The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Liu Yanni

After hearing those words, the face of the young man from the Liu Family instantaneously withered down, devoid of life. His pride shattered into pieces. Nothing remained from his initial haughtiness.

He could not believe that he only had an average talent, but he had to face the reality and retreated with his head hanging down.

On the platform, the expressions of the Liu Family’s upper echelon changed. Some were disappointed and regretful while others worried.

That youth in the Liu Family had performed very well, or else he would not have the chance to participate in this test.

But today’s test had just shown that he only had an average talent. This just goes to show how hard it was to enter Sacred Mountain.

On the platform, several youths from Sacred Mountain saw the results from the test and their faces showed an obvious look of disdain. There’s no intention to hide their expressions.

“At his age, being able to enter the “Refining the Void and Forming the Path” is passable, but the Yuan Qi in his body has too many attributes. The more he cultivates, the more it would affect his cultivation negatively.”

Seeing the test beneath the platform, Dharma Protector Wang smiled and said that to Liu Zong Yuan who was beside him.

Liu Zong Yuan nodded his head. He was slightly regretful about the results, but he could understand Dharma Protector Wang’s words.

Yin, Yang and the five elements are the sources of heaven, earth, and all other things. Yin and Yang complement each other, causing all matter to grow from them. All matter shall have Yin in them and embrace Yang. Only by having both Yin and Yang can a path be formed for all things.

Amongst the five elements, wood was burgeoning, fire was burning hot, earth was heavy and solid, metal was harsh and fearsome, and water was cold and moisturizing.

When a person is born, he or she would naturally have all five elements.

But to a cultivator, having Yuan Qi with five attributes was extremely unfavorable.

Yuan Qi with five attributes was harder to cultivate as more progress was made. It was the same concept as being too greedy would cause indigestion.

Hence usually, the fewer attributes the Yuan Qi had, the easier it was to cultivate as one progresses further.

The youth from the Liu Family may already be at “Refining the Void and Forming the Path” and could almost enter the Foundation Building Stage.

But there were too many attributes in his Yuan Qi, causing it also to be more chaotic.

Therefore, with that kind of talent, it could only be considered very average and there is not much room for improvement in the future.

So, this level of talent was far away from being qualified to enter Sacred Mountain.

“Four Yuan Qi attributes, I wonder how many I have.”

In the crowd, Su Yi also knew that for Yuan Qi attributes, it was not the case of the more, the better. Instead, it was the opposite.

The more attributes there were in the Yuan Qi, the easier it was for the Yuan Qi to become chaotic and there would be a tremendous trouble with cultivation in the future.

“Next, Liu Yanni!”

Beside the Yuan Testing Stone, the man announced once again.

All those who had gotten a place to participate in the test had long since submitted their name card. On it was their age, name and others detail to make the process of testing their talent easier.

[T.N Note: The name card, in this case, is not the business card you are thinking of. It is a bigger piece of paper like a papyrus scroll. Link to images is here: ]

Once the man finished his words, a young lady around 17-18 years old walked forth.

Su Yi naturally knew this girl. She was the cousin of Liu Ruoxi.

Only Su Yi did not imagine that not meeting her for three years, Liu Yanni had already become such a beauty. That fine and elegant body emphasized by her tight clothes. A beautiful body line which could shake the hearts of people were shown.

On her waist shone a sparkling pearl belt. As it curled around, it further stood out that thin waist like a willow, seeming like it was not even as thick as a fist. The strands of hair beside her cheeks gently caressed her face in the gentle breeze adding to her seductive appearance. Her eyes shone like crystals as if they were exuding a form of seduction.

The throats of some young men in the surroundings were now parched and their tongues dry. Their eyes could not bear to come off that gentle and beautiful body line.

Su Yi looked at Liu Yanni, his eyes involuntarily glancing at her repeatedly.

Only three years had passed, that little girl back then had already become such a beauty. It really was a case of once a lady grows up, she can change completely. The Liu Yanni back then definitely did not have such a figure.

