The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: I Love Peace!


The aura was no trivial matter. It was remarkable and shook the whole area!

It was undoubtedly mighty that it had directly blown Su Yi away, who crashed heavily several zhang away.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had also broken free from Su Yi's hand and ran like lightning, once again escaping.


All of a sudden at this instant, deep within the upper part of the mysterious space, a brilliant radiance like a bolt of lightning charged through.

The radiance was akin to lightning, bringing along an unrivaled tremendous overbearing aura like the lightning as it directly landed onto the body of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.


An explosion sound rang out like thunder while suddenly the surroundings of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was filled with electric arcs as the body that was about to escape, landed onto the ground and spewed out black smoke.


The Blood Spiritual Ginseng gave a horrible shriek and continuously rolled on the floor as though it had suffered Heaven's punishment.


Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python and the rest prone on the floor and glanced at the sky like they were paying homage. That powerful aura had made their hearts trembled with terror.

Su Yi stood up from the floor. Although he got blasted away, he did not seem to be hurt.

Watching everything before him, Su Yi was likewise secretly surprised. It was as though the mysterious space was helping him to deal with that fake radish.

Whereas at the moment, after being struck, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was once again, too horrifying to be seen.

Black smoke rose from the glistening jade green leaves while its body was no longer clear, looking as if it was a frosted eggplant.

"If you have the guts, you can continue to run!"

Su Yi did not know why the mysterious space had helped him, but he had become accustomed to the unexpected. He immediately rushed over, not letting the radish to run away again. He once again directly plucked the Blood Spiritual Ginseng up.

"Brat, what do you want?"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng seemed to have lingering fear as the power just now was too frightening.

Most importantly, within that frightening power was a tremendous overbearing aura like that of a supreme king, causing it to have chills down its spine, unable to resist at all.

"You have devoured so much of my Spiritual Essence so now I can only stew you!"

Su Yi gnashed his teeth and exclaimed. Since so much of the Spiritual Essence, was devoured by this fake radish, he could only stew it to drink as a soup to see if he could gain back some of the losses.

Su Yi pondered, if this fake radish was not the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, it didn't seem to be so simple. Maybe he might not suffer too many losses.

"Isn't it just a little bit of Spiritual Essence? Brat, we can negotiate. Wait till I am fully recovered, I will pluck something for you to make up for the Spiritual Essence." Su Yi held the Blood Spiritual Ginseng within his hand. Its roots had already withered, and even its momentum had diminished. The glow on its body had also darkened like it no longer had the strength to escape.

"Do you think I will believe in your words?" Su Yi sourly laughed. How could he believe in a fake radish's word?

"I am a Blood Spiritual Ginseng. A Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Demonic Void Realm. Grandaddy, I, even only a root of mine, is worth more than your humans' one stalk of Mirage Grade elixir." The Blood Spiritual Ginseng helplessly stated. It was unmistakable 'a tiger may even be teased by a dog when it leaves the remote mountains and comes to the bright and flat area; even a shrimp dares to dupe the dragon when it is in shallow water.' It was a genuine Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Demonic Void Realm, yet at this moment, it was in the hands of a tiny human. Where did it have the appearance of a Demonic Void Realm?

If the radish had not mentioned about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, it was still okay. But once it had stated about it, Su Yi was even more furious.

Initially, Su Yi had still thought that he could finally heal his grandfather, but who would have thought that he would meet with a fake radish. Not to mention that it had wrecked his Spiritual Essence, even until now, it had still wanted to cheat his feelings.

"Blood Spiritual Ginseng, you still dare to say Blood Spiritual Ginseng. I see that you must be a pirated version of it!" The more Su Yi thought about it, the angrier he got. He kept on swinging the Blood Spiritual Ginseng while holding onto it. Although this fake radish did indeed look similar to the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, with its appearance now, how could it be a Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Demonic Void Realm?

"Brat, I am indeed a Blood Spiritual Ginseng, a Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Demonic Void Realm. Can't you see it with your eyes?" The state of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was too horrifying to be seen. The smoking leaves on its head were almost flung off. It was so angry that it was foaming with anger as it felt very wrong.

"A Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Demonic Void Realm, then why would you land into my hands?" How would Su Yi believe in this fake radish?

"I am a Blood Spiritual Ginseng, not a beast. I love peace! Moreover, my tribulation had failed, whereas not dying was already not bad. I will not be your opponent." The Blood Spiritual Ginseng sincerely answered as it seemed to be genuinely scared that Su Yi would stew it.

Su Yi's eyes moved as his expression turned doubtful, not knowing if what the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had said was the truth or lies.

"What I say is the truth. I am a Blood Spiritual Ginseng. Although I have reached the Demonic Void Realm, I am not a beast, so I do not have much power to deal with anyone. I am only good at hiding." As though it had seen through Su Yi's suspicion, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng continued to speak.

"You have failed your tribulation?" Su Yi stared at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng with some curiosity.

"That's right. Not long ago when I was trying to break through to the Demonic Void Realm, just when I am about to proceed to undergo the tribulation, a few Demonic Emperor Realm beasts had interrupted hence I had to escape.

Although I was affected by it, the tribulation kept urging me without allowing me to have any time to prepare and wait.

I forcefully underwent the tribulation, and in the end, it had failed. I coincidentally saw this space that seemed to be able to protect my safety and consequently went in. Then, I saw you and your Spiritual Essence. The rest you already know." The Blood Spiritual Ginseng said with an aggrieved tone as though it was going to cry.

It also was considered as being thoroughly unlucky as it had finally attained the Demonic Void Realm but was still at the end discovered by the powerful beasts in the Demonic Emperor Realm. Its First Tribulation had failed, and now it had landed into a strange brat's hand.

"First Tribulation......"

Su Yi had heard about it before. Beasts and Heavenly Spirits were different from humans. Once they reached the Demonic Void Realm, they had to undergo the First Tribulation.

Additionally, when they reached the Demonic Emperor Realm, they still had to undergo the Changing Shape Tribulation.

"So what will happen when your tribulation fails?" Su Yi glanced at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng and questioned. He still had some suspicion that this fake radish was not the real Blood Spiritual Ginseng that had failed the tribulation.

"Originally, even if I did not die, my cultivation will also be revert back. But your strange space rescued me. However, as my tribulation has failed, my cultivation of the Demonic Void Realm is unstable. After some time, I'm afraid that my cultivation will slip, and if I want to undergo the First Tribulation again, it will be harder than before. The chances of succeeding are less than one in ten thousand." The voice of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was a little depressed. In the end, it was a failure.

"Although what you said sounds real, I still do not believe in you." Su Yi shook his head. All of these were the words of the fake radish and might not necessarily be the truth.

"Brat, your Grandaddy, I, have lived for several hundred years. Do I have to deceive a kid like you?" The Blood Spiritual Ginseng shouted. That brat actually still did not believe in him.

"Unless you can prove that you are the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, I will stew you for soup right away." Su Yi glanced at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng in his hand with no intention of fooling around.


The Blood Spiritual Ginseng was foaming with anger as it stared at Su Yi fiercely. However, it was incapable of doing anything. In the end, it seemingly gnashed its teeth and said: "Okay, you can pluck out one of my roots, and eat it. Although I am still weak now, it will still inadvertently give you great benefits."

"Is that so......"

Su Yi hesitated as he suspected if there was any foul play. What if the fake radish was tricking him and its root had poison?

"Fine, I will trust you this one time!"

A moment later, Su Yi had made his decision and directly plucked out a thick root from the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.


The Blood Spiritual Ginseng gave another horrible shriek as the pain from plucking its root was especially painful.

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