The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Misfortune in Test

Extending his hand, Su Yi placed his right palm firmly on the Yuan Testing Stone. At the same time, the Yuan Qi in his body started flowing. Following what the man from Sacred Mountain said, he relaxed his body and Yuan Qi started flowing through his meridians and surged into the stone via his palm.

Everyone’s eyes including the upper echelon of all the big families were staring closely at this scene, not wanting to miss even a single moment.

The expression in Liu Zong Yuan and Su Jing Ting’s eyes changed for an instant and faded away without any traces.


As Su Yi channeled Yuan Qi into the stone, the Yuan Testing Stone started shining and at the same time, a strong aura burst out like a tornado with the stone being the eye of the storm.


The aura roared and those youths who had already taken the test, although they had prepared for it, this aura was far bigger and violent than any other aura and one by one, each figure started stumbling backward and some at the front even fell down onto the floor.

Liu Yanni was not an exception. Her delicate figure staggered backward and her face changed. Yuan Qi moved at her feet. Only after three steps did she manage to stabilize herself.

At that instance, four glaring lights radiated from the stone, black, green, red and white. Four colors of light poured out, bright and dazzling.

The four colors of light alternated, all dazzling.

As the four dazzling colored lights alternated, there was a change in the expression of the initially calm Dharma Protector Wang on the platform, but afterward, his gaze was filled with some regret.

As Yuan Qi was channeled in, Su Yi felt that inside of the Yuan Testing Stone. There was a thick and abundant energy moving within.

This energy moved into him like it was prying about everything in his body.

Rumble! Rumble!

At that moment, in Su Yi’s mind, as if that mysterious sphere of light was guided by something, it started coming back to life.

Light burst out in Su Yi’s mind. A mysterious power gushed out like lightning and sealed the energy from the Yuan Testing Stone inside his body.

Su Yi was powerless to stop what was happening, but he could clearly feel that from the inside, that mysterious sphere of light was emanating a strange power and was absorbing the energy from the Yuan Testing Stone, or engulfing may be a more suitable word.

But it didn’t end there. The strange power from the sphere of light traveled straight into the Yuan Testing Stone via Su Yi’s palm.

Su Yi could feel that within his palm, there was a power which could engulf other energies. Finally, like extracting the silk from a silkworm cocoon, the power extracted the energy from the stone.


On the stone table, the Yuan Testing Stone started giving off the sound of trembles and wobbled from side to side.

The initially contrasting black, green, red and white, the four colored lights started to mix together forming a gorgeous light and encased Su Yi.

This occurrence was one which had never happened before, causing the expression of the man to change greatly due to surprise.

But this didn’t last for long. After a few seconds, everything calmed down and the light dissipated.

But the Yuan Testing Stone was no longer crystal clear. It had already lost its luster and turned into an ordinary piece of stone.


Faint sounds of cracking appeared, and among the stunned gazes of the people, cracks started forming on the Yuan Testing Stone, increasing in number by the second until it was like a spider web.

And finally, the stone collapsed into a pile of dust.

“What happened?”

The youths which sat for the test were the first to be dumbfounded and looked at each other.

The man was also shocked. He examined the pile of dust which was once the radiant Yuan Testing Stone, no clue of what had just happened.

On the platform, the upper ranks of the five big families and Dharma Protector Wang were all also stunned at this scene.


Afterward, the man stretched his arm and lifted the stone table. Yuan Qi materialized under his feet into a faint figure of a leopard and soared into the air, landing right in front of Dharma Protector Wang who was on the platform.

Dharma Protector Wang stood up, his face solemn and carefully inspected the pile of dust.

A few others from Sacred Mountain also came forward to inspect the dust, their faces confused.

The people of the Su Family at the side had their hearts in their throats. This happened in front of Su Yi. If there was trouble, it would definitely be related to Su Yi.

On the stage, Su Yi was also stunned and had not recovered.

Su Yi had no idea that this would happen. That mysterious ball of light in his mind actually did something at that moment and turned the Yuan Testing Stone into a pile of dust.

Su Yi recalled. It seemed that a strange power rushed out from the mysterious ball of light and absorbed the energy within the Yuan Testing Stone, and afterward, the Yuan Testing Stone turned into that state.

“What did that jinx do? Even the Yuan Testing Stone was jinxed!”

The youths in the area slightly broke out of their daze.

Eyes after eyes stared at Su Yi. This person really was a jinx. Even the Yuan Testing Stone was destroyed.

On the platform, after a series of checks, Dharma Protector Wang shook his head the people beside him and looked at Su Yi who was below him.

His eyes slightly moved and without seeing Dharma Protector Wang making any form of movements, his body suddenly appeared in the air and landed in front of Su Yi.

“You are called Su Yi?”

Dharma Protector Wang looked at Su Yi and observed him carefully like he was trying to see through Su Yi.

“That’s correct,” Su Yi nodded. He could feel that this Dharma Protector Wang was far stronger than the man just now by his shapeless aura.

“What did you do just now? Why would the Yuan Testing Stone suddenly shatter?” Looking at Su Yi, Dharma Protector Wang asked, his gaze turned sharp.

“I did nothing.”

Su Yi put on a face of innocence. Obviously, he would not talk about the mysterious sphere of light. The more he could make up the better. He shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, “I have said it before, what would happen if there was an error in the Yuan Testing Stone and it crashes. Here it is, there is now a problem with the stone.”

How would Dharma Protector Wang believe that there would be a malfunction with the Yuan Testing Stone? All the Yuan Testing Stones of Sacred Mountain were made and refined by strong experts. Though theoretically there was a possibility of a malfunction, such a thing had never happened before.

Swish! Swish!

From the platform, another two figures descended. It was Liu Zong Yuan and Su Jing Ting.

“Su Yi, did you do something just now? Do not mess around in front of Dharma Protector Wang!” Su Jing Ting looked at Su Yi and asked with his gaze stern.

“Uncle, I really did nothing. I also have no idea why it would turn out like this. It must be that the Yuan Testing Stone had a malfunction,” Su Yi replied. No matter what happened, he could not reveal the mysterious sphere of light in his mind.

“Dharma Protector Wang, though Su Yi may be slightly mischievous, he would not dare do anything to the Yuan Testing Stone. I hope that Dharma Protector Wang would check carefully once again,” Su Jing Ting glanced at Su Yi, then turned to face Dharma Protector Wang and said while clasping his hands and bowing.

Dharma Protector Wang waved his hand slightly, hinting Su Jing Ting that he need not say more.

Dharma Protector Wang knew in his heart. A youth from a remote city, even if he had wanted to do anything to the Yuan Testing Stone, he would not have the ability to.

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