The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Closed-Door Cultivation

Su Yi sat down and started to meditate and recover from his injuries and exhaustion it was bad to the point where he didn’t even want to move a muscle.

As for the Spirit Essence, Su Yi did not dare consume too much of it.

Back then, not long after he consumed the Spirit Essence, he improved greatly. If he had continued to consume more of it, he might even be able to breakthrough.

But Su Yi was not dumb after all, pulling up seedlings to help them grow would not do him much good. Furthermore, since he didn’t have any masters to guide him, all the more reason he couldn’t afford any mistakes.

“ Since you guys want to play with me, I shall let you have your fill of fun soon!”

A cold light gleamed within his eyes and a sneer crept up his face as Su Yi mumbled. After that, he focused entirely on recovering.

A faint light radiated from Su Yi, giving a false impression that Su Yi was shrouded in holy light giving off an aura of majesty and authority.

Within the mysterious space, a bright light emanated from the Flaming Beast Eagle like blazing fire, giving off an intense beastly aura.

In the midst of the forest, among the debris of rocks and wood laid several sliced-up bodies. Four Hell Wolves were lying in a pool of blood, two of them had a broken short spear stuck in their bodies and the other two had their heads smashed into the ground.

A ragged man, gasping for breath, his face pale, drenched in blood with several claw marks decorating his back, all of them were deep and seeping out with blood.

“Trash! Five people can’t even catch a Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade brat, all of you are the very definition of trash!”

The man in grey clothes, the leader, looked at the corpses of his men and the wolves in the surroundings, his face became as grim as it could be.

"Leader, that kid is way too abnormal! He was able to control the beasts and with thoseat saber and martial art techniques, he must have a dangerous background!" The seriously injured man still had astonishment reflected in his eyes. Judging from what the kid had used, only someone who came from a huge background would have access/luxury to use those items.

“I do not care about the identity of that kid. Since he has killed my brother, he must pay the price. Continue searching, he is already injured and exhausted, how far can he run to? YOU MUST FIND HIM!”

The leader said callously as bloodlust flashed through his eyes. Since the kid has killed his younger brother, no matter where he came from, no matter how abnormal he is, he must pay the price by dying.

“Leader, I feel-”

The seriously injured man said hesitantly.

“Speak.” The leader looked at his seriously injured subordinate and ordered.

“Leader, that brat seems awfully similar to the kid Black Fiend School put a bounty on, from what I hear they are offering a huge amount of money to whomsoever catches him. He looks at least 70%-80% similar and from the look of it the age is the same as well.” The man spoke as he recalled the poster he had seen not too long ago. It was the poster of a youth wanted by Black Fiend School. The more he thought about it, the more similar the brat was to the drawing.

“You are talking about the kid who had killed the Young Master of Black Fiend School?” Hearing his subordinate’s words, the expression on the leader’s face changed.

Black Fiend School. They were one of the three major powers within the entire Forest of Demons.

They were on an entirely different level than his adventurer party. It was like comparing an ant to an elephant. Normally, they would n’t even be able to meet anyone from Black Fiend School.

“That’s right, it’s the same kid. That kid was also said to be abnormal. I heard that the Young Master of Black Fiend School was also a Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade cultivator. Seems to me that both killers are the same person!”

The man said, secretly ecstatic.

The reward offered by Black Fiend School was a terrifying amount. If they were to get their hands on the reward, they could use this opportunity to forge a relationship with Black Fiend School and they would also become rich. Their position within the Forest of Demons would also shoot up.

The leader shut his eyes, pondering about what he had just heard.

“Do not notify Black Fiend School for the time being. Catch that brat first! If they really are the same person, then we will hand him over, but the reward would definitely be larger if we are able to hand him over alive!” the grey clothed man said in a deep voice, the coldness within his eyes sent shivers down one’s spine.

“Anyways, I want that kid to suffer a fate worse than death!” he concluded softly.


After an entire day and night, within the mysterious space, Su Yi’s face had finally regained its former healthy complexion. The light which was surrounding him retreated back into his body once he undid the hand seal.

He opened his eyes slowly, a crimson glint shone within them, fading back into the depths of his eyes as quickly as they surfaced.

“The effect was not bad, I should almost be at the peak of Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade now.”

Feeling the changes within his body, Su Yi was pleased to find that his cultivation level had almost reached the peak of Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade. His Yuan Qi had once again increased.

He always found himself becoming stronger after he completely exertings his energy.

Su Yi was in a happy mood. It looks like not much time would be required before he could breakthrough again.

“It seems that it has gained some benefits.”

Su Yi looked at the Flaming Beast Eagle not too far away. Right now, the bird was shrouded in bright light , as if a layer of blazing flames had enveloped it. Its aura fierce and strong and it seemed to be growing stronger every minute. Looks like it had gotten a huge benefit.

“I need to make some preparations.”

Su Yi was not worried that the adventurer party would come knocking on the door. But he was not a hundred percent sure that this place was perfectly safe. He had to make some kind of preparations to deal with any form of threat.

If not, the next time he meets his enemies, even if they are not from the Black Fiend School, just facing the ones from the adventurer party alone, he would not be able to fight and he will end up disadvantaged.

“I must cultivate!”

Su Yi made his decision. He shall focus on cultivating and try his best to breakthrough to Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade. If he succeeds he would become much stronger.

Other than cultivation, Su Yi needed to spend some time on his Soul Tamer profession as well.

Since the adventurer party kept thinking of killing him, he could only try to adapt to the situation. Let’s consider it a form of tough training.

Furthermore, since the adventurer party had already come knocking on his door multiple times, Su Yi had no intention of letting them go.

After a while, Su Yi once again carried the 500-kilogram sword and saber on his back.

At that time, when he had removed the heavy sword, Su Yi felt a sense of pleasant and soothing relief. If he continued to train his body with the 500-kilogram sword, after a long time, it would definitely be of huge benefit to him. It was even good at improving his “Hundred Transformations Step”.

Leaving the Flaming Beast Eagle within the mysterious space to cultivate, Su Yi kept the mysterious space and walked out of the cave.

It was early morning. A light and soft mist filled the air.

Nearby, the mountain tops were blurred out by the white and gentle veil of mist.

There were lush trees and fresh flowers everywhere. A flow of clear water cascaded down the rocks, sending water droplets flying into the air. The scene was like from a fairytale .

Su Yi took a deep breath and appreciated this rare beautiful sight.

“Time to start cultivating.”

Su Yi sat down in front of a gigantic tree and meditated. He did not want to waste even a single second so he immediately threw himself into cultivation and gaining insights. He wanted to become stronger as soon as possible.

What Su Yi was cultivating now was the “Heavens Taming Incantation”.

Though it was not enough for a Soul Tamer to just cultivate the “Heavens Taming Incantation”, one still needed sufficient talent and strong spiritual energy, sensitivity to residual souls, an affinity with residual souls and also a very strong ability to materialize residual souls.

But no matter whether it was the sensitivity to residual souls, an affinity with residual souls or a very strong ability to materialize residual souls, they all depended on the personal spiritual energy. And the “Heavens Taming Incantation” was precisely used to cultivate spiritual energy.

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