The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Bi Ling

Early morning, Su Yi who was meditating walked out of the cave from within the mysterious space.


Taking a deep breath of the refreshing morning air, Su Yi stretched his back rode on the Flaming Beast Eagle and went down the cliff.

But his action almost caused the Flaming Beast Eagle to crash head-first into the ground. Su Yi’s 500-kilogram sword was not in the mysterious space anymore, it was strapped on his back.

Luckily, the Flaming Beast Eagle was now Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade. It was still much stronger than Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade cultivators. 500 kilograms was nothing near heavy to it.

“Snow Ape, Fire Bird, you guys follow behind me. But do not follow me too closely.”

At the foot of the cliff, Su Yi got off the Flaming Beast Eagle and gave some instructions to the Snow Jade Ape and Flaming Beast Eagle. Snow Ape and Fire Bird were names that Su Yi had given them.

Su Yi could have continued riding the Flaming Beast Eagle to look for the adventurer party.

Though Su Yi really wanted to ride the flying beast, he knew from his three years of experience that riding a beast like this within the Forest of Demons may not be completely safe. There was a possibility that some strong cultivator doesn’t like him flying around and beat him down instead.

Within the Forest of Demons, there were strong cultivators who specialized in killing strong beasts.

If Su Yi rode the flying beast and the adventurer party may spot him first. No matter how small a party was, there would always be one or two strong cultivators leading them.

Only when one knows the enemy and himself can one achieve a complete victory. Before knowing the full extent of the adventurer party’s might, Su Yi did not want to reveal the Snow Jade Ape and the Flaming Beast Eagle.

This time, Su Yi intended to go on full offense and attack. It was time for some payback.

If the adventurer party was still searching for him, then he will not show mercy and give them what they were looking for.

A day later, Su Yi did meet some people, but they were not from the adventurer party. They were five young males and females.

The five of them were around the age of 16-17 and were not much older than Su Yi.

Three males and two females, each one of them had a unique presence.

The lady on the left was wearing a dress with flower-like designs. Her shiny black hair was let down, her skin as white as snow and her two beautiful eyes sparkling beautifully.

The one on the right was of similar age, but her looks and presence were even more outstanding. She wore a light red silk robe, the eyes on her perfect oval face were lively, giving her face a unique striking look and presence. People could not resist looking at her.

Su Yi looked at the two ladies, especially the second one. He could not help but take a few extra glances.

“Punk, do you believe me when I say that if you continue looking at them, I will dig out your eyeballs?!”

Su Yi heard a shout. Among the three males, one of them who was roughly 17-18 years old stared at him coldly, full of arrogance and pride.

“This kid seems weird, but he does have quite the courage. He actually dared to stare at our Junior Sister Bi Ling and Yi Yun. Does this toad want to eat swan meat ?!”

Another youth in yellow clothing simply glanced at Su Yi, not hiding the mockery in his eyes.

Hearing the words of the two boys, Su Yi glanced at them and had quite a few thoughts.

These five people were quite young, but their aura was not at all weak. Su Yi felt that the five of them were at least as strong as the Young Master of Black Fiend School and some of them were even stronger than him by a large margin.

These five youths were in such a place and their auras and presence were not average. Su Yi inferred that the five of them came from a large background. Entering the Forest of Demons was probably some form of training.

The younger generations of major sects, schools and clans would often enter the outer boundary of the Forest of Demons to train for a period of time. This was a frequent occurrence within the Forest of Demons.

These younger people only did not dare to enter the Chaos Realm, but they still had the courage to enter the Forest of Demons.

"Just taking a few looks at people would require my eyeballs to be dug out. You are far more arrogant than I am. If a lady is beautiful and her looks are soothing to the eyes and heart, so what if I take a few extra glances at her? As for you wanting to dig out my eyeballs, I do not think that you have the ability to do so!" Looking at the young male that spoke first, Su Yi did not want to attract more trouble, he already had enough of them, but the words of the male made Su Yi feel really unpleasant. Su Yi was never one to submit to humiliation.

Hearing the words of Su Yi, the five youths were stunned, especially the three young males. They looked at Su Yi completely shocked by his words.

The two ladies were also surprised. They looked at each other, then they turned to observe Su Yi curiously.

“Punk, you sure have some courage! Do you really think I will not dig out your eyes?”

The face of the young male who spoke first fell. In front of his two Junior Sisters, he was looked down on by some stranger. This was the same as slapping him in the face, he immediately started to stare at Su Yi with a cold gaze.

“This kid sure has some guts!”

The second male said after a short stun, the mockery on his face became even more apparent.

Su Yi’s eyebrows twitched. Though these five people were strong, he was not afraid of them at all.

Just the Flaming Beast Eagle or the Snow Jade Ape alone could deal with this lot. If they attacked him, then he need not be so polite as well.

“Elder Brother Guoyan, the High Elder told us to not look for trouble. I think we should move on. This place is not the same as the sect.” A clear crisp voice came out from the lady who was more beautiful. She investigated Su Yi with her eyes and said, “You should leave this place quickly. The Forest of Demons is fraught with dangers. Do not recklessly run around, you should hurry and leave the forest.”

“Count on your lucky star, punk! Since you have Junior Sister Bi Ling plead for you, scram! The next time I see you, I will not be polite!”

The mouth of the young male called Guoyan twitched. Since Junior Sister Bi Ling has spoken, he could not say much more.

“Who will not be polite with who, we still do not know it yet.” Su Yi raised his eyebrow. This young male who was from some sect was as arrogant and prideful as the apprentices from Sacred Mountain. They all think themselves better than the rest, Su Yi really could not stand this kind of attitude.

“Punk, you really are looking for death!”

Hearing his words, a cold light flashed across Guoyan’s eyes. He never imagined that this pathetic kid would dare to disrespect him time and time again. If this matter was made known back in the sect, he would become a laughing stock.

“Junior Brother Guoyan, did you not hear the words of Junior Sister Bi Ling? The High Elder has told us not to look for trouble, why would you argue with a kid like this? If you kill him, what would you be able to prove? Would stepping on an ant be able to prove that you are strong?”

The final male which had not spoken finally opened his mouth. His eyes were calm and he had an air of pride around him.

He wore green clothes and was really handsome. Especially his unique presence which gave the feeling of being dignified and merciful.

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