The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Will It Crash?

Among the candidates from the Song Family and the He Family, the only ones who made it into Sacred Mountain were Song Wu Qiu and He San.

While the Mo Family had Mo Bu Fan and a young girl around 13-14 years old passing the test, causing the upper echelon of the Mo Family to become overjoyed and the Head of the House had a constant wide grin on his face.

He San, Song Wu Qiu and Mo Bu Fan, these three people were all beaming and shaking with excitement after this test. They could all finally go to Sacred Mountain to see Liu Ruoxi.

“Su Yi, you are dead meat this time!”

Mo Bu Fan, He San and Song Wu Qiu, the three of them laid their eyes upon Su Yi. They would take “good care” of him later, considering it as a gift for Liu Ruoxi when they see her.

Finally, it was the Su Family’s turn for the test.

On the platform, the Su Family upper ranks and Su Jing Ting began getting nervous.

Even though Sacred Mountain had seven open places for new disciples and currently there were only five who were qualified to enter Sacred Mountain, but the remaining two may not be for the Su Family.

Only those who had high enough talent could enter Sacred Mountain. If he or she does not have, then the open place would be invalid.

Other than this, if there were more than seven people who passed the test, then Sacred Mountain would choose only seven disciples from those who were qualified.

“Su Yu, cultivation level of Refining the Void and Forming the Path. Metal, Earth, and Water, three Yuan Qi attributes which are chaotically conflicting with each other. Fine Grade Talent, but not enough to enter Sacred Mountain!”

There were disciples from the Su Family who went up to test and had Fine Grade Talent, but still, they were not qualified to enter Sacred Mountain.

A few more disciples went up and the results were similar. The man from the Sacred Mountain failed all of them with his calm tone.

On top of the platform, Su Jing Ting, the Grand Elder and the rest of the upper echelon were all getting increasingly nervous. Only Su Wei and Su Yi were left.

“Next, Su Wei!”

Hearing the call from the man, Su Wei slowly walked up to the Yuan Testing Stone. His right arm was in a cast, so he could only lift his left hand and place it on the stone. Nervousness was clear in his narrow eyes. After taking a deep breath, the aura on his body exploded and Yuan Qi gushed out.

At this moment, the people from the Su Family were all brimming with anxiousness. Their eyes closely staring at the Yuan Testing Stone beneath the platform as they held their breath in wait.


Three blinding colors of light shot out from the Yuan Testing Stone, red, black and golden. The aura of the stone shook the space around it.

As the light gushed out, the man beside the Yuan Testing Stone also slightly changed his expression and said, “Su Wei, Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade. Fire, Earth and Metal, three Yuan Qi attributes. Commander Grade Talent!”


“Commander Grade Talent, that’s even better than Liu Yanni’s!”

“That’s awesome! If a person has Commander Grade Talent, then his future is boundless and he will become one of the strong in the future!”

The results came out and the crowd grew wild immediately.

“Not bad. This Su Wei and Liu Yanni both have three Yuan Qi attributes, but the main attribute is Metal and there are still the fire and earth attributes which will not restrict each other. If he had been able to establish his Foundation Building on Sacred Mountain, though there would be some difficulty, entering King Grade Talent would not be impossible,” Dharma Protector Wang explained why Su Wei and Liu Yanni, while both had three Yuan Qi attributes each and their age and cultivation were similar, but their talents differed by a grade.

The five elements complement each other as well as restrict each other. Su Wei’s attributes complement each other, so his talent would naturally also be better.

But what was slightly regretful was that Su Wei had long since entered the Yuan Soul Realm. If he had established his Foundation Building Stage on Sacred Mountain, everything would be different.

With Sacred Mountain’s resources, it was enough to raise Su Wei’s talent again during his Foundation Building Stage. The Su Family’s resources had no way to compare with Sacred Mountain.

This also signified that talent does not purely represent the cultivation level, the foundation was also equally important.

“Congratulations Su Family!”

Hearing the results, the big families all congratulated the Su Family while being jealous beyond comparison in their hearts.

