The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: Heart Broken!

Sitting cross-legged, Su Yi summoned out the mysterious space.

But the moment he went into the mysterious space, he was dumbfounded.

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest were still absorbed in cultivating, so they did not know what was happening around them.

However, the first thing that Su Yi saw was that in the center of the mysterious space that produced the Spiritual Essence, that radish-like Blood Spiritual Ginseng was soaking inside the pool of Spiritual Essence as its entire body was glowing with green light like the rays of sunshine.

The cracks that were previously on the radish's body were gradually healing, and even the withered leaves on its head had once again regained its luster.


At the moment, soaking inside the Spiritual Essence, the roots of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng seemed to have taken root in the pool of Spiritual Essence, absorbing the endless supply of Spiritual Essence as it soaked within. On its surrounding, a layer of light steam was rising, causing it to look peerlessly mysterious.

"Stupid radish!"

Su Yi was momentarily stunned. That was the Spiritual Essence that even he was reluctant to drink, a precious treasure. But now, a radish was soaking itself within while massively absorbing the Spiritual Essence.

Watching the scene, Su Yi was heartbroken as he suddenly dashed forward, wanting to pluck the Blood Spiritual Ginseng out.

Only, when he reached the outside of the pool, his footsteps abruptly stopped as his expression secretly changed. His eyes were closely staring at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng. It was what the Black Fiend School, Blood God Sect and even the strong cultivators of the Taihang Sect, had been looking for. A Spiritual Herb that had stepped into the Demonic Void Realm, the main ingredient for numerous Yellow Grade stage elixirs.

Rumors had it that by directly consuming the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, it could advance someone’s cultivation and could even bring the dead back to life.

In that instant, Su Yi's heart quivered.

He had always wanted to get the Blood Spiritual Ginseng for his grandfather's recovery and also to advance his grandfather's cultivation. Now, hadn't the Blood Spiritual Ginseng delivered itself to his doorstep?

Su Yi tightly stared at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng which closely resembled a radish.

An inconspicuous fellow, yet, it could lure lightning strikes and even cause numerous strong cultivators to fight over it. It seemed like it would unmistakably be beneficial. As long as his grandfather took it, his injuries would recover wholly and could even advance his cultivation.

Thinking about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng's original appearance, Su Yi guessed that it must have been struck harshly by the lightning and suffered extensive injuries. Only by thoroughly recovered, it would have the best effect for his grandfather when he took it in the future.

Thinking that it was for his grandfather's sake and it was a Blood Spiritual Ginseng that had delivered itself to his doorstep, at the moment, Su Yi could only glance at the Spiritual Essence that was absorbed. His heart felt reassured and no longer in pain.

Inside the mysterious space, it was easy to come in, but to go out, it would require his consent.

Hence, he was at ease, not worrying that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng would escape.

Su Yi was also exhausted and needed to meditate.

That scary cat demon in the Demonic Emperor Realm might still be outside searching for him.

Within a short period, Su Yi had no plans to go out, only to stay within the mysterious space.

Sitting cross-legged, Su Yi started to circulate his power and meditate.


A large area was full of debris as rocks had split open and chains of mountains had collapsed, this was a sign that a great battle had occurred. But now it had already returned to its former serenity.

The frightening beast tide and the powerful beasts had also vanished.

People from the various forces had also disappeared. Only the ground was left with numerous traces of blood and corpses of the beasts, confirming that not long ago, a fierce battle had occurred here.

From a distance, some figures had appeared as they carefully went forward.

These people were some adventurers that had been lured over from nearby for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

However, looking at the traces of the fierce battle, all of them sucked in a cold breath.

"The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had appeared and undergone the tribulation. A strong cultivator must have gotten it!"

"It seems like the people from the Black Fiend School, Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance, and the Blood God Sect were here!"

"I think there were also strong cultivators from the Taihang Sect!"

"Those Demon Emperors are too scary!"

"I wonder if the Blood Spiritual Ginseng has landed into the hands of those Demon Emperors or the Black Fiend School?"


People were discussing. However, as there were mighty beasts in the Demon Emperor Realm, Black Fiend School, powerful cultivators from the Taihang Sect and others taking part, there was no hope for them to get the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.


At the peak of a mountain, several figures stood there. It was precisely Deacon Wu and the rest from the Ling Bao Pavilion.

"To think that even Bi Zhang Qian from the Taihang Sect is here." Deacon Wu stated while glancing far away. Earlier, the Ling Bao Pavilion had not taken part in the fight.

"The most unexpected part is that even the Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing, had come."

Lan Chuolian, who had worn a lilac dress that outlined her graceful figure softly spoke. She mumbled: "That young man seems familiar. Could it be him?"

"Fairy Maiden is talking about the one called Yi Su?" The woman in plain dress answered as she had also seen some signs.

"If that young man is Yi Su, then it seems like the one behind him is Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing?" Lan Chuolian seemed to be engrossed in thought.

"Fairy Maiden, just now we did not catch sight of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. Could it be that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng has run away again?" Deacon Wu felt that it was weird. From the earlier big battle, it seemed that no one had caught the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"The Blood Spiritual Ginseng originally had the talent in hiding. However, that young man had also appeared there. Was it truly just a coincidence or something else......" Lan Chuolian softly muttered: "That Nine Lives Cat Demon wanted to chase after the young man. Maybe, it has noticed something."

"Since the whereabouts of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng is unknown, and those Demon Emperors have also found this place, Fairy Maiden, we should head back." The woman in plain dress stated as she quietly stood behind Lan Chuolian with wrinkles on her face like the marks left by time.

"Alright, let's head back!"

Lan Chuolian slightly lifted her head as her waist-long hair leaned on the soft yet seemingly boneless waist, making it appeared even enchanting.


At the top of a mountain, the strong cultivators of the Black Fiend School stood panting. Some of them even had traces of blood.

Even High Elder Bai and High Elder Yu looked miserable.

"Notify the entire clan to spare no efforts in finding the whereabouts of that brat and Xi Wu Qing! The Blood Spiritual Ginseng might even be with that brat. We must not let them go!"

Hei Ming's voice was grim. His body was piercingly cold while his face was as white as paper. Although the gaping hole on his palm no longer dripped blood, it still looked bloody. Additionally, in the battle previously with a Demon Emperor, he had suffered quite a fair bit of loss which further enhanced his miserable appearance.


The chain of mountains connected to the big mountain stood towering. It was a place where humans rarely frequented.

Within a deep canyon, a turbulent surging waterfall violently swooped down with the might of a running horse, like a water dragon emitting a frightening roar as though ten thousand steeds were galloping.


The waterfall flowed vertically down with a height of a hundred feet as it continuously roared with a majestic momentum.


The water crashed onto the rocks protruding out from the wall and splashed as if an enormous dragon was spitting. The water droplets splattered like droplets of a silver jade.


Inside the mysterious space, Su Yi stopped meditating and kept his hand seal as he exhaled a breath.


He opened his eyes as a blinding light glimmered within. A strong aura from his body sipped out, causing the surrounding to tremble. Gradually, the aura resided.

Then, feeling the abundant Yuan Qi in the Ocean of Yuan Qi within his Dantian, Su Yi revealed a satisfied expression as his cultivation had stabilized at the peak of Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade.

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