As Su Yi observed her, Liu Yanni had already arrived in front of the Yuan Testing Stone. Her fair and long palm had already firmly grasped the surface of the stone and Yuan Qi surged into it.


The calm Yuan Testing Stone let out a strong aura. The people in the area had already prepared and were not affected anymore.

In an instant, three colors of light shone, red, green and black with red being the brightest and having a hint of crimson.

The light shone for quite a bit more time than the previous youth and they were also more glaring.

“Liu Yanni, Yuan Soul Realm Second Grade. Three Yuan Qi attributes, fire, water, and earth. General Grade Talent. Qualified to enter Sacred Mountain,” The man spoke again, his voice a lot kinder than before.

“Liu Yanni is already Yuan Soul Realm Second Grade?! And she also has General Grade Talent?!”

“This is not surprising. Liu Yanni is the same as Su Wei of the Su Family. She had long since entered the Yuan Soul Realm!”

“Liu Yanni is also able to enter Sacred Mountain. The Liu Family is going to become prosperous!”

After the man’s announcement, the crowd became wild with excitement.

Many young men were still staring at Liu Yanni’s seductive figure, their eyes passionate but there was more respect in them.

“Fire, water, and earth, three types of attributes. Cultivation level is also not bad, but it is slightly regretful that fire is the main attribute and water restricts fire. If the water attribute was the wood attribute, her talent would be considered as Commander Grade Talent as the wood begets fire and if her Spiritual Soul Energy is very strong, there may even be a chance of going even higher,” On top of the platform, Dharma Protector Wang also slightly nodded his head and explained the difference between talents. General Grade Talent is already able to enter the Sacred Mountain.

“In the days to come, when Yanni this little girl is at Sacred Mountain, I would still need to request Dharma Protector Wang to take care of her,” Liu Zong Yuan’s face full of smile. He was also ecstatic at this moment.

“City Master Liu is too polite,” Dharma Protector Wang gently smiled and did not brush him off. This was Liu Ruoxi’s father, not an average city master.

“Congratulations to the Liu Family!”


The respective heads and the upper echelon of the families were all congratulating the Liu Family and were also jealous.

Being able to enter Sacred Mountain, what this signified, everyone knew deep in their hearts.

Beside the Yuan Testing Stone, Liu Yanni bowed and thanked the man. Then she retreated, her face smiling, moving the hearts of people even more.

“General Grade Talent, this is already not bad.”

According to what Su Yi knew, talents were classified into: Mortal Grade, Fine Grade, General Grade, Commander Grade, King Grade, Emperor Grade and the final was the legendary Heavenly Grade.

Legends say that those with Heavenly Grade Talent were born, the skies and earth would become abnormal and they were destined to challenge the heavens and look down upon all life.

But the Heavenly Grade seemed to be only a thing of the legends.

Su Yi remembers that Liu Ruoxi seemed to be an Emperor Grade Talent. In that case, compared to Liu Yanni, Liu Ruoxi’s talent was still better than hers by several grades.

“Next, Liu Hui.”

Afterward, the trail of person continued going up for the test.

But in the remaining youths of the Liu Family, there were no more above average talents.

“Song Wu Qiu, cultivation level of Refining the Void and Forming the Path. Earth, Metal and Fire, three Yuan Qi attributes. General Grade Talent!”

“Mo Bu Fan, cultivation level of Refining the Void and Forming the Path. Earth, Metal and Fire, three Yuan Qi attributes. General Grade Talent!”

“Mo Ting, cultivation level of Refining the Void and Forming the Path. Water, Earth and Wood, three Yuan Qi attributes. General Grade Talent!”

“He San, cultivation level of Refining the Void and Forming the Path. Metal, Earth, and Wood, three Yuan Qi attributes. General Grade Talent!”

In the next hour, one by one the results of the tests of the youths were shown. Some celebrated while others were depressed and worried.

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