The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade

Same as what he did for the Flaming Beast Eagle, Su Yi gave the Snow Jade Ape a bottle of Spirit Essence.

After the Snow Jade Ape consumed the Spirit Essence, it stayed within the mysterious space while Su Yi brought the Flaming Beast Eagle out.

Su Yi felt that something was odd. Back when the Golden Python and the other five beasts entered the mysterious space, they were enveloped by light.

That light descended from the depths of the mysterious space and onto the six beasts.

Even the two small golden eggs, only the size of a palm, were enveloped by the light.

Afterward, the six beasts had gotten some huge benefits and undergone a transformation.

But this time, the Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape both entered the mysterious space, but nothing happened to them.

This made Su Yi slightly surprised, but he thought nothing more of it.

After all, everything to do with this mysterious space was like fantasy and shrouded in secrecy. There were still many things that Su Yi did not understand, it was just that he was too lazy to think about them. In the end, as long as it was nothing harmful to him he would leave it be.


From within the depths of the forest, Hell Wolves howled and ran through the trees.

“There are more beasts in the area up ahead, we should be more careful!”

“What other choice do we have? The leader is currently going crazy and wants to find that kid at all costs!”

“Is that kid really only at Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade? He actually managed to kill quite a few of our brothers already!”

“We are in the same party, but we are not obligated to give our lives to the leader. What right does he have to order us to search for the kid? If we encounter Yuan Xuan Realm beasts, we would be in deep trouble!”


Several figures which were alongside the Hell Wolves searching for Su Yi within the forest were all mumbling among themselves, their tone laced with obvious discontent.

“Stop whining, since that kid killed our men, naturally we cannot let him off.” A lean man acting as the leader said. He was dressed in skin-tight clothes and his slightly yellow skin gave off a special glow. The several scars on his shoulders, giving him a savage look.

“Third Brother, I heard that the kid may be the one that killed the Young Master of Black Fiend School. Black Fiend School is currently offering a big price for his head, is that true?” A bulky man asked, his eyes brimming with expectation.

“There is a 90% chance that it is real, so we must find the kid. At that time, not only can we get our revenge, we can also hand him over to Black Fiend School for a big reward. Then this trouble would not be in vain and the reward would also allow us to rest for a long time.” The man-in-charge responded.

“We must find that kid!” Hearing the confirmation, the few men who were originally discontented immediately became fired up.

As time passed by, Su Yi continued cultivating within the nest of the Flaming Beast Eagle, practicing his martial art techniques, cultivating the “Heavens Taming Incantation” feeling the residual souls in the environment.

Su Yi was also using the heavy sword to train his body. Under the condition of not using Yuan Qi to help himself. He originally started off by struggling to raise the sword with one hand and now, half a month later, he was able to wield the sword and swing it around during combat.

Su Yi had especially made a huge improvement in controlling the residual souls.

With the Flaming Beast Eagle by his side protecting him, Su Yi felt even more at ease and threw himself entirely into training and cultivation.

Whenever Su Yi exhausted himself completely, he went back into the mysterious space to recover. This way he would be able to raise his cultivation level faster.


Within the illuminated mysterious space, Su Yi was sitting down cross-legged and meditating. The sword and saber were crossed over his back and the aura radiating off him was growing stronger by the minute.

The amount of Yuan Qi within Su Yi’s body continued increasing and the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian spun faster at a rapid pace, turning into a cyclone and giving off rumbling sounds like that of wind and thunder.

This phenomenon continued for hours, Su Yi’s aura reached a new height it started to stagnate and compress, ready to erupt at any second.


Suddenly, there was the sound of an explosion within Su Yi’s Dantian and it was followed by a wave of energy from the surroundings surging to his body, causing his hair and clothes to flutter in the air.

After quite a long while, everything started to quieten down and finally returning to its previous silence.

Once the aura completely died down, the closed eyes of Su Yi who was meditating opened, a blinding light shot out from within his body, a different type of majestical and destructive aura radiated from him.


The aura died down and the light within his eyes faded away.

“Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade!”

When everything returned to normal, Su Yi smiled.

Feeling the changes within his body and his aura, Su Yi was very satisfied. Though he had spent almost a whole month, he had finally reached the Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade.

Right now, if someone were to know what Su Yi was thinking, the person would probably be rendered speechless.

Su Yi had only spent a total of one month in reaching Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade from Sixth, yet he was still not satisfied. Then what about the other people who couldn’t reach it even after years of practice?


At this time, not far away, there was a roar like thunder. A gigantic ape was crying out, its body standing upright, a glaring light surrounding its body as its aura intensified and shook the mysterious space.

“Looks like it had also made a breakthrough! Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade!”

Su Yi looked at the ape with obvious delight within his eyes. It was exactly like what he had imagined, the White Jade Ape had also consumed a bottle of Spirit Essence and successfully broke through to Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade.

Dusk fell, and the sky s painted with the glow of sunset started to become peaceful.

When one looked straight up of the giant cliff, they could see quite a few stars already hanging on the deep blue curtain, shining and becoming brighter as time passed by.

In front of the cave, on the vast flat ground, Su Yi formed a hand seal making air currents occur around him. Something in the air seemed to be shining.

“I cannot rush this. Residual souls are also souls, I must use my attributes to grow close with the residual souls if I want to summon, I cannot forcibly summon them as I wish .”

Within the depths of his heart, Su Yi recalled the words of the mysterious old man. He remained calm and let loose his formless spiritual energy, giving him an illusion that he had no physical shape whatsoever. In this formless state, he could see the various colorful residual souls floating around and interacting with each other as if they were alive.

Gradually, with Su Yi's body as the center, strands of red energy started moving around him.

These strands of energy were like strings of fire converged together, becoming brighter and hotter and finally, turning into a sphere of fire in front of him.


When Su Yi formed his final hand seal, his face instantly became pale white and from within the sphere of fire, came the roar of a lion.

In the next moment, the sphere of fire seemed to have erupted forming a figure of a leaping fire lion appear which was nearly three meters long.

Its roar was like that of thunder, its eyes blazed with fire, its appearance overwhelmingly majestic and fierce as if it really was alive.

When the figure of the lion appeared, the Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape who were near Su Yi became shocked. Their eyes sparkled with a surprise.


The lion moved around Su Yi as it roared, majestic and intimidating. A wave of strong aura burst out and instantly turned the surroundings into a sea of fire, the temperature rapidly skyrocketed.

As Su Yi undid the hand seal, the giant figure of the fire lion faded away and turned into countless sparkling lights before dispersing into the surroundings, returning back to nature.


Su Yi gasped for air, his face completely white, but he could not hide the happiness within his eyes.

"I should make some preparations, it is about time I go out !"

Looking at the Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape, Su Yi was looking forward to his next encounter. He had grown a fair bit stronger. Even if he were to meet the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade cultivator again, he should be able to face him head-on if he used all his might.

The most important thing was that he had two beasts which were at Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade. They were equivalent to two strong Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators.

Within the small adventurer party, there would probably be no one stronger than them.

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