The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: Treasure Land!

While mumbling, Su Yi turned his body around, planning to continue to cultivate the Heavens Taming Incantation.

He had no idea when the young girl would wake up while he could also be considered as acting kind person this time.

Following that, Su Yi's eyebrows secretly slightly arched as though he had found out something as a hidden glint swept past his eyes.


All of a sudden, at this moment, the young girl who was lying down opened her eyes. With speed akin to lightning, a hand was directly clasped towards Su Yi's throat.

At this instant, the unconscious young girl exploded out with a strong aura while her hair drifted in the air as her tightly shut eyes abruptly opened with some bloody radiance flashing within them.

"Sure enough, she has already woken up!"

Simultaneously, Xuan Qi surged beneath Su Yi's feet as he rapidly retreated backward.


His neck could feel a sharp aura scraping past it, causing his skin to sting. Nevertheless, Su Yi had fortunately avoided the attack.


A delicate shriek rang out as the young girl who had suddenly blasted out an attack, uncontrollably screamed painfully as the wound on her back had torn apart. Her complexion changed, and she nearly teared up from the pain.

The young girl then powerlessly sat back down, her aura declining.


"My lord......"

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and Snow Jade Ape were guarding the entrance when the Golden Python had felt the fluctuating aura inside the cave and went in.

Only, the three enormous bodies were now stuck at the entrance of the cave, unable to come in.

"I'm fine."

Su Yi stepped back and reached the entrance, standing right before the three beasts.

With a vigilant glance, he kept his gaze on the young girl as he knew that the young girl was very mighty. Although she was severely injured, he did not know whether or not she was pretending. Therefore, it was better to stay far away from her.


Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python, and Snow Jade Ape could feel the atmosphere in the cave and knew that the girl had attacked their lord.

Shortly, all three pairs of brass bell-like fearsome eyes firmly glared onto the young girl, while a ferocious light and bloody smell assailed the nostrils.

Most likely, with just one command from Su Yi, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest would be enough to flip this cave upside down and tear apart that young girl.

The back of the young girl had ripped apart in excruciating pain, and bloodstains had once again sipped out. She then glanced towards Su Yi too.

Seeing that Su Yi was standing right before the three beasts and that they were respectful to him, the expression of the young girl changed exceedingly as her eyes became wide with shock!

"Getting nothing rewarded in return for being kind!"

Su Yi felt extremely wronged. It truly was getting nothing rewarded in return for being kind. From the beginning, he should have let the girl survive or perish on her own.

He had kind-heartedly given her treatment, yet she had returned his kindness with hostility.

Luckily Su Yi had found out about it quickly, or else he would have ended up in the hands of this vicious woman again.

"Are you a disciple from the Demon Subjugating School?" Looking at the three beasts behind Su Yi, the young girl could still remember that when the young man had suddenly appeared earlier, there were many beasts right by his side too. She speculated that the young man might be a disciple from one of the ten big powers, the Demon Subjugating School.

Reportedly, the people from the Demon Subjugating School could control some beasts, and they were very mighty.

"Since you have woken up, then we shall never meet again. Goodbye!"

Su Yi ignored the young girl and planned to leave.

Anyway, the girl had already woken up. It was better to leave her further away, lest he was to get involved again.

Once the girl had recovered, Su Yi knew that it would be hard to contend against her.

"Hey, wait......"

Seeing that Su Yi had wanted to leave, the young girl shouted for Su Yi to stop.


Su Yi turned his head around, slightly arching his eyebrows as he lightly glanced at the young girl.

"I was too rash. Thank you for saving my life. Last time it was my fault, and also this time, it is all thanks to you for saving me. I will surely repay you for your kindness in the future." The young girl answered sincerely as her big eyes sparkled with full of gratitude.

"No need for repayment. Not meeting again is already good enough for me." How could Su Yi believe in this girl again when he had already seen her ability to change her face faster than flipping through a book.

Last time, this girl also had a face full of seriousness like a female bodhisattva, while almost causing him to die. Su Yi would not be fooled by her again.

When the words landed, Su Yi once again turned around to leave.

"Hey, hold on for a while. My wounds are so severe, and this should still be the inside of the Grand Beast Canyon, right? If you leave me behind here, I will be in danger when a beast comes." The young girl shouted towards Su Yi with a face filled with grievances.

With that enchanting face and a celestial-like temperament, most likely if any man were to see it, they would inevitably care for and pity her.

"None of my business. Compared to when you first threw me away over there, you are in a much better condition. If there are no beasts, when your injuries have healed, you can naturally leave. If there are beasts, it will be regarded as the Heavens, seeking out to destroy you and I also cannot save you. Whether you are dead or alive, it all solely depends on whether you are a good or a bad person."

Su Yi faintly spoke, returning the words the girl had previously said to him.

Compared to that vicious girl, Su Yi felt that he was already a much better person.

"I know that I was wrong previously, and I also appreciate that you are still able to save me this time." The young girl glanced at Su Yi with a face full of sincerity.

Perhaps within this speech of sincerity, there was some truthfulness to it.

The young girl had already checked herself and knew that Su Yi had helped her to put on medication, while her body was perfectly intact. Even within her body, there was a leftover power from the recovery elixir.

Otherwise, with such a severe wound, she would have been fraught with grim possibilities.

"No need to thank me. Saving you was only to take back what was mine." Su Yi impolitely replied. This girl really could pretend. With such a pitiful appearance, only a handful of men in the world would not be soft-hearted to her.

But if they had indeed become soft-hearted towards this girl, they would be the biggest fools.

"It's okay since that was yours from the beginning. I was still thinking about how to give it back to you in the future." The young girl responded earnestly.

"No need. I have already gotten it back by myself." Su Yi did not want to speak too much as this girl could change her face very fast. It would be wise to keep a distance between them.

After ending the conservation, Su Yi turned around to leave, not wanting to have any relations with the girl. He brought Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the other two to leave the cave.

Seeing that Su Yi was certainly leaving, the eyes of the young girl moved as she gnashed her teeth and spoke aloud: "Hey, don't go. I will give you a big present. I know of a place that unmistakably has precious treasures, treasures that are beyond your imagination."

"Do you think I will believe in you?" Su Yi's voice traveled from outside the cave, as though he did not believe in it.

"I am not lying to you. I have come here alone to the Grand Beast Canyon to search for that treasure land. I was chased by that group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves this time because I had almost found its location. That is absolutely a treasure land. It will definitely have precious treasures that are beyond anyone's imagination." The young girl exclaimed seemingly urgent, hoping that Su Yi would believe in her.

Only, the sound echoed around the cave as Su Yi's figure had disappeared from the entrance of the cave. With no reply, the expression of the young girl turned dark.

"What precious treasure......"

Just when the young girl was a little sad and depressed, Su Yi, who had left, had abruptly returned.

Su Yi carefully sized up the young girl. Unquestionably, the precious treasures that were beyond anyone's imagination had perked Su Yi's interest.

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