The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: Rendering Good For Resentment!

Su Yi directly walked towards the young girl who at the moment, couldn't even climb up and was lying on the ground with an appearance of 14-15 years old. Her original white and tender skin which had a tint of pink on her snow-white skin as if water could be squeezed out from it was now as white as paper.

However, while that body with a thin waist and four slender limbs laid on the floor, the figure appeared even more alluring. Besides the young girl who had ransacked him, who else could it be?

The young girl in the red dress glanced at Su Yi with a smile that was squeezed out from her ashen face. With a weak breath, she said: "It's great that you are not dead. I knew that you would be alright." "It’s true that what goes around comes around!" Su Yi's face was no longer pale as his facial features were remarkably dimensional on his face. Under the thin and long sword-like brows, his eyes were sparkling with light as the corner of his lips slightly curved up in a smile.

But, in the eyes of the young girl, the smile had unknowingly given her goosebumps.

"What are you going to do?" The smile on the young girl's face vanished as she glared at Su Yi with a warning and stated: "If you dare to lay a finger on me, I will never let you off." As her eyes stared towards Su Yi, for some unknown reasons, it made Su Yi's heart be in a trance as if it was covered up in a layer of frost while the blood in his body had also unknowingly started to fluctuate.

Su Yi's eyes secretly moved faintly. This young girl could certainly change her face faster than flipping through a book.

But no matter what, he had to take revenge today.

"Little bitch, you still dare to threaten me? I have said before that you better not land into my hands. I am going to rape you first and then kill you. Then rape you again and kill......" Su Yi’s expression was dark. Back then, the young girl had harmed him horribly and robbed him of everything. He must take this revenge regardless of anything.

"You dare... Pu..." The young girl coldly glanced at Su Yi. But her injuries were too severe that she vomited out blood while her eyes became dark and she fainted.

"Hey, don't pretend to die. Do you honestly think that by pretending to be dead, you will be fine?" Su Yi felt very gloomy. Shortly after checking, he confirmed that the young girl had indeed fainted due to her injuries being too severe.


Two hours later, inside a natural cave, Su Yi hugged the young girl like a soft jade in his arms.

The young girl was still unconscious. Su Yi gently placed her onto a flat rock as the wound on her shoulder had mangled so severely that bones could be detected. Bright red blood had stained her entire back.

"I cannot let you die so easily, or else it would be letting you off too lightly." Su Yi mumbled.

Previously when he had stayed in the Forest of Demons for three years, he often had this kind of wounds on his body, so he was able to deal with this situation with ease. Moreover, the present was not the same as the past as he had no shortage of medicinal herbs with him now.

Su Yi checked on the state of the young girl's injuries. Fresh red blood had stained her entire back. He tore open the back of her dress and saw that the flesh had mangled so severely that bones could be detected. He secretly sighed as it was already fortunate that the young girl was not split into half by that Ice-Cold Wild Wolf.

He took out some medicinal herbs from the mysterious space and ground it into powder.

"I am not saving you because I want to, but because I don't want you to die so early!" Su Yi softly mumbled as he ripped off a piece of clean cloth from his shirt and gently wiped the surrounding of the wound on the young girl's back, revealing that white, tender and radiant skin.

Only, presently, Su Yi did not have the heart to admire that jade-like skin as he sprinkled the powdered herb onto the back of the young girl. Then, he gently flipped her over and stuffed a stalk of recovery elixir into her mouth.

The young girl was still unconscious, and her complexion was remarkably white. Even the hair on her sideburns was tainted with blood. However, on that pair of tender lips, was a natural scarlet color while her body emitted a unique fragrance. Although at the moment her eyes were closed, it still brought a special kind of attractiveness.

Su Yi quietly watched while he involuntary kept glancing at her. He secretly sighed as this girl was still so young, yet she was already such a femme fatale. After a few more years, she would be even more ravishing.

"But the most vicious is a woman's heart!" Hatred brew inside Su Yi's heart as he remembered being deceived by this girl and almost dying in her hands.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Su Y then insolently searched the body of the young girl, taking out numerous interspatial bags.

After checking through the interspatial bags one by one, none of them had seals on them. These were precisely the interspatial bags that had been, ransacked from Su Yi's body.

Inside the interspatial bags, the enormous amount of Yuan Stones were there without any losses. Among them, even the Ling Bao Pavilion's black card was still there.

Only, there was one more interspatial bag that had a seal on. Su Yi guessed that it must be the young girl's and impolitely kept it on his body.

After he finished everything, Su Yi once again sized up the young girl. There was an aura fluctuating around her body, meaning that the recovery elixir and the powdered herb must be working their effect. Her life should not be in danger anymore, barely escaping from death.

Except inside Su Yi's heart, he kept having the feeling that all of these were too good for the young girl.

This girl had robbed him of everything, almost causing him to die. On the contrary, he had now saved her. It was unexpectedly rendering good for resentment.

"Forget it, since I am the bigger person. Dead or alive, it is all up to the heavens to decide." Su Yi planned to leave since he felt that he had already been very gracious.

However, when he walked to the opening of the cave, he once again halted his footsteps.

He turned back to glance at the young girl who had not yet awakened. They were still within the Grand Beast Canyon and furthermore, the cave was not completely safe as a beast could come in at any time.

With the state of the girl now, she could be a dessert for any beast that happened to come in.

"Afterall, she is a girl. Moreover, she is a beautiful girl too....." Moments later, Su Yi returned to the cave, planning to leave only when the young girl had woken up.

He made Golden Python, Spectral Mouse and the rest to do whatever they want inside the cave, separating them to train while also providing protection.

Su Yi sat cross-legged inside the cave and summoned out the mysterious space, operating with ease as he opened the young girl's interspatial bag.

"Yuan Stones, elixirs, Spiritual Herbs......" The interspatial bag was big, having many Yuan Stones and even Mirage Grade High-Level Elixirs. There were also numerous medicinal herbs and Spiritual Herbs. All of these added together was admittedly a great harvest, enough to make Su Yi satisfied.

Only, inside the interspatial bag, there were no martial arts techniques and even cultivation techniques.

However, for Su Yi, cultivation techniques were insignificant.

Su Yi only needed to cultivate the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and the Heavens Taming Incantation as these would be enough for him.

As for martial arts techniques, at the moment, Su Yi did not have any need for it as all of the martial arts techniques with Su Yi were in the king grade, and there was also an emperor grade martial art that he was unable to practice.

Inside the interspatial bag, there were many women's clothing and feminine supplies. Su Yi curiously flipped through them as all of them had a faint, delicate fragrance.

"This is a little pervy." Su Yi secretly scolded himself. After placing everything back to their original place, he walked out of the mysterious space.

Glancing at the young girl beside him, Su Yi reckoned that she would still need some time before she could wake up. So, he started to cultivate the Heavens Taming Incantation to train his spiritual soul.

The next day, Su Yi once again helped the girl to change medication and stuffed another stalk of recovery elixir into her mouth.

"This can be considered as doing something good too." Su Yi mumbled to himself. He initially had wanted to seek revenge on the young girl, but who knew that he would end up taking care of her.

For the subsequent three days, Su Yi would help the young girl to change medication once a day.

The wound on the young girl's back where bones could be detected had miraculously exceedingly recovered as it had started to patch together.

The breathing of the young girl had already stabilized while her complexion had also returned to its peaceful state as if she was sound asleep.

"Indeed she is good-looking, comparable to Liu Ruoxi." Su Yi mumbled in his heart.

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