The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: The Dream of a Toad


Everyone was stunned. Not only Wang Quan De but even the upper ranks of all the families on the platform were stunned as well.

Liu Zong Yuan himself was also stunned.

“Su Yi, what nonsense are you spouting?!”

“You are so shameless, Su Yi!”

“Su Yi, you bastard. Do you not know shame!”

After a short daze, He San, Song Wu Qiu and Mo Bu Fan, the three of them started scolding.

If not for the experts from Sacred Mountain, they would have already rushed up.

City Master Liu Zong Yuan only has one daughter. Su Yi calling him “Father-in-law”, there was no doubt that it signified that Su Yi was still going after Liu Ruoxi. This was something they could never allow.

Su Jing Ting was also slightly stunned. Afterward, there was movement within his eyes and he did not say anything.

Everyone’s eyes now fell upon City Master Liu Zong Yuan.

The engagement three years ago made between the Old Master of the Su Family and the Liu Family, everyone in the city knew about it.

Only the masses did not expect Su Yi to bring it up now in front of everyone.

“My good nephew, I think you addressed me wrong. You should go back early. Though you were unable to go to Sacred Mountain, who knows about the future. You still have hope to become one of the strong,” Liu Zong Yuan looked at Su Yi’s face and squeezed out a smile. He had never imagined the kid to bring up this matter right now.

“Three years ago, my grandfather made a deal with the Liu Family. If I were to return three years later alive and had established my Foundation successfully, then Liu Ruoxi and I would be engaged. Now I am already in the Yuan Soul Realm, so the deal must be effective. Hence allow me to now call you, father-in-law,” Su Yi looked at Liu Zong Yuan and said loudly, enough for the sound to travel through the venue.

Not being able to enter Sacred Mountain then at most I shall think of another way. But because of Liu Ruoxi that little girl, I have lived an inhuman life for three whole years and had almost died a few times. Of course, I would not let that little girl off.

Furthermore, Sacred Mountain doesn’t want me. I heard Fatty Wang said that Liu Ruoxi had a high position in Sacred Mountain. Then this engagement should cause Sacred Mountain to feel uncomfortable. It could be considered revenge taken.

Su Yi was always someone who would take revenge.

Hearing Su Yi’s words, the upper ranks of the big families on the platform all looked at each other, no one said a word.

Everyone knew about this matter three years ago. It was just that no one had expected Su Yi to not only return from the Forest of Demons alive but that good-for-nothing who could not store Yuan Qi had also miraculously entered the Yuan Soul Realm.

The upper ranks of the respective big families all looked at Liu Zong Yuan. Everyone understood that the deal three years ago was made because of the Old Master Su Yun Tian so that everyone would look nicer when the matter ended.

But who would have thought that everything would lead to this scenario?

If they knew that Su Yi would be able to enter the Yuan Soul Realm three years later, the Liu Family may also not agree to deal made at that time.

Furthermore, now Liu Ruoxi had an extremely high position at Sacred Mountain and Su Yi had just been tested out to have the talent of a mere errand boy.

Thinking from any perspective, the Liu Family would have a greater desire to null the engagement.

Liu Zong Yuan was slightly awkward. The deal he made with the Old Master Su Yun Tian back then, everyone knew about it. He had nothing more to say.

If Su Yi was tested out to have good talent today, there would be nothing wrong with accepting the engagement.

But Su Yi had to have an average talent even if he was already in the Yuan Soul Realm and he was not a person from a large and influential power. There were many things in the way. He was also very helpless. Just trying to have Liu Ruoxi like him, that would already be impossible.

“City Master Liu, what is this matter? Does it have something to do with Ruoxi?” Dharma Protector Wang could not resist any longer. If this matter had something to do with Liu Ruoxi, then he must understand the entire situation.


Liu Zong Yuan smiled awkwardly and said to Dharma Protector Wang, “Three years ago I had made a deal with the Old Master of the Su Family that if after three years Su Yi was able to establish his Foundation, then there would be an engagement between my daughter, Liu Ruoxi, and him.”

“Not possible!”

Liu Zong Yuan had not even finished his words and Wang Quan De straight away cut him off and said sternly, “This engagement must not be valid.”

Su Yi looked at Wang Quan De and said, “The engagement between the Su Family and the Liu Family was part of the deal made back then. Sacred Mountain has no right to interfere with this!”

“Ruoxi is a disciple of Sacred Mountain, naturally Sacred Mountain can interfere in this engagement. With your errand boy’s talent, you can dream all you like about being able to be worthy of a disciple of Sacred Mountain. A toad lusting after a swan’s flesh,” Wang Quan De looked at Su Yi. A shapeless aura started spreading from him, there were mockery and coldness in his eyes.

How could a piece of trash like this be worthy of a disciple of Sacred Mountain?

Furthermore, with Liu Ruoxi’s position and future, if she had any relations with this brat and it gets out, the Sacred Mountain would be shamed.

Wang Quan De was very clear that no matter at what cost, this matter had to be solved.

On the platform, the youths from Sacred Mountain heard Su Yi’s words. Their eyes showed disdain and ridicule.

“A toad dares to lust after a swan’s flesh. You do not know your place!”

A young man in white clothes, around 15-16 years old age said coldly. His face had a cold grin.

The upper ranks of the big families on the platform started becoming nervous. The faces of Su Family’s Grand Elder and others had an expression more serious than ever.

“Su Yi, do not mess around, back off now!”

Feeling Wang Quan De’s aura, Su Jing Ting scolded Su Yi again. This kid has made enough trouble today. He had gone against the experts from Sacred Mountain time and time again. If the experts from Sacred Mountain became angry for real, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“Uncle, I did not mess about for this matter!”

Su Yi told Su Jing Ting. He looked at Wang Quan De. Under the pressure of that shapeless aura, the surroundings seemed to have been chained, like there was a ton of weight crushing down on him, making it even hard to breathe.

But at this moment, Su Yi became stubborn, he looked at Wang Quan De and said, “How my talent was, everything was said by you. I personally think that I have more talent than the rest and would not be beneath anyone’s talent at Sacred Mountain and regarding a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh, that was still better than a frog At least a toad has dreams while a frog can only sit in the well and gaze at the sky!”

Saying this, Su Yi turned his eyes and looked at Liu Zong Yuan, he said, “Father-in-law, I have already entered the Yuan Soul Realm, this was the agreement made back then. No matter whether you admit it or not, the engagement is already valid.”

Hearing his words, Liu Zong Yuan looked at Su Yi, emotions swirled in his heart.


Wang Quan De laughed, he laughed out loud, but anyone could tell that this laughter had rage in it, not just plain displeasure.

“What a good toad having dreams. A small errand boy dares to speak such words. You do not know your place in the world!” After his laughter, Wang Quan De stared at Su Yi, the shapeless aura around him became even more powerful and hostile.

Under the terrifying aura, Su Yi stumbled backward, like his body was getting crushed by five thousand kilograms of stone. His Yuan Qi seemed to come to a still, his body softened involuntarily like he was about to collapse.


At this instant, Su Yi clenched his teeth. His foot stepped back once and stomped on the ground. He bit down on his teeth even harder and supported his body. His face at this moment turned pale white in a flash.

“Su Yi, hurry up and apologize to Dharma Protector Wang. If not, I will punish you now!” Su Jing Ting’s expression changed completely. His body immediately stood in front of Su Yi and blocked him. Quickly, he bowed down and said to Wang Quan De, “Dharma Protector Wang, great people are magnanimous. This little bastard has lacked discipline since young. I implore Dharma Protector Wang to forgive him. I will discipline him even harder in the future!”

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