The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Coming To The Rescue.

"Rumble rumble......"

A group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves pounced forward as the bloody smell from its blood-dripping mouth assailed the nostrils with incomparable fierceness. Bringing along with a violent and frosty aura, they directly sprang onto the young girl.

Such a group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves with their auras surging had caused the nearby temperature to abruptly drop as if the surrounding air had fallen into an icy cave.

"Swish!" Inside the young girl's hand, a long crimson whip appeared which created a 'whizzing' sound as it whipped towards the few Ice-Cold Wild Wolves that had pounced forward first.

"Crack......" The long crimson whip emitted a radiance while its ferocious power felt very oppressive.

The young girl seemed to be using her full strength as she instantly whipped two Ice-Cold Wild Wolves away.


However, an even more powerful Ice-Cold Wild Wolf at the back of the group directly held the whip down with its sharp claws.

The expression of the young girl changed. Xuan Qi surged while the aura on her body was like a fluctuating bloody fog, causing the power of the long crimson whip to rise with a blood-stained glow spreading along it, smacking that Ice-Cold Wild Wolf away.

"Howl!" The howl of the wolf was terrifying as a whiff of powerful freezing aura swept through.

Then, an Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic Spirit Realm leaped out. Its sharp claws were like hooks, directly slashing towards the young girl.

A tint of imposingness flashed within the young girl's eyes. Scurrying, she maneuvered the long crimson whip to wrap around the claws of that Ice-Cold Wild Wolf and pulled hard, trying to jerk the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf into flinging away.

"Howl!" But the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf was much stronger than what the young girl had expected. Its body flew in mid-air while it took advantage of the moment it had landed to burst out with frightening power. The frosty aura spread through the long crimson whip, causing the body of the young girl to stagger backward.

"Crack......" That Ice-Cold Wild Wolf was fearsome and vicious as it opened its blood-dripping mouth, trying to swallow that young girl directly.

The frosty aura and bloody smell assailed the nostrils, which could make people retch and even faint.

The expression of the young girl changed considerably. She hastily lifted her legs and leaped with Xuan Qi surging under her feet as the delicate and beautiful figure abruptly jumped to a low altitude. The hair behind her back fluttered as she stepped on top of the head of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic Spirit Realm.

The young girl’s figure was quick and swift as she avoided the blood-dripping mouth and directly leaped forward, trying to take the chance to escape.

"Howl!" But at the same time, the second Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic Spirit Realm pounced forward with a frosty chilling light glowing on its sharp claws looking as though it could freeze everything.

The young girl had no way to escape. Her pearly white teeth firmly bit onto her tender lips as she condensed a hand seal. The Xuan Qi within her body fluctuated to its peak and transformed into the print of a fist, directly clashing with the center of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf's sharp claws.

"Boom!" An explosion sound burst out, and the figure of the young girl directly flew away, crashing harshly onto the ground.

"Crack......" A chilling light swept past as the first Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic Spirit Realm seized the chance to slash its sharp claws onto the back of the shoulder of the young girl. Fresh blood abruptly spilled everywhere.

The back of the dress of the young girl had ripped. Several wounds that were horribly mangled and deep enough to see the bone were discovered on her snow-white skin which was too horrible to be seen.

"Pu......" The young girl spewed out fresh blood as her body also promptly crashed heavily onto the ground. With her cultivation, it was indeed impossible to contend against this group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves.

"Howl......" There was only gore and ruthlessness in the eyes of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves. An Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic Spirit Realm opened its blood-dripping mouth wide to swallow the young girl into its mouth.

The expression of the young girl became extremely imposing. However, at the moment, she no longer had the strength to contend against it. It seemed like she was about to die here.

"Chirp!" At this crucial moment, a sharp cry pierced through the clouds and shattered the rocks. A huge ferocious bird spread its wings and dived down. Its aura was shockingly hot as it burnt the empty sky. With speed like that of a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for covering one's ears, its sharp claws reached out and grabbed onto the shoulder of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic Spirit Realm.

"Howl!" The Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic Spirit Realm felt something was wrong as it roared and quickly dodging. However, it was too late. Its shoulder was torn with several cracks as though a flame had burnt past it. Within the mangled wound, there was a layer of burnt skin as it roared out in agony.

"Howl!" The remaining Ice-Cold Wild Wolves were furious while their entire bodies glowed with a whistling frosty aura and intertwining lights. Their auras were fearsome as they raised their heads to glare at the several ferocious birds flying in the sky.

"Roar......" At the same time, there were tremors within the forest in front of them. Beasts roared like thunder and with shocking momentum as several enormous beasts rushed out.

The unexpected arrival of this unforeseen event had made the young girl feel surprised.

After that, the pale face of the young girl changed considerably as her eyes could not believe what she had seen.

On the back of the White Jade Swallow, she saw a young man sitting on it while his black hair fluttered and his robe flickered, exhibiting some divineness and robustness.

"It is him......!"

How could she forget about this young man? To think that this young man was actually not dead and had even suddenly appeared at this moment. It also seemed like this group of powerful beasts were also brought by him.

"Get lost!" On the back of the White Jade Swallow, Su Yi glanced at the several Ice-Cold Wild Wolves on the ground and shouted. His voice was sharp and resolute.

"Who are you human? Do you have a death wish?!" The gazes of the several Ice-Cold Wild Wolves were astounded. The leading two Ice-Cold Wild Wolves did not seem to have the intention of retreating, especially the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf that got scratched by Flaming Beast Bird as it was furious and raised its head to roar.

"Foul beasts. Kill!" Su Yi’s expression became dark while a chilling gaze swept past.

"Roar!" "Chirp!" A tiger roared from the forest and a ferocious bird trilled. The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Flaming Beast Bird, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest directly pounced, instantly sweeping towards that group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves.

Su Yi also leaped from the back of the White Jade Swallow and then dived down. Xuan Qi surged beneath his feet as an aura was released.

"Howl!" An Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic Xuan Realm Third Grade howled aggressively. A frosty aura surged on its entire body as it directly pounced towards Su Yi.

Su Yi arched his eyebrows. Without retreating, a hand reached out as he initiated the Hundred Transformation Steps and directly grabbed onto the forelimb of the claw that the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf had extended out.

The expression of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf changed as it was shocked while trying to break free.

But the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf found that no matter how much it struggled, it was unable to break free. Its resistance was useless as the human had firmly grabbed onto its forelimb. The pain was unbearable as though its bone was going to break.

"Go and die!" Su Yi deeply growled while grabbing onto the forelimb of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf like he was flinging a rock, and directly hurled the wolf upwards, crashing it onto a nearby huge rock. It was simply overbearing!

"Bang!" The sound of flesh splitting open rang out, and the huge rock cracked.

After a painful wail from the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf, its entire flesh was mangled badly like a pool of blood as it directly stuck onto the cracked huge rock, unquestionably dead.


An explosion sound rang through the surroundings like thunder as beasts kept roaring. The group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves was wailing terribly.

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Snow Jade Ape, Flaming Beast Bird, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Golden Python and the rest were beasts in the Demonic Spirit Realm. Additionally, they were still improving recently as their cultivation had skyrocketed.

These Ice-Cold Wild Wolves were completely not their opponent as they were nearly killed instantly by Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest.

The two leading Ice-Cold Wild Wolves in the Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade had been directly smacked down by the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and Snow Jade Ape.

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