The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Talent of an Errand Boy

“Do you have anything on you?” Carefully looking at Su Yi, Dharma Protector Wang raised his eyebrows and asked.

“No, I have nothing on me,” Su Yi patted his body, he really did not bring anything with him.

“This matter is a bit special. After returning to Sacred Mountain I will check it thoroughly,” Dharma Protector Wang suspected that this youth may have some sort of treasure which would cause the Yuan Testing Stone to shatter.

But after thinking once again, how would a young master of a small family in a small remote city have that level of treasure? There may not be even a single interspatial bag in the entire family.

“Dharma Protector, then what about the results of my test? Am I qualified to enter Sacred Mountain?” Su Yi opened his mouth and asked.

Hearing Su Yi’s question, Su Jing Ting, Liu Zong Yuan and the youths in the area looked at Wang Quan De, waiting for his response.

“This is such a pity, really such a pity.”

Facing Su Yi, Wang Quan De sighed and said, “From the Yuan Testing Stone, you have the wind attribute which is extremely rare.”

“Wind attribute, special attribute!”

Hearing the words, Su Jing Ting, Liu Zong Yuan and the rest changed their expressions.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, other than these five elements, there were still two more special elements in the world. One was the lightning element and the other was wind.

Rumors say that martial artists which have a special element will surely become extremely strong.

But the appearance of one of this special Yuan Qi attributes is very, very rare.

“Though you have the wind attribute Yuan Qi, at the same time, you have the earth attribute, water attribute, and fire attribute. These four attributes are not only chaotic, having no main attribute, there are even two attributes which restrict each other among the remaining three attributes.”

Dharma Protector Wang looked at Su Yi, feeling pity and said, “At your age, having already entered the Yuan Soul Realm, even at Sacred Mountain, it is also not a usual occurrence, but it is such a pity that your Yuan Qi attributes are chaotic and restrict each other. Your future cultivation will not have too much progress.”

Hearing the words, Su Jing Ting and the upper ranks of the Su Family all felt pity, the higher their hopes, the greater their disappointment.

Liao Zong Yuan’s eyes also showed quite a bit of disappointment.

“Trash will always be trash!”

Su Wei who was not far away was slightly nervous at first but hearing Dharma Protector Wang’s words, the nervousness in his eyes immediately changed into mockery.

So, what if he lost yesterday? He has Commander Grade Talent, destined to have a bright future. How could that piece of trash compare to him?

“He really is in the Yuan Soul Realm!”

Many people present were shocked. Su Yi had actually entered the Yuan Soul Realm.

Especially, He San, Mo Bu Fan and Song Wu Qiu. Waves rose and fell in the hearts of these three people. They had never imagined that the jinx was already in the Yuan Soul Realm.

“Then can you tell me directly, am I able to enter Sacred Mountain?” Su Yi’s heart right now had also fallen. With his talent, he was actually such a piece of trash. In any case, he was already in the Yuan Soul Realm and he felt that the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” should not be like this.

“Your talent is still not enough to enter Sacred Mountain. If you really want to enter Sacred Mountain, you will barely be able to be an errand boy,” Dharma Protector Wang said. This kind of talent does not have much future, going into Sacred Mountain he would be destined only to barely become an errand boy.

“I thought he would be something unthinkable. In the end, he only has the talent of an errand boy.”

“The Su Family only has Su Wei who is strong, Su Yi is still only a rich playboy!”

In the surroundings, sounds of discussions traveled, there were mockery and ridicule.

“Dharma Protector, the Yuan Testing Stone had a malfunction, could I retake the test?” Su Yi inhaled deeply and asked. The Yuan Testing Stone did have an abnormality, maybe the test results were due to the interference of the mysterious sphere of light.

Sacred Mountain, that was a paradise for cultivators, Su Yi really wanted to go and did not want to pass up such a chance.

“The Yuan Testing Stone did have some problems, but the test results were at the front. There would be no mistake. Your talent was definitely not enough to enter Sacred Mountain,” Dharma Protector Wang was a bit surprised. This was the first time he had met someone who wanted to retake the test. You must know all the youths who took the test in front of people from Sacred Mountain were all nervous and cautious, none of them were like this.

Furthermore, though the Yuan Testing Stone may not be an extremely valuable treasure, it still could not be simply obtained.

This time, Dharma Protector Wang only brought one piece and came to the city. Even if he wanted a retest, that would also be impossible.

“No, this is not fair. It is obvious that the Yuan Testing Stone had some problems. Why did you say that I do not have the talent?” Su Yi shook his head slightly, looked at Wang Quan De and said.

“I have said that there would be no problems with the test results, then there would be no problems. You only have the talent of an errand boy. You will not have much of a future!” Wang Quan De stared at Su Yi, his gaze started showing displease. He was a Dharma Protector of Sacred Mountain, how could he allow a youth to spout nonsense and suspect his words.

“Su Yi, back off. Do not spout nonsense!”

Seeing that Dharma Protector Wang was already unhappy, Su Jing Ting scolded Su Yi. In front of an expert from Sacred Mountain, he would not allow rebuttals.


Su Yi composed himself and inhaled.

Since Sacred Mountain’s Dharma Protector had already said so, why bother forcing it to happen.

Even though Su Yi do not want to miss out on going to Sacred Mountain to cultivate, but sucking up to someone, that was not his personality.

“Not being able to go to Sacred Mountain, then so be it. There are many places I could go in this world, not only Sacred Mountain.”

Su Yi faced Wang Quan De. His thin figure was not as upright as a spear, but his eyes showed resolution. He said, “But Dharma Protector Wang, nothing is final. Anything is possible in the world. There is nothing which can be called the talent of an errand boy. Maybe one day, I would show Dharma Protector Wang what I can do!”

On the platform, a lady around 16-17 years old was smiling. Her soft lips were the color of cherries, her eyebrows like a fine stroke in a beautiful painting, her eyes could not resist but glance a few more times at Su Yi, as if she was curious.

Hearing Su Yi’s words, Su Jing Ting, Liu Zong Yuan’s faces changed color. This was a clear act of challenging Dharma Protector Wang.


Hearing Su Yi’s words, Wang Quan De was slightly stunned. His face fell slightly. He smiled and said while looking at Su Yi, “Average talent and such arrogance. I, Wang Quan De say this today, with your trash talent, one day, if you are able to enter the Yuan Spirit Realm, I, Wang Quan De would take back my words in front of everyone.”

“Su Yi, you are way too audacious. This time once we go back you will be punished severely. Now hurry up, kowtow and apologize to Dharma Protector Wang!”

Su Jing Ting stared at Su Yi and scolded him furiously. His face changed completely. This Sacred Mountain Dharma Protector had already become angry.

“Dharma Protector Wang, this child does not know better. Please do not bother with him,” Liu Zong Yuan immediately apologized to Wang Quan De.

“Dharma Protector Wang, this little bastard has been lacking in education since young. When we go back, I will punish him severely!” Su Jing Ting apologized, his forehead already filled with cold sweat.

“No worries, no worries,” Wang Quan De tolerated his anger. Arguing with a young boy, this would damage his reputation and image.

Su Yi snickered. From what he could see, maybe Sacred Mountain was not as good as he thought.

“The son-in-law greets father-in-law.”

Afterward, Su Yi looked at Liu Zong Yuan and bowed.

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