in the arena.

After their probing, the arena once again became weirdly quiet.

However, after a moment of this type of silence, it finally detonated.


Following as the glow in Shangguan Chen Feng's and Hu Chi's eyes shone brightly at the same time, the tense atmosphere that was all set for a showdown entirely exploded as the two figures were like light shadows, directly shooting out.

The speed was so fast that anybody that had not reached the Yuan Spirit Realm would find it difficult to see clearly.

In an instant, the two figures like an arrow shooting out from a bow and crashed harshly in the arena, creating an enormous assaulting energy that directly swept out.

"Bang bang bang……"

Their speed was so fast while both of the figures were unbelievably quick. Fists crashed, and palms collided, going to and fro with a feeling as though every punch hit.

Yuan Qi kept colliding and sweeping through the surrounding.

Circles of raging wind energy permeated and spread in all directions.


Deep explosion sound blasted out while two blurry figures shockingly crisscrossed by as each of them moved a few steps forward to stabilize their bodies.

The two figures stood back to back. Shangguan Chen Feng had disheveled hair over his shoulder as his white robe fluttered.

Hu Chi's figure stopped while the ground under his feet had some little cracks appearing.


A treasure sword was unsheathed within Shangguan Chen Feng's hand. Instilling his Yuan Qi into the sword, it abruptly gave a dense glow with a whiff of sharp aura that swept out.

In the aura, it brought along a sort of chilling aura that caused the surrounding temperature to suddenly dropped a little.

Su Yi glanced at the treasure sword in Shangguan Chen Feng's hand. He sensed that the sword was much stronger than the Yuan Weapon saber he carried on his back.


Wind and thunder clanged, which quivered the empty space. In Hu Chi's hand, he clenched a long scarlet rod with mysterious twinkling patterns tightly.

"They are no longer probing and are going to use their full force!"

On the square, a strong cultivator spoke.

The entire square was quiet while the people from the Ancient Spirit Village and Hunting Tiger Tribe closely watched the two young figures in the arena with bated breath.


When the long rod, and treasure sword got unsheathed, Yuan Qi under their feet also swept out as they turned around and once again harshly crashed over, having a confrontation.


A sword glow swept out, and a long rod straightly struck with sparks flying about while circles of energy abruptly spread through.

"Wild Ancient Scarlet Fire Rod. That is the King Grade Martial Technique of the Hunting Tiger Tribe. For Hu Chi to be able to cultivate it successfully and to also initiate it until such a degree, he is indeed extraordinary!"

"What Shangguan Chen Feng cast is the Iced Shadows Sword Style of the Ancient Spirit Village, which is also a King Grade Martial Technique."

"Sadly, Shangguan Chen Feng will be at a slight disadvantage as Hu Chi's main element is fire, which is a little unfavorable to him."

Strong cultivators in the surroundings were secretly discussing, but from their words, it was all praises for the two extraordinary youngsters in the arena.

"Dang dang……"

In a non-stop confrontation, Hu Chi's attacks were fast and violent while the long rod in his hand brought along a mighty raging wind that tore through the air, making people's eardrums to feel a stinging pain.

Shangguan Chen Feng’s sword light was like a frost while the chilling air suppressed people. In the blinding sword light, it as if spurred a path of frost.

The sword and rod collided with sparks flying about along with crisped and intensive sound.

The surrounding onlookers watched with a fixed gaze, closely staring at the scene.

Su Yi had always been watching it seriously. The martial art techniques that Shangguan Chen Feng and Hu Chi cast were all exceptional with an ancient aura.

"Brother Yi Su, do you think that Brother Chen Feng can win?"

Shangguan Yan was very nervous and softly asked Su Yi, seeing that he was also carefully sizing up the battle.

When he heard this, Su Yi's gaze slightly moved and shook his head as it was hard to determine who would win.

The two people on the square were both not simple. Until this moment, both of them had seemingly used their full force, but Su Yi could feel that both of them had not displayed their real strength, leaving some reservations.

"If you are only like this, then let's end it!"

All of a sudden, the arena suddenly had an unforeseen situation. The aura on Shangguan Chen Feng once again surged while abruptly, the aura on his body rose to the peak. With his body as the center, the air, was seemingly filled with frost.

"Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade. Shangguan Chen Feng has actually reached Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade!"

When such an aura swept through without any reservation, many shocked voices were abruptly emitted out from the entire square.

And when he saw Shangguan Chen Feng's current aura without any reservation, inside Hu Chi's eyes, a light was revealed without leaving any traces as though he did not care much.

"Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade. Brother Chen Feng has reached Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade!"

When they felt the aura of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade on Shangguan Chen Feng's body, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest of the youngsters from the Ancient Spirit Village were boiling with excitement as they were notably happy.

Although Su Yi was also shocked that Shangguan Chen Feng had actually reached the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade, a sense of worry was on his brows.

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