The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Old Ginger Is still the Spiciest

When Su Jing Ting blocked the attack with his body, Su Yi immediately felt that the pressure in the surroundings which was chaining him down had decreased a lot. He knew that this was his Uncle helping him to take on the pressure instead.

“Dharma Protector Wang, Su Yi is still young and lacks discipline. Please calm down,” Liu Zong Yuan also opened his mouth to plead for Su Yi.


Wang Quan De groaned coldly, his eyes full of hostility as his gaze landed on Su Yi and said to Su Jing Ting, “Please discipline him well in the future. This engagement will not be valid. Liu Ruoxi is now a disciple of Sacred Mountain. Her marriage must naturally be agreed to by Sacred Mountain. Do not bring up this matter in the future, or else, humph!”

“Of course, of course!” Su Jing Ting frantically nodded.


Su Yi laughed. His laughter was dry and tainted with rage. He walked in front of Su Jing Ting and stared at Wang Quan De in the eyes, saying, “Why, all because Sacred Mountain is strong? I refuse to accept this!”

“Little brat, do you want to die?!”

Wang Quan De was really enraged now. He looked at Su Yi, his eyes filled with bloodlust.

“Su Yi!”

Su Jing Ting shouted. This kid was stubborn to such an extent.

“You are just throwing your weight around. The engagement between the Su and the Liu has nothing to do with Sacred Mountain. I consider it valid today, what can others do to me!”

Su Yi faced Wang Quan De, his thin figure was like a sharp sword which was being pulled by a strong rope. Withstanding the force, he stood resolutely. His eyes were as if there was a flickering of light in them.

“Good, good, good.”

Wang Quan De cried “good” three times. His face fell in an instant. When his final “good” came out, a streak of cold light flashed in his eyes, “Since you do not know your place, I shall teach you a lesson in place of your elders in the Su Family!”

Finishing his sentence, the aura of Wang Quan De burst out. He lifted his hand and sent a palm flying Su Yi’s way.

“Dharma Protector Wang, please calm down,” Su Jing Ting raised his arm, blazing Yuan Qi flowed around his body. This was the fire attribute Yuan Qi, and he tried to block the attack.


A dull sound formed from the impact between the two palms. The air in the surroundings turned violent.


Straight after, as Su Jing Ting staggered backward, a mouthful of blood sprayed from his mouth, his face turning pale white in an instant.


“Head of the House!”

Shouting, Su Wei who was not far away fiercely stared at Su Yi and ran to Su Jing Ting’s side.

On the platform, the people of the Su Family also grew worried and rushed down.

The face upper ranks of the respective families all started turning serious and wrinkled.


Su Yi also changed greatly in expression. Seeing Su Wei and the family elders already rushing to him, he did not go forth. Instead, he turned around and stared at Wang Quan De, coldness leaking from his eyes, both fists tightly clenched.


Hurting Su Jing Ting, Dharma Protector Wang did not give a care, not even bothering to take a look. He raised his hand and went once again for Su Yi.


With such a slap, turbulent winds took the lead. Under the shapeless aura, Su Yi’s body was chained to the floor. The Yuan Qi in his body had also hardened under the pressure.

Too strong! At this moment, Su Yi realized how strong this Wang Quan De truly was. If not for his Uncle Su Jing Ting helping him take the blow, he should already be dead by now. With his Uncle’s ability, he even got hurt under the blow just now. It was enough to see that Wang Quan De wanted his life.

“With your position and cultivation, being so ruthless to a young one, is this how Sacred Mountain throw its weight around?!”

Suddenly, an old voice travelled through the air.

It was at the same time, a figure mysteriously appeared in front of Su Yi, with it a fiery aura exploded out like a tornado.

Feeling this fiery aura, Wang Quan De’s eyes squinted slightly. He raised his eyes as an old figure had already appeared in front of Su Yi and a fist covered with flames going straight for his.


Everything happened as quick as lightning. In a flash, a low sound of an explosion was heard, violent winds shook the entire place.

