Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 994

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Chapter 994: Mumu's Special Move

That is endless fighting spirit!

That is the courage to challenge an opponent who seems unbeatable, with everyone united!

Don't they know how terrifying Astarot is?

No, the terrifying power difference felt when almost all members were blown away in the previous attack, made everyone come to the same conclusion as Hua Yue.

The Starwings Knights cannot defeat this opponent now!

The difference between them and that black figure is like a storm and a butterfly.

Even if this storm is caused by the butterfly spreading its wings, it doesn't mean that the butterfly in the storm can withstand such a cruel disaster.

About to collapse.

Fluttering in struggle.

Could fall down anytime, breaking its own wings.

Even so, it must fly!

Even so, it must fight!

The strong emotions in Captain Hua Yue's heart, also the swirling feeling in the hearts of all the members of the Starwings Knights.

Only this person, never wants to give up no matter what!

Mei's black hair brings luck and hope.

While this figure, also with black long hair, brings only utter despair!

"The Starwings Knights, prepare!" Hua Yue once again raises his platinum cross sword and sacred cross shield, bestowing the entire team with the two grand legion skills, "Divine Light" and "Platinum Sword".

The Starwings Knights, full of fighting spirit, started to enhance their individual strengths, increasing the defensive power of the Holy Light by thirty percent, and the attack power of the Platinum Sword by an extraordinary fifty percent.

This is a fighting power that exhausts oneself like burning, definitely not sustainable, but in order to defeat that terrifying black figure, all members of the Starwings Knights brought out their strongest state.

At this moment, the Starwings Knights are shining like countless stars.

The platinum-colored sword light shines, and a golden transparent sword blade over several hundred meters descends from the sky, launching a righteous judgment on that invincible black figure.

This is the combined attack technique that gathers the power of all the Starwings Knights, the Sacred Platinum Sword used by the Starwings Knights against super-sized monsters.

That several hundred meters long sword blade condenses the will and determination of all the Starwings Knights, truly living up to its name as the legendary ultimate move.

Upon closer inspection, this sword blade is composed of countless intertwining starlights, which are the combined sword intentions of all the Starwings Knights, representing the strongest strike combining everyone's beliefs.

In the recent battle against the Black Dragon Emperor and the Twelve Black Cavalry, it was this sword that ultimately determined the outcome, becoming the ladder for the Starwings Knights to step into legend.

"It's... beautiful..." the black feathers fluttered as Astarot swung the sword again.

Just like carefully breaking a fragile butterfly's wings, the sword strike of Abyssal Condemnation tore the beautiful silk apart, splitting the platinum sword light into two neat pieces.

The Starwings Knights, who gathered the strength of everyone, unleashed a sword that shook the heavens and earth, causing everyone's faces to turn pale.

The difference is still too great!

Even with the combined strength of all the Starwings Knights, this sword was no match for the red and black magic sword.

The gap in fighting power between the two sides had reached an imbalanced level that couldn't be measured by numbers.

It took great courage just to gaze at the red and black magic sword.

It represented an endless abyss, the despair that devoured everything!

The figure enveloped in the pitch-black armor, with its floating black wings, stood silently there, making the entire Starwings Knights struggle to breathe.

At this moment, it was still Hua Yue who stood up.

As the leader of the Starwings Knights, as the pillar of this still young Starwings Knights, she had a fiery gaze with platinum flames burning in her eyes.

She didn't give up!

Because the future of the Starwings Knights is much more than this!

The future belonging to her, as revealed by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, and the future of the Starwings Knights, are just a small part of the true iceberg of the Starwings Knights!

She believed more firmly than anyone else that the future of the Starwings Knights would be even more glorious and radiant than the present.

The future she could achieve at this moment is only a small fraction of the true future of the Starwings Knights.

Even in the face of an enemy like "Astarot," she persisted in believing that the Starwings Knights still had the possibility of victory.

Until the last moment, she would never sacrifice easily!

Until the last moment, she would never give up hope!

Mei's luck will definitely bring a dawn of victory to the Starwings Knights.

"Mumu, it's about to start!"

Holding her tiny pink fists tightly, Mumu used her sweet voice to make a sound that didn't match her small body.

That sound had a sacred and invincible dominance.

Like a swift wind!

Like a blazing fire!

Like a thunderstorm!

As if lava, Mumu's blood started boiling, igniting a terrifying momentum that shouldn't belong to a child her age.

Compared to this momentum, the Black Dragon Emperor's black dragon soul seemed insignificant, like a tiny insect.

"Mumu?" Ling Ling looked at Mumu, who was unleashing sacred power, with a big surprise. Obviously, she didn't expect such a twist here.

"This is really...unexpected..." Mei Lan's little mouth curved into a gentle arc. As the secretary of the Starwings Knights, she had no idea that this little buddy would be the one to step forward in the end.

"Although it's not very auspicious... I have a bad feeling." Robin knew that his luck was always terrible, and it seemed no different this time.

"Oh my! Oh my! It's coming!"

"The wings that blot out the sky, the beast that tears apart the world!"

"This forbidden thing should not have appeared!"

"A monster that should not have come into the world!"

"Run! Run away quickly!"

The blood-soaked Robins screamed and ran around behind Robin, looking extremely panicked.

"Mom...grant me power!"

"With powerful strength, I can help everyone!"

The silver restraints on Mumu's body shattered one after another, turning into dancing specks of light.

With each shattered restraint, an indescribable energy surged within Mumu's small body.

