The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Tit For Tat!

"Why did the might of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear suddenly increase so much?"

"The Mighty Bear Tribe must have invested a tremendous amount of treasures into the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear, that's why the strength of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear could have skyrocketed in such a short time."

In the Ancient Spirit Village, many people were discussing. There were some regrets as initially, the Ancient Spirit Village, could have directly won the competition if the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard triumphed, yet unexpectedly, this unforeseen accident had suddenly happened.

"Looks like the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard is only like that." Xiong San laughed loudly.

"Inside the Mighty Bear Tribe, there is once a Demon Emperor Scarlet Searing Raging Bear that died of old age. Perhaps that might have a connection."

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, an elderly softly muttered as he saw through the signs. That matter had already passed for a long time, and only some elderly could still remember.

"Chen Feng, you must win the third round, or else our Ancient Spirit Village will be finished for good with a huge impact!" In the village, a strong cultivator said to Shangguan Chen Feng with sincere words and earnest wishes.

The Ancient Spirit Village had already lost for several dozens years, and if they lose this chance again, there would be a tremendous impact on the Ancient Spirit Village.

Right now, the Ancient Spirit Village had won the first round, so the chances were still on their side, but they could not miss it again.

"I will!"

Shangguan Chen Feng nodded his head with a gaze like a sword and surging sharpness.

In the Hunting Tiger Tribe, currently, there was a group of elderly and strong cultivators with imposing expressions as the situation now was unfavorable to the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Whether it was the Ancient Spirit Tribe or the Mighty Bear Tribe, as long as they could take down the third round, they would entirely win this competition.

"Hu Chi, later, it will all depend on you. You must hold on!"

Inside the Hunting Tiger Tribe, an elderly spoke.

The Hunting Tiger Tribe, was already left with only one last chance. If the Hunting Tiger Tribe could win the third round, then the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Ancient Spirit Village would have one win each.

Under a draw, the Hunting Tiger Tribe still had a chance.

"I will defeat them!"

Within Hu Chi's eyes, a battle intent rose.

Within the Mighty Bear Tribe, a strong cultivator was also lowering his head, telling Xiong Zhan something.

"They will be defeated by me, and won't be my rivals!"

Xiong Zhan swept his gaze past Hu Chi in the Hunting Tiger Tribe and Shangguan Chen Feng in the Ancient Spirit Village with confidence and fierceness in his eyes.

"Alright, the third round will start now. Everyone should already know the rules clearly, but I must still strongly emphasize that when in battle, no attacking too severely on purpose and no using of killing moves on purpose or else you will be disqualified and punished harshly!"

The elderly from the Mighty Bear Tribe got up with a slight smile on his face. He once again spoke as his voice resounded in the entire square and said: "Now, we shall invite the Hunting Tiger Tribe to send out their keeper onto the arena."

"Hu Chi, you must hold on!"

Following as the words from the elderly of the Mighty Bear Tribe landed, an elderly within the Hunting Tiger Tribe instructed Hu Chi.

Hu Chi did not say anything and directly walked up to the arena. His battle suit slightly fluttered while the outline of his face was dimensional like the edge of the knife, causing many young girls at the scene to secretly lightly moved their eyes.

"Ten years ago, the Hunting Tiger Tribe has won. According to the rules, in this third round, the Hunting Tiger Tribe will send out their keeper and accept the challenge from the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Ancient Spirit Tribe. The arrangement, shall be decided by the Hunting Tiger Tribe!"

Shangguan Xi Wei said beside Su Yi's ears, telling him the rules of the third round.

Su Yi nodded his head as he did not know about the rules of the third round. He had also just found out that the Hunting Tiger Tribe was actually the winner of the competition ten years ago.

"This rule, won't the Hunting Tiger Tribe be at a disadvantage?"

Su Yi asked Shangguan Xi Wei softly, feeling that the Hunting Tiger Tribe was seemingly at a somewhat disadvantage. Undoubtedly, the Hunting Tiger Tribe would suffer a lot of losses from depletion and injuries under the challenges of the two people.