The youths present on the stage were blown backward due to the raging winds, some even falling onto the floor.

“Stomp, stomp.”

Simultaneously, the old figure which just appeared staggered three steps back before he stabilized himself.

Wang Quan De was also pushed back a step but he managed to stabilize himself immediately.

This sudden change in events shocked everyone present. All eyes fell upon that old figure.

They saw an old body whose white hair was flowing in the wind. On his wrinkled face, you could see the features of a handsome man during his prime. He stood upright, his robe slightly fluttering. His eyes exerted a form of authority.

“Greetings, Old Master Su!”

When such an old man appeared, everyone’s face changed and the eyes on him gushed with respect.

This was Su Yun Tian, back then he went out on a slaughter for the city, killing the leader of the enemies and leading everyone to battle, that scene was still engraved clearly in the hearts of all.

Those who were younger in the city had heard the stories of his feats since young.

“Old Master Su!”

Liu Zong Yuan also clasped his hands and bowed. On the platform, all the upper ranks and heads of the families also shot up.

This kind of elder had the respect of the entire city.

After Wang Quan De stopped staggering back, his gaze also fell upon Old Master Su Yun Tian, slightly surprised in his heart.

“Dharma Protector Wang!”

At the same time, the youths and men on the platform could not stay put any longer. They jumped off the platform and headed to Wang Quan De’s side.

“Old Master!”


The elders of the Su Family and Su Jing Ting also headed to Su Yun Tian’s side.

“Greetings to all,” Su Yun Tian looked at the surroundings and nodded to acknowledge them.


Su Yi walked forth. In front of him was his grandfather who had loved him the most since young, but he was not ecstatic now. Instead, his face was solemn. From what he could see just now, his grandfather was at a disadvantage.

“Good! Good! Good!”

Su Yun Tian turned his head and looked at Su Yi. His wide palm patted on Su Yi’s shoulder. White hair drifting in the wind, his face smiling and after saying “good” three times, he then said, “No doubt that you are my, Su Yun Tian’s grandson. You are just as proud as your father. Truly the bloodline of my Su Family!”

“Grandfather, I-”

“You need not say more.”

Su Yi wanted to say something, but Su Yun Tian interrupted him. He grinned, “Liu Ruoxi that little girl, I watched her grow up and I like her a lot as well. The two of you are childhood friends, playing innocently together since young. The Su and the Liu had an agreement as well. Since you have completed your Foundation successfully, then this agreement must be upheld. In the future, once you marry Liu Ruoxi, birth a few more great-grandsons for me. I will be delighted!”

When Su Yun Tian said those words, the atmosphere in the area began to become strange.

“Where on earth did that come from. Childhood friends playing together innocently since young? If not for Su Yi being so perverted and shameless to dope the girl, how would there be this agreement?!”

“The Old Master is also a bit too shameless. What does this have to do with childhood friends playing together!”

“Obviously it was Su Yi which was perverted and shameless. How did it become childhood friends playing together happily? This is a lie to confuse everyone!”

Afterward, He San, Mo Bu Fan and Song Wu Qiu were all mad.

But in front of Su Yun Tian, they dare not say anything.

“If there is such a grandson, there would be the same grandfather!”

“So, Su Yi’s shamelessness was inherited.”

Everyone hearing the Old Master’s words felt a bit helpless in their hearts.

It was obvious that it was Su Yi which was perverted but coming from the Old Master, it turned into childhood friends playing together happily. Old ginger is still the spiciest, Su Yi’s personality was inherited.

Everyone present was a bit stunned. Old Master was the Old Master, once he spoke, everything would change.

Liu Zong Yuan was now smiling bitterly and felt so wronged, but he couldn’t air his grievances. He already knew that this Old Master was not easy to deal with. He had learned his lesson three years ago.

The entire city says that he, Liu Zong Yuan was not easy to deal with, he was a slippery snake.

But Liu Zong Yuan himself knew best, compared to this Old Master Su, he was only a primary student.

Old Master Su was the slyest among all. Under his stern face was an old fox.

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