“In the coming days when Su Wei is at Sacred Mountain, I am afraid that I would need to trouble Dharma Protector Wang would need to take care of him,” Su Jing Ting stood up and bowed to Dharam Protector Wang. His heart could barely contain his emotions of bliss and excitement. Commander Grade Talent, that was definitely not average.

The Su Family’s upper ranks were all also elated, washing away their initial worries and anxiousness.

“You are welcome. Su Wei’s talent is not bad, his future is limitless,” Dharma Protector Wang slightly smiled and was very polite to Su Jing Ting.

Su Wei’s Commander Grade Talent was basically equivalent to King Grade Talent, his future was definitely limitless.

But at this moment, the youths from Sacred Mountain still did not make much of a fuss about this result. They only casually glanced at Su Wei.

But to the youths who were taking the test, they were astonished. Liu Yanni’s face also changed.

Beside the Yuan Testing Stone, on Su Wei’s face hung a smile, his eyes shone. Commander Grade Talent, he was destined to not be an average person.

After bowing to the man, Su Wei retreated. His eyes swept across the surroundings and fell upon Su Yi, coldness brewed in his eyes.

Yesterday’s mistake was only at that moment. Commander Grade Talent, after entering Sacred Mountain, he would rise up. Who had the final laugh was still hard to say!

“Last, Su Yi.”

The man’s voice appeared once again.

“Su Yi is that jinx.”

“I heard that Su Yi defeated Su Wei yesterday, but I still do not know whether it’s the truth!”

“Impossible! I heard that Su Yi was a cripple on the path of cultivation!”

“Just now, how Su Yi crawled like a dog to get off the platform should already be enough to prove that he still is a piece of trash!”

Hearing “Su Yi” these two words, the atmosphere in the place became unique as soft sounds of whispers traveled throughout.

On the platform, there were many different expressions on the faces of the respective upper ranks of the big families.

Liu Yuan Zong was seated down and looked at the stage below. A light flashed for a mere second in his eyes and disappeared as soon as it appeared, undetectable.

Rather, it was the beautiful lady among the youths from Sacred Mountain who was around 17-18 years old who looked curiously at Su Yi.

“He is quite handsome, but sadly he is a perverted beast, such a pity!”

Some girls looked from a distance away feeling a slight regret.

As Su Yi stepped forth, Su Wei, Mo Bu Fan, He San and Song Wu Qiu, four pairs of eyes followed his back closely.

Dong! Dong!

Su Yi arrived in front of the Yuan Testing Stone. Under the eyes of everyone, he was shifting his head from side to side examining the stone and asked the man beside him worriedly, “Will this stone have any malfunctions or errors, what happens if it crashes?”

Hearing Su Yi’s words, the man’s face could not help but twitch.

On the platform, the faces of the upper ranks of the Su Family were not pleasant to see currently.

There were even some elders who felt like slapping Su Yi dead at that very moment and end all of this if not for the experts from Sacred Mountain.

This is the test of Sacred Mountain! This jinx was still not acting straight. If he offends Sacred Mountain, they would just go back and murder this jinx and end everything!

“Do not worry, this Yuan Testing Stone is a treasure. There will be no errors!”

Though the man’s face cramped slightly, he still replied Su Yi’s question.

“Treasure, then if I am able to enter Sacred Mountain, could this Yuan Testing Stone be given to me as an entrance gift?” Hearing the man’s words, Su Yi’s eyes lit up.

The man was stunned. This was the first time he met such a shameless person. He glanced at Su Yi and said, “If you have Emperor Grade Talent, or even King Grade Talent, even though the Yuan Testing Stone is a treasure, but at that time if you want it, it would not be difficult to get it.”

“I see. Then it’s fine, I will begin my test.”

Su Yi felt a slight pity, but hearing the man’s words, his eyes lit up. Though that Yuan Testing Stone might be a treasure, it was still not to the point of an extremely valuable treasure.

After finishing his sentence, Su Yi inhaled deeply.

Su Yi was actually quite nervous now. If he could not enter Sacred Mountain, then he would be very embarrassed.

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