Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: Radiance of Courage

"Cough... That was impressive..." Ling Ling complained by Hua Yue's side, trying her best to stand in front of her and shield her from the wind and rain.

"This time, it doesn't look good..." Mei Lan wiped the dust off her forehead, some settling on her hair, symbolizing the moment when her platinum shield was shattered.

The Starwings Knights gathered together, facing this wave of sword attacks, were like butterflies in a storm.

Many people, already hit by the impact of the platinum shield, lost consciousness and fell behind the Starwings Knights' position.

The remaining few members of the Starwings Knights stood up with great difficulty.

Without the protection of the platinum shield, this wave of sword attacks could annihilate the Starwings Knights.

This is an unstoppable map attack, clearly launched by a magic sword, but there is no trace of abyssal power in it.

It's just a "phenomenon" caused by swinging the sword.

"Captain... our opponents are very dangerous this time!" Even a fool like Ling Ling could feel the immense difference in strength.

"I suggest... we retreat..." Mei Lan shook her head, this battle was like ants trying to move a tree, there was hardly any possibility of winning from the beginning.

"In my divination... there is no future in which we can win..." Robin shrugged, this prophecy was too simple, she didn't even need the blood of the Robins to know that grim future.

"Yes... cannot win..." This time, Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwings Knights, had to admit that the Starwings Knights had no chance of winning this battle.

However, she didn't know why, but when she looked at the black figure, a natural urge to fight surged from her heart.

"Can you feel it too?" Holding her chest, Hua Yue could sense her heartbeat accelerating.

"Hmm, how should I put it... I feel really unwilling..." Ling Ling gritted her teeth and stood tall.

Always afraid of hardships and tiredness, and being sheltered since childhood, like sweet milk in a greenhouse, when she looked at the aloof black figure, she suddenly felt a fighting spirit.

"This is really... unrealistic, irrational." Mei Lan took off her glasses, cleaned them, and put them back on.

No matter how many times she calculated, she couldn't see any hope of winning. Even so, she wanted to challenge that black figure, which didn't seem like her at all.

"The future... holds infinite possibilities. Even if we lose now, we should at least learn something." Maintaining a pessimistic attitude towards the future, while still making an effort to face it, has become a part of Robin's life.

"She... comes from the bottomless abyss..."

"That is something even darker than dusk."

"Darker than darkness itself, deeper than the night, ruler of golden chaos!"

She is a deep abyss, she is destruction, she is slaughter, she can bring about the end of everything!

"Everything foolish that stood in her way would be reduced to dust in the pages of history!"

The little Robins shivered with fear, hiding behind Robin like never before. They were even too scared to look at the dark figure with mysterious golden eyes.

"Knights and the Magic Squad, return to the team!"

"Swordsman team, return to the team!"

"Support team, return!"

Just like butterflies dancing in a storm, with the help of their teammates and companions, the Starwings Knights girls who were once left behind, came back, one by one.

"What an amazing opponent." Finally, the vice captain of the Starwings Knights, Xiao Cao, who was blown the farthest and almost rolled to the end of the horizon, returned.

The Starwings Knights, once again, gathered together as a whole team.

"Mumu, it's okay, right?" Hua Yue, who had made a certain decision, reached out and gently hugged the smallest member, who was standing motionless behind herself for some unknown reason.

"Mumu... not afraid... definitely not afraid!" Mumu's big silver hair accessory swayed, and in Mumu's eyes, there was a certain unknown and complex radiance shining.

"Then, that's good... the real battle is just beginning."

"Perhaps... it's time for your power to be needed."

As the leader of the Starwings Knights, Hua Yue knew all the members of the Starwings Knights very well, and only the power of "Mumu" had a great uncertainty.

Compared to Xiao Cao, who was gradually revealing her sharpness, Mumu was basically the Starwings Knights' little princess who brought joy and was loved by everyone.

Only Hua Yue faintly felt that perhaps, at this moment, the strongest member among the Starwings Knights was not her, nor Xiao Cao, but this child who was doted on by everyone.

She had something hidden in her, even though she looked just like an ordinary little girl.

But she was a child chosen by "Mei", a mysterious girl who suddenly appeared like a gift from heaven to the Starwings Knights.

If there was something unpredictable in the entire Starwings Knights, then that variable would be "Mumu".

"That really amazing..." Mumu's eyes looked at the black figure in front of her, and some kind of intuition told her that the power displayed by the other person at this moment was even more incredible than anything she had ever seen.

That sword wave that almost devastated the Starwings Knights was just a glimpse of her true strength.

Merely standing there, she was as deep and unfathomable as a huge abyss.

"Ah...I know...her strength is impossible to imagine."

"But, we are not weak either, right?" Hua Yue gently caressed Mumu's head, and then stood up.

It was clearly a battle that was destined to be lost, so it was time to gracefully admit defeat.

When faced with an unbeatable enemy, surrendering is also acceptable.

In the Code of Knighthood, there isn't a rule that says we must fight until the last person standing, refusing to retreat even when blood is shed.

Hua Yue's belief is to preserve our forces to the greatest extent possible and only sacrifice when absolutely necessary.

Why is it that just by seeing this dark figure, there is an extremely intense feeling in my heart?

I don't want to admit defeat.

Only against this opponent, I don't want to say the words "I lost," not even in death.

Oddly enough, it's not just her, but the other members of the Starwings Knights as well.

The sword broke, the shield shattered. With just one swing of their sword, the Starwings Knights were left in tatters. However, everyone's eyes didn't darken, but instead became even more radiant.

That is the resolve and courage of these young girls, who will never give up no matter what they face.

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