The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: I Will Cut You Up To Stew Soup Now!


Deep and low roars of the beasts transmitted into Su Yi's ears, but it was in beast language.

"This is the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, right? Reportedly, after consuming it, it can directly increase your cultivation."

"How did the Blood Spiritual Ginseng arrive? Was it my lord that brought it here?

"Is it truly the Blood Spiritual Ginseng? Reputedly, it is a treasure. I want to eat it!"


The muttering of beast language forwarded into Su Yi's ears.

"Get lost! If you come any closer, then don't blame me, Grandaddy Seng, for treating you terribly." A voice like that of an ancient old man said.

Su Yi followed the voices and looked, only to see the White Jade Swallow, Spectral Mouse, Snow Jade Ape, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, and even Da Bao and Xiao Ling had all woken up and were circling the pool of Spiritual Essence.

The eyes of every single beast were staring closely to the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

Especially Spectral Mouse and Fiery Red Demonic Mink as the drools in their mouth were almost leaking out.

At the moment, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was standing at the center of the pool of Spiritual Essence with eyes full of vigilance. Its whole body was emitting a green-red light as it stared at the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest with wariness.

"My lord has awakened!"

"Greetings, my lord!"

Seeing that Su Yi had awoken, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Flaming Beast Eagle and the rest abruptly run over to greet Su Yi.

"My lord."

Da Bao and Xiao Ling seemingly flew out from the back of Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and directly landed on Su Yi's body.

Da Bao and Xiao Ling each coiled onto the left and right arm of Su Yi as they flicked their tongues, affectionately licking Su Yi's cheeks.

"Very good!"

Presently feeling all of the beasts right before him, all of them had broken through again, especially those who had drunk the Spiritual Essence as they had once again broken through by another level, causing Su Yi to be very content.

Even Da Bao and Xiao Ling, Su Yi could feel that they had become much stronger.

However, when the moment Su Yi glanced at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng who was inside the pool of Spiritual Essence, the smile on his face was instantly wiped off as his complexion became dark.

"My Spiritual Essence!"

Su Yi's anxious heart was in pain. Initially, the amount of Spiritual Essence in the pool was quite a lot, but now it was entirely drained till not even a single drop was left.

Instead, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng that formerly had a miserable and anguished appearance was now, replaced with a light radiance on its clear body. The leaves on its head were also sparkling and looking vividly green, emitting a rich aromatic smell that could make people's mouth watered.

"Are you a human or a demon? Your aura is strange......"

Su Yi had not yet spoken, but instead, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had questioned him first.

Seeing that Su Yi was close to so many beasts and that his aura was also very unusual, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng could not help but feel odd.

"All of the Spiritual Essence was drunk by you?"

Su Yi was not in the mood to answer the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, although he had thought things through and was no longer feeling sorry for his Spiritual Essence.

But now, when he saw that not a single drop of it was left, Su Yi's heart was uncontrollably in agony once again.

"That Spiritual Essence is exceptional, undeniably a treasure. Is there any more? If I can have some more, I will be able to recover entirely!" The eyes of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng shone as its roots fluttered. It glanced towards Su Yi and asked with eyes full of expectation.

The Spiritual Essence was a treasure, having a tremendous effect on its recovery.

"Stupid radish! I am going to cut you up to stew soup right now!"

Su Yi was swelling with a large amount of anger. That was a precious treasure which even he was reluctant to drink yet, that radish still had the cheek to ask him for more.


Su Yi took out the big sword behind his back and swung it, wanting to cut the Blood Spiritual Ginseng up. At most, he would let it dry for his grandfather to drink as ginseng tea. Perhaps the effect would also be excellent.

"Hey, brat, how dare you? You are not my opponent. If you dare to disrespect me, you shall bear the consequences!"

The roots of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng stood as a green-red glow emitted from its eyes. With a dignified and imposing manner, it was trying to warn Su Yi.

The big sword in Su Yi's hand paused in mid-air as he was wary.

This Blood Spiritual Ginseng seemed to be in the Demonic Void Realm which was equivalent to a strong cultivator in the Yuan Void Realm.

"Not right......"

However, Su Yi was skeptical as the Blood Spiritual Ginseng just before seemed to be wary of Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Spectral Mouse and the rest. Moreover, it did not look like it was very robust. Its appearance did also seemed like a bluff.

Could this Blood Spiritual Ginseng be faking it?

Su Yi was suspicious. If not, why would a Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Demonic Void Realm be afraid of Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest?

"I would like to see what are the consequences!"

Su Yi's expression secretly changed as he swung the sword towards the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"Bastard! You dare!"

The expression of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng abruptly changed remarkably while it poured out criticism. However, it still rapidly scurried away and jumped out of the pool of Spiritual Essence with extreme speed as fast as lightning.

"Sure enough, you are bluffing. Let's see where are you going to run! Today I must unconditionally cut you into slices!"

Su Yi drew back the corners of his mouth as he rebuked. That radish had almost deceived him. It might not even be a Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

Thinking that this was a fake radish and it had even wrecked his Spiritual Essence, Su Yi's heart was in severe pain.

There was no way that he was going to let this radish off. Su Yi immediately chased after it.

"Brat, when I have recovered, I will not let you off!"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng also kept shooting back criticisms, but that tiny little figure, however, had fled away speedily.

"I will surely cut you into slices!" Su Yi was choked with anger as he chased after it non-stop. Anyway, the space was not that big, so the radish would not be able to run away for very far.

"Whoosh whoosh......"

The figure of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was akin to lightning as it traversed between the Spiritual Herbs that Su Yi had planted.

"Snow Ape, Fire Bird, go surround it." Su Yi said towards the Snow Jade Ape and the rest as he did not want to ruin his Spiritual Herbs.


Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest had wanted to intervene long ago. They abruptly came forward and surrounded the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, placing it in the middle.

"I'm too lazy to play with you guys anymore. It is impossible for you guys to catch me. This place seems profound and bizarre, having great benefit for me. I will make use of this time to cultivate!"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng hid within the Spiritual Herbs as it glanced at the enclosed circle with no escape routes. However, it was not anxious as it even glanced at Su Yi with a mocking smile. Then, its body emitted a green-red glow as it wanted to burrow into the ground to escape.


However, in that instant, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng that seemed to want to burrow into the ground was suddenly shocked as it discovered that the land was very unusual. Its innate gift seemed to have lost its effect as it was utterly unable to escape.

"Ah! Brat, let go!"

Then, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng suddenly shrieked as its body was involuntarily lifted up and brutally plucked out of the ground.

At this instant, Su Yi's face was filled with anger while holding onto the leaves of the radish as he pulled on it.

This fake Blood Spiritual Ginseng had actually dared to wreck his Spiritual Essence. How could Su Yi let it go that easily?

"So what if I don't let go!"

Su Yi furiously yelled. This fake radish still dared to threaten him. As expected, it was not a Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

If not, how could he deal with a Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Demonic Void Realm?

"Brat, do you truly think that Grandaddy Seng is a vegetarian?!"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng cried. A green-red light exploded from its body while an enormous power abruptly swept through. A glow shone dazzlingly inside the mysterious space as its aura swept across everywhere.

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