The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: The Tides have Turned

Su Yi hoped that his spiritual power could improve.

As he cultivated, there was a sudden movement of energy near him, giving off a faint glow as they shot towards the center of his forehead, in between his eyebrows.

The energy that entered Su Yi was like a warm gentle spring breeze, which gave indescribable comfort to him.

Su Yi was already quite familiar with this phenomenon.

This energy occurred due to the cultivation of “Heavens Taming Incantation” and it was able to strengthen his spiritual energy, it was just like the Yuan Qi he cultivated within his body.

The soul was a formless thing.

But under this surge of energy, Su Yi could feel some sort of movement by the materialized spiritual energy deep within his mind.

With the warm energy enveloping him, the spiritual energy within his mind shone bright and moved at his will.

The feeling was so intriguing. It gave him indescribable comfort.

As time gradually passed, Su Yi continued to be enveloped in light making an ancient aura spread through the place.

At this moment, at the foot of the steep cliff, a gigantic snow-white ape could be seen climbing up. Its movements were swift and agile as it climbed up.

The ape’s speed was fast as he climbed up and soon it had climbed up the cliff which was several hundred meters tall.

At the same moment, Su Yi who was immersed in the cultivation of the “Heavens Taming Incantation” undid his hand seal and opened his eyes as he looked forward.

During cultivation, Su Yi could perceive everything within his surroundings forming a clear image in his mind, including the giant snow-white ape.

“Snow Jade Ape!”

Su Yi became cautious. He had never imagined that the Snow Jade Ape would come after them. No wonder the Flaming Beast Eagle did not immediately fly away when it was facing off against the Snow Jade Ape, the ape knew where its nest was located.


The White Jade Ape looked at Su Yi and let out a deep roar. It stayed at the side and did not dare approach him, looking at him with its eyes filled with respect.

Su Yi was slightly confused. The Snow Jade Ape did not seem to have any ill intent, but he could not figure out as to why the ape followed them to the nest of the Flaming Beast Eagle.

The Snow Jade Ape could understand the human language, but it could not speak it.

Though the White Jade Ape seemed to have no ill intent, Su Yi did not dare be careless. The Flaming Beast Eagle was still within the mysterious space absorbing the Spirit Essence to heal its injuries. With his cultivation level, he was still unable to beat the White Jade Ape.

He stopped cultivating the “Heavens Taming Incantation’, he kept his guard up against the Snow Jade Ape as he started to practice his martial art techniques.

Whether it was the “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”, “Crimson Flame Palm”, “Seven Injuries Fist” or the “Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon”, Su Yi was able to use them quite proficiently, but if we take the “Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon” as an example, he could only use the first two sabers and as for the “Seven Injuries Fist” and the “Crimson Flame Palm”, Su Yi may be proficient with them, but he still had not reached the greatest extent of the skill .

Practice makes perfect, repeated practice and refining would make him swifter with his moves and give him many advantages in actual battle.

Depending on the individual proficiency of the martial technique, cultivation level, skill, and many other factors, the amount of potential power one could force out from the technique was also different.

But that is only when the cultivation level of the person is not being considered in judging the situation, among cultivators of the same level, the ones with greater proficiency, skill, speed, etc, will naturally prevail over the others.

The adventurer party was still out there trying to hunt him down. Su Yi intended to cultivate here for a period of time to increase his ability.

From the beginning, the journey was supposed to be one, full of ordeals to train himself. The adventurer party could be considered adding a bit color to his dull life.


“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Under the gigantic tree, there were continuous sounds of explosions, the howling, and screeching of the wind, as well as the sound of blades cutting through the air.

In the upcoming days, Su Yi was completely immersed in practicing his martial art techniques.

Crimson Flame Palm, Seven Injuries Fist, Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon and others. Su Yi was practicing every one of them countless times.

“Rumble… Rumble….” The sounds of howling wind echoed within the nest.

The Snow Jade Ape continued standing far away and looking curiously at Su Yi. It did not approach him, neither did it have any intention of leaving, whenever it occasionally felt the aura of “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” from Su Yi, its eyes were filled with even more respect for Su Yi.

Su Yi was slightly more at ease towards the White Jade Ape, after the few days of interaction with it. Every day after he had exhausted himself, he would start to meditate and recover.

Recovering after every session of complete exhaustion would cause his cultivation level to rise.

No matter how tired he was, Su Yi did not put down the 500-kilogram sword on his back even once. Only when he needed to train his arm strength with the sword did he take it off.

Seven days later, feeling a movement within the mysterious space Su Yi immediately entered it.

He summoned the mysterious space within the cave, the White Jade Ape felt the aura which was coming from the cave. After hesitating for a while, it could not resist walking towards the cave.


Within the mysterious space, the movement of blazing hot air within the dense energy of heaven and earth, the Flaming Beast Eagle was stretching its wings which were over 30 meters wide. The vivid crimson feathers on its body was like a blazing fire, its aura surged through the air and the energy within the surroundings poured into its humongous body.

“Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade!”

Su Yi was delighted. The Flaming Beast Eagle had not only fully recovered from its injuries, but it had also entered the Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade. After consuming the Spirit Essence, it immediately had a breakthrough.

The Snow Jade Ape appeared within the mysterious space under the watchful eyes of Su Yi.

Feeling the aura within the mysterious space, the Snow Jade Ape prostrated itself on the ground, its gigantic body quivering as if it had seen the most horrifying thing in the world.

Looking at the Flaming Beast Eagle which had a breakthrough, the Snow Jade Ape was shocked. Its eyes expressed its current turbulent emotions.

Not long after, the aura of the Flaming Beast Eagle calmed down and receded back into its body. Then, a wave of strong aura rippled through the mysterious space like a storm.


Its sharp gaze locked onto the Snow Jade Ape, a blazing fire was lit within its eyes as it got ready to lunge at the ape.


Su Yi saw the situation and immediately hollered.


The Flaming Beast Eagle screeched and moved in front of Su Yi. Its sharp gaze never leaving the ape even once. Seems like the two beasts had quite a lot of enmity between them.

The White Jade Ape continued prostrating itself on the ground. The aura within the space had made it extremely astonished .

The White Jade Ape felt the strong aura coming off the Flaming Beast Eagle and it knew that it was no longer a match for it.

Su Yi caressed the Flaming Beast Eagle while looking at the White Jade Ape as he said , “Follow me in the future. I will help you make a breakthrough.”


Hearing Su Yi’s words, the Snow Jade Ape instantly nodded its head and pounded its chest, showing its excitement and happiness.

“Good, then it is decided!” Su Yi smiled slightly. Since the mysterious space and the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” had special effects on beasts, why not make use of it?

“The tides have turned. Wait for me, the next time we meet, we shall see who will be the one running away!” Su Yi’s eyes expressed a faint happiness. With the Flaming Beast Eagle and the White Jade Ape by his side, the next time he sees the adventurer party, the roles would be switched.

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