"This is the rule, and moreover, the Hunting Tiger Tribe has won the last time, so all of them can go in to gain the benefits in these ten years' time. All of the younger generations, have been fortified, so they will not suffer any losses." Shangguan Xi Wei responded as the Hunting Tiger Tribe indeed would not suffer any losses.

In the square, when Hu Chi walked up, the rumpus square also gradually quiet down.

All of the gazes landed onto that figure with a face of defined edges.

No one had ever belittled Hu Chi, including the strong cultivators of the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Ancient Spirit Village.

Hu Chi, although still young, as the number one person in the younger generations of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, it was enough to explain everything!

"Greeting to all seniors. Hu Chi will be the keeper of the Hunting Tiger Tribe this time!"

Hu Chi glanced at the surroundings, and then bowed down towards the elders and strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village and Mighty Bear Tribe, greeting them. His attitude was neither haughty or humble with an extraordinary temperament.

"Not bad!"

Looking at Hu Chi, some of the strong cultivators from the Mighty Bear Tribe and Ancient Spirit Village uncontrollably praised him as they had no choice but to admit that this Hu Chi was not bad.

"The challengers from the Ancient Spirit Village and Mighty Bear Tribe come on up." The elderly from the Mighty Bear Tribe continued.

"Brother Chen Feng, good luck!"

"Brother Chen Feng, you must win!"

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest clenched their fists tightly as they cheered for Shangguan Chen Feng.


The gazes of the strong elderly cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village were secretly nervous as this time, whether or not the Ancient Spirit Village could win, all depends on Shangguan Chen Feng.

Shangguan Chen Feng did not say anything while the figure under the white robe was straight as he slowly walked out with his hair slightly moving. With an elegant temperament, he was like a sharp sword that, once it was out of its sheath, it would be razor-sharp.

Within the Mighty Bear Tribe, a figure as muscular as a bear had already walked out. With a broad back like the tiger and a waist as thick and robust as the bear, his entire body, was filled with bulging muscles while his temperament was fierce and bold.

That figure was precisely Xiong Zhan while he wore an armor that revealed his shoulder, and on his chest, there was a golden breastplate that emitted a mysterious pattern with a sparkling glow as though he was the ancient young battle god from the legends!

When such three pre-eminent figures walked onto the square, it caused everyone's gaze to tremble.

"Brother Hu Chi is the strongest!"

"Brother Xiong Zhan, sweep them!"

"Brother Chen Feng, good luck!"

At the surrounding of the square, a series of shouting sound waves immediately converged and shot through the clouds, resounding throughout the whole area.

With the battle between the strongest in the younger generation and sound waves deafening the ears, it made the people unbearably surge immediately with their blood boiling!


In the middle of the arena, Hu Chi's gaze was brilliant as he watched Shangguan Chen Feng and Xiong Lie walked up to the arena. Finally, his gaze locked onto Shangguan Chen Feng while he reached his hand out and pointed at Shangguan Chen Feng, saying: "Shangguan Chen Feng, you will go first."

When such words landed, Shangguan Chen Feng lifted his head as he directly glanced at Hu Chi with blinding light in his eyes abruptly flashing out. At this instant, the aura on his body was like an unsheathing treasure sword while his white robes fluttered, quivering the surrounding square.

Hu Chi first chose Shangguan Chen Feng as he undoubtedly deemed Xiong Zhan to be much harder to deal with than Shangguan Chen Feng. In this sort of battle, everyone would choose to finish off the weaker one first.

Seeing that Hu Chi had already chosen Shangguan Chen Feng, Xiong Zhan faintly smiled and stood at one side.

"I respect your choice, but you are going to regret your choice later!"

Shangguan Chen Feng glanced at Hu Chi. Inside the thin lips, his voice was also particularly sharp as though seeping with a kind of sharpness.

"Let me see what kind of stage your might has reached. Everything relies on strength to speak. Come on!" Hu Chi looked at Shangguan Chen Feng while his expression did not change.

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