The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: Shangguan Chen Feng Defeated!

Shangguan Chen Feng revealed himself first, which seemed a little impatient.

From Hu Chi's expression, he did not seem to be moved much by it. Perhaps the outcome might not be great.

Towards the competition today, Su Yi naturally hoped that the Ancient Spirit Village could win as firstly, he had some feelings to the Ancient Spirit Village.

Furthermore, if Shangguan Chen Feng got defeated, Su Yi knew that he would not be able to get the promise that could have vast benefits to his spiritual power.

Hence, at the moment, Su Yi was also worried.

"Iced Shadows, kill!"

When his aura went all out, a white radiance also swept out from Shangguan Chen Feng's eyes while his palm tightly clenched the treasure sword. The sword light went forward, and instantly, a series of sword lights shot out.

"Swish swish……"

The sword lights converged as though turning into a blooming flower along with an icy aura as it enveloped towards Hu Chi.

At the same time, Hu Chi's eyes sank, while revealing a cold smile of having a card up his sleeve. The long rod in his hands was like a dragon charging out as he flashed an icy smile to Shangguan Chen Feng and said in a faint voice: "Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade. You have only just firmly stepped into it, right? As for me, I am already at the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade ten months ago!"

When such words landed, the aura on Hu Chi's body also abruptly erupted.


A scorching aura blasted out like a small windstorm. In an instant, Hu Chi's aura in the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade swept out without any reservation.

An unforeseen event once again happened and attracted the attention of the people. At this moment, many gazes abruptly became shocked.

Su Yi's eyebrows also frowned. Presently, the aura on Hu Chi's body suddenly became stronger, turning incomparably strong. Compared to just now, he was much stronger by more than twice.

"As expected, he is also reserving, waiting for the opportunity to strike in one hit!"

Su Yi softly mumbled with an imposing expression. This Hu Chi was definitely not a coward as he had always been waiting for a chance until Shangguan Chen Feng could no longer endure it.


Hu Chi shouted out as the long rod in his hand let out a scorching aura that erupted with strands of scorching hot energy along with a naked flame-like glow wobbling on his body and the long rod like a bunch of tiny fiery snakes. A mighty smile hung on the corner of his lips as the long rod harshly swung with a terrifying force accompanied by a scorching hot raging wind.

"Bang bang!"

The sudden changes happened extremely fast that even some of the onlookers with low cultivation had not returned to their senses.

"Ding ding dang dang……"

Metal clangs rang out with sparks flying about.

The long rod and sword light kept colliding together. In every single clash, Shangguan Chen Feng's foot would step back with tiny cracks on the ground under his foot.

"Pat pat……"

After continuous thirteen steps, Shangguan Chen Feng’s foot fiercely landed while the ground under his foot entirely cracked. Following after, the sword light in his hand dimmed as a mouthful of blood also spewed out from his lips.


The bloodstains were dark red. When fresh blood was spewed out, Shangguan Chen Feng's body also stumbled back as he retreated shockingly for continuously three steps before stabilizing his body.

At this time, the treasure sword in Shangguan Chen Feng's hand also appeared powerless while strands of fresh blood spilled along the edges of his mouth that were incomparably scarlet red.

When this scene emerged, the eyes of the strong cultivators and elders of the Ancient Spirit Village abruptly trembled. The light in their eyes lost their luster while the bodies that sat on the chairs also became somewhat slacked.

This time, the Ancient Spirit Village had still lost.


Su Yi's gaze secretly moved. Hu Chi's attack was exceedingly strong, which made Su Yi astonished.

Su Yi had also seen cultivators in the Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth and Ninth Grade in the past, but currently feeling the power of Hu Chi's attack, his heart couldn't help but uncontrollably tremble.

Hu Chi's attack was enough to compare to an average cultivator in the Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade.

In the square, Hu Chi kept his long rod. The aura on his body surged as he glanced at Shangguan Chen Feng and faintly spoke: "Shangguan Chen Feng, you have lost!"

"Give me another three months, and you won't be able to break my Iced Shadows!"

Shangguan Chen Feng lifted his head. His complexion had already turned pale as he glanced at Hu Chi and said with a somewhat vacant gaze.

"Sadly, lost is lost. You are already powerless to fight again!"

Hu Chi spoke. His complexion also revealed some paleness while he did not refute Shangguan Chen Feng's word, seemingly regarded as admitting Shangguan Chen Feng's strength in his heart. If Shangguan Chen Feng had another three months, maybe he would not be able to defeat him just now.

"That's correct. Lost is lost." Shangguan Chen Feng's words landed while he turned his body around and retreated.

"Brother Chen Feng is defeated!"

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, all of the youngsters were a little lost.

"Brother Hu Chi is invincible!"

"Brother Hu Chi is too awesome!"

In contrast, the younger generation of the Hunting Tiger Tribe was all boiling with hot blood and exceedingly excited.

In the entire square, many gazes were also astonished.

"To think that Hu Chi has already reached the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade!"

"Not bad!"

"Hu Chi has been fortified since small and gained the benefits while Shangguan Chen Feng did not. Their ages are also about the same. If Shangguan Chen Feng has likewise been fortified, the outcome might be different."

There were strong cultivators and elderly discussing, praising Hu Chi's strength while no one had ever thought that Shangguan Chen Feng was weak.

After all, for the younger generation to reach this stage, it was already notably hard.

"Sorry. I have lost."

Shangguan Chen Feng walked down the arena and slowly reached before the line-up of the Ancient Spirit Village. Looking at the elders, strong cultivators, and everyone else, he bowed down and greeted while the glow in his eyes grew dim.

"This is not your fault. You have already tried your best."

Shangguan Qing Ming responded. The recovery elixir in his hand was also delivered before Shangguan Chen Feng as he said: "Quickly take this and recover."

Shangguan Chen Feng did not speak and took the elixir as he popped it into his mouth.

Su Yi evidently saw that Shangguan Chen Feng had previously pinched the elixir very hard in his palm. At this instant, the Ancient Spirit Village had lost. Most likely, Shangguan Chen Feng was more disappointed and helpless than anyone else.

"Brother Chen Feng, it is alright."

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest also came forward and softly said to Shangguan Chen Feng.

"Sorry, the things I promised you most likely are unable to accomplish. At then, I will let grandma compensate you a little." Shangguan Xi Wei softly said to Su Yi.

"It's alright."

Su Yi shook his head. Although he was a little sad in his heart, the strange thing was that currently, Su Yi felt that his own little disappointment was not because he could no longer get the benefits for the spiritual power, but was because the Ancient Spirit Village did not win.

In these short few days, it had allowed Su Yi to have a remarkably good feeling with the Ancient Spirit Village, allowing him to mix in with them.

Looking at Su Yi's face, Shangguan Xi Wei did not say anything else. Later as she glanced at the arena, she spoke: "To think that Hu Chi has already reached the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade."

"Indeed, very strong."

Su Yi nodded his head. That Hu Chi was undeniably strong.

"If it is you, can you win against Hu Chi?" Shangguan looked at Su Yi and inquired.


Su Yi mulled over the thought in his mind. He had now also reached the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade, while Hu Chi was at the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade. However, since he could already kill a beast in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade, he seemed to be able to fight against him.

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