Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 992

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Chapter 992: The Gap

That was the glorious future belonging to the Starwings Knights, as well as the glorious future belonging to the platinum rose.

Unlike most other Starwings Knights members who worked hard on the second level, Hua Yue, as a member of the Starwings Knights, was never alone in battle from the very beginning.

Her power came from all the members of the Starwings Knights, and her future wishes were for the brilliance of the entire Starwings Knights, not just for herself.

As long as the Starwings Knights exist, she will exist as well.

If the future of the Starwings Knights disappears, she will cease to exist as well.

By placing everything on the Starwings Knights, Hua Yue has become the symbol of the Starwings Knights.

Just like Xia Jie's future will inevitably include the Twelve Black Cavalry, Hua Yue's future is the entire Starwings Knights.

With the combined power of the Starwings Knights, she even entered the third level of the legend-ranked, which is the highest level of the second phase in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, before Xiao Cao, who was the strongest individual fighter among the Starwings Knights at the moment.

At this moment, she, leading the Starwings Knights, finally encountered the strongest enemy.

The dark armor, the gently floating black wings behind it, and the red and black magic sword brought unprecedented pressure to Hua Yue.

"So strong... This is the power of the future..." Hua Yue, standing in the center of the Starwings Knights, gazed at the enemy on the battlefield.

Although there was only one person, the pressure she brought to Hua Yue far surpassed the recent Black Dragon Emperor and the twelve Black Cavalry.

This is not an opponent that can be defeated by numbers. With the power of the army, she has entered the legend-ranked, and she doesn't even feel the opponent's limit of power.

The Starwings Knights will inevitably become a legend in the future. This is the deduction of the White Lotus Secret Treasure. And this enemy gives her a sense of oppression that even the Starwings Knights in the future legend cannot match.

"Sacred... Cross of Light!" Hua Yue raised the sacred cross shield in her hand and unleashed the divine legion skill that ultimately defeated the Black Dragon Emperor and the twelve Black Cavalry.

A platinum shield appeared on everyone in the Starwings Knights, providing a legion-level barrier defense.

"Sacred... Platinum Sword!" The Platinum Cross Sword glowed simultaneously, giving the Starwings Knights the divine attribute that granted them absolute control over all dark powers.

This is not Hua Yue's current ability, but a divine gift that will only appear after the complete awakening of her platinum rose bloodline in the distant future.

The light of the cross can evenly disperse all of the opponent's attacks, which the entire Starwings Knights team then bears. As long as the shield is intact, the Starwings Knights will never be harmed.

The Platinum Sword allows each member of the Starwings Knights to possess attack abilities similar to a God Weapon, particularly effective against creatures with dark attributes. When necessary, it can also unleash a collective power of all the Starwings Knights in the form of a light sword.

The Black Dragon Emperor and the Twelve Black Cavalry, blessed with the Great Xia Dragon Soul, were defeated by these two powerful divine abilities.

With both offense and defense combined, the Starwings Knights with Hua Yue have almost no weaknesses. To break through the Starwings Knights, one must simultaneously overcome the sacred light and the platinum sword.

Hua Yue herself is the one who wields the sword and shield of the Starwings Knights.

"Hua Yue... has grown, hasn't she..." Astarot looked at the shining figure on the battlefield, the future belonging to that young girl and her Starwings Knights, a radiant and glorious sight.

However, it seems that something is still missing.

Has the dragon's nest been built yet?

So, let's try to feel the power at the highest point of the Endless God's Domain, just like gently touching her soft cheek, and let the Starwings Knights experience it.

The red and black magic sword glided through the air as light as a goose feather, then turned into five sharp sword waves tearing through the sky, moving towards the Starwings Knights protected by the platinum radiance.

Each sword wave had the power of an overwhelming force, and this wasn't even the formal attack of the Abyssal Condemnation, just the aftermath caused by swinging the Demon King's sword.

"Everyone, defend!" Hua Yue, experiencing the power of the Demon King level for the first time, took a deep breath and raised her holy cross shield high.

The girls of the Starwings Knights raised their swords and assumed a defensive posture.

Only one person fearlessly charged towards the five sword waves tearing through the heavens and earth. It was Xiao Cao, the exception in the Starwings Knights who had the privilege to act independently without obeying Hua Yue, the captain of the Starwings Knights.

Unlike Hua Yue, who commanded the legion, even though Xiao Cao was also a member of the Starwings Knights, she didn't entirely belong to Hua Yue's jurisdiction. Their relationship was like friends and rivals in real life.

"Unrivaled in the world!" Just like she had torn through the military might of the Black Dragon Emperor not long ago, Xiao Cao, who had charged to the central sword wave out of the five, unleashed her strongest skill.

Among the chaotic dance of countless swordlights, Xiao Cao forcefully collided with that towering hundred-meter sword wave.

The unrivaled style with invincible attributes continuously bombarded the overpowering sword wave, directly depleting half of its strength.

"Boom!" Like a matchstick blown away by a storm, Xiao Cao, who accomplished this feat, was blown away, tumbling through the air like a kite with a broken string.

A hint of astonishment flashed in Hua Yue's eyes. Xiao Cao was the strongest solo combatant in the entire Starwings Knights, even stronger than the squad leader herself.

Despite giving it her all, Xiao Cao couldn't even break through a single sword wave, and this was only one of the five sword waves released casually by her opponent's sword swing.

Is the difference in strength really this immense?






Five earth-shattering booms echoed throughout the Starwings Knights' camp, each sword wave creating a cloud of dust that stretched for several kilometers.

The platinum light tried its best to protect the girls, but soon grew dim, flickering like a candle in the wind.

With each explosion, members of the Starwings Knights were carried away by the sword winds, just like Xiao Cao.

After five consecutive explosions, only a few members of the Starwings Knights were left standing.

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