Along with it, the entire Starwings Knights' momentum also soared.

Mumu, who was originally the weakest link in the Starwings Knights, instantly surpassed everyone in their battle ability.

Yes, in this moment, Mumu has surpassed all the members of the Starwings Knights, unleashing unimaginable might.

"Is... her solid body awakening?" Astarot looked at the rising platinum flames and from Mumu's roar onwards, the entire battle ability of the Starwings Knights began to exponentially increase.

The platinum shields imbued on them have already been strengthened by three hundred percent!

The platinum sword energy wrapped around them and increased by two hundred percent.

And, this value continues to rise.

This is the special army ability from the story "The Starwings Knights Hua Yue." She can unite all the Starwings Knights' powers together and use her own strength as a fulcrum to unleash the full fighting force of the Starwings Knights.

For this reason, she even gave up her personal fighting talent, which could have been comparable to Xiao Cao, and focused on her army-level skills.

Therefore, her future is not just a "Platinum Rose Knight" but also the captain of the Starwings Knights.

The power of the Starwings Knights is her power.

In order to protect the Starwings Knights that she has built, she sacrificed her personal combat strength and devoted her future entirely to this knight order.

"No, it's not enough, I need more, more!" Even with an increase in strength by more than three times the whole of the Starwings Knights, Mumu is still not satisfied.

She instinctively feels that facing that black figure, a mere triple increase is nothing.

To defeat this opponent, it seems like we'll need to multiply the Starwings Knights by ten or even a hundred times and move towards a distant future.

Their future, compared to that dark figure, is like the difference between the sea and a stream.

Even though Mumu used her hidden talent, it was just a drop in the bucket.

Her power is strong, but not strong enough to turn the tide of the battle.

Three times?

Five times?

Ten times?

Mumu's current limit is probably about a twenty-fold increase.

This is the only limit she can reach in this future; higher level improvements are impossible.

The Starwings Knights became twenty times stronger, and not just one person, but all of the Starwings Knights increased at the same time.

Even if the opponent is the Black Dragon Emperor, even a hundred Black Dragon Emperors is not a match for the Starwings Knights at this level.

The Starwings Knights, with their power increased twenty times, can even slay dragons!

Even the powerful dragon breath cannot break through the twenty times stronger platinum shield of the Starwings Knights. Now they can try to hunt down the multi-headed demon dragon hiding somewhere in the Endless God's Domain.

"Ten times... fifteen times..." Astarot observed the Starwings Knights covered in the immense dragon power.

At this point, Mumu's source of power could no longer be hidden.

It is the power from the dragon race, and it is the purest and most sacred dragon bloodline.

So, Mumu is a child of a dragon?

After removing the restraints, Mumu's proud and holy aura couldn't be hidden. Even though their body is still so small, they give an unparalleled sense of greatness.

That is not tall in appearance, but tall in the breath released by Mumu itself.

Naturally sacred and pure, without a trace of dust.

Like the dawn that runs through, bringing hope and strength to people.

Simply, it is the silver dragon of dawn.

Twenty times! Mumu has freed herself from almost all of her restraints - except for the silver collar around her neck.

At this moment, even transparent silver horns have grown on Mumu's forehead, and endless flames are burning in her silver-white pupils.

"Oh!" Mumu took over Hua Yue's place temporarily and became the core of the entire Starwings Knights.




As if something contagious, other members of the Starwings Knights shouted along with Mumu.

In the sky, a transparent silver dragon claw suddenly tore towards Astarot's location.

The space was forcefully torn apart.

The scenery of the void vanished in a flash from the position where the claw mark passed.

This was not the power that the Starwings Knights, who had just entered the legend-ranked, could use. This was the power of terrifying invaders who could tear down the barriers between worlds!

"Twenty times..." Astarot, who recognized the current state of the Starwings Knights, chuckled softly.

The Starwings Knights finally took a solid step towards a higher Field.

The little princess who had been cared for and protected by everyone finally showcased her own potential.

Even though the Starwings Knights, who will make the starry sky tremble in the future, are still very far away, the current Starwings Knights have already shown their brilliance.

Like the first blink of the stars shining in the sky, this is the blessed Starwings Knights.

At first, it was just a small coincidence.

Then more coincidences created a scenery that no one could imagine, finally allowing the small group of girls to stand on the stage of the starry sky.

Well, it's time to end it, try to let them sleep peacefully like the members of the Starwings Knights they met on the second level.

The future belongs to you, but for now, you just need to wait a little longer.

You have already shown enough excellence on the stage of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial this time.

The sword of red and black flew up, and the single-colored wings turned into flowing light soaring in the sky, followed by dozens of intersecting sword waves crashing down.

Like the continuous dance of crescent moons, it is the sword light that the current Starwings Knights cannot resist, it is the Dancing Sword from the abyss.

Even though Mumu unleashed her hidden power, multiplying the strength of the Starwings Knights by twenty, the power of this new moon sword light is equivalent to thirty-two times the strength of the Starwings Knights.

Thirty-two compared to twenty, a very simple and direct power comparison, as long as this round of sword energy falls, the Starwings Knights will surely lose.

Watching the dancing sword energy of the new moon, Mumu gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and unleashed her ultimate move!

This move should never have been used, but this is the future of that White Lotus Secret Treasure, so using it once shouldn't be a problem!

Yes, Mom will definitely forgive her!

"Mom! I have found news about Dad!"

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