Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 991

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Chapter 991: Legendary Area

"Boom!" Xia Jie couldn't distinguish whether this place was reality or the afterlife.

Different, unlike all the opponents encountered before!

Completely not on the same level, his future incarnation as the Black Dragon Emperor and the twelve Black Cavalry are like insignificant ants compared to the sword scars that traverse the sky and earth.

Just by being grazed by the wind pressure at the edge of that sword scar, the twelve Black Cavalry were blown into the sky and instantly reduced to dust and bones.

As the leader of the legion, the Black Dragon Emperor barely lasted even a fraction of a second in that black mark, directly swallowed up.

Correspondingly, Xia Jie suffered an unprecedented spiritual impact. If it weren't for the protection of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, his soul would have shattered completely the moment it was affected by that black sword scar.

Even so, he could no longer continue the fight. The damage caused by the Dark Mark is more than a hundred times that of the Starwings Knights.

In terms of the resilience of the soul, he is not even comparable to the Black Demon Dog Prince Quran, who inherited the power of the Cerberus bloodline, let alone the fact that what he saw was the true demon king sword from the abyss.

"Monster... Ah..."

"How could I win... against such opponent..." Falling to the ground, Xia Jie fainted directly.

This also marked that, in the second level, with a record of seven wins and one loss, the Great Xia Crown Prince, who had hopes of advancing to higher levels, was completely eliminated.

If this wasn't the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, he would have perished the moment he touched that black sword scar.

After crushing the Black Dragon Emperor and the twelve Black Cavalries with a single sword strike, the Demon King from the abyss continued his conquest.

In her second fight, she encountered the strongest contender from the camp of prestigious families, the former Crown Prince candidate of the Great Qin Sword Domain.

"Who... what are you!"

"Why... would someone like you appear here!"

"No, no, no, you shouldn't be here!" Similar to the Black Demon Dog Prince and the Black Dragon Emperor, the Yellow-Clothed Emperor could also feel the oppressive aura from the abyss.

Compared to him, who relied on the power of the yellow robe to ascend to the throne, the overwhelming power of the abyss entwined around his opponent brought him to a state of despair.

Even the one who lent him the power of the yellow robe in the abyss must retreat in the face of this person, not to mention him.

Not a presence to be trifled with!

Even if he had a hundred times or a thousand times more followers wearing the yellow robe, they would still be insignificant in the face of this terrifying being from the abyss.

This is not an opponent that can be overcome through sheer numbers, but a more terrifying entity than the one behind him!

When those nameless golden eyes of chaos stared at him, the part of his body that carried the breath from the abyss automatically submitted.

This is an absolute gap in rank from birth, an insurmountable barrier!

He, who achieved enlightenment through the power of the abyss, is as tiny as a bug in front of the true Demon King. He can't even entertain the thought of launching an attack.

"..." Astarot clearly isn't satisfied with this opponent. Unlike the Black Dragon Emperor just now, this seemingly more powerful opponent has long lost their own will in the abyss.

Borrowed Power.

False Confidence.

A body filled with worms, like a puppet made of waste.

Not qualified to unsheathe Abyssal Condemnation.

Just like when dealing with Prince Quran, the Black Demon Dog, Astarot simply extended his finger and flicked it.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" Without even going insane like Prince Quran, the Yellow-Clothed Emperor held his head, screaming in agony as his body instantly decayed and turned into minced meat.

His proud power was nothing but a joke in front of a true Demon King, with an absolute gap in rank that left him unable to react.

As he gazed into the abyss, and the abyss gazed back at him, the hand that would ultimately pull him in, this ending had already been predetermined.

Abandoning even his humanity and relying on the power of the abyss to shape himself, he became even more inferior than Prince Quran, the Black Demon Dog, and was instantaneously annihilated.

"Meaningless..." Astarot disappeared from the battlefield, continuing to search for the next opponent.

Among the aristocratic camp, the Yellow Robed Emperor's entire body exploded, turning into piles of exhausted insects, helplessly whimpering, completely losing the qualification to continue.

Crushing, crushing, still crushing!

On that day, all the testers in the Crystal Ball Plateau's second area encountered a nightmare named "Astarot."

These geniuses, who possessed the potential of the legend-ranked, developed a tremendous fear towards the figure dressed in pitch-black armor with a black single wing on its back. Most people were never able to escape from this shadow in their entire lives.

The only exception was a recently established small knightly order.

Only towards the members of this order, "Astarot" didn't draw his sword. Instead, he gently extended his fingers, often flicking their foreheads before they had a chance to react, rendering them unconscious.

The same power of the abyss, when eliminating others, would cause over a hundred times the fatal damage of a regular defeat, resulting in being completely eliminated.

However, when dealing with the Starwings Knights, the power of the abyss that could have caused fatal injuries simply lightly touched their foreheads, causing them to faint.

Most of the Starwings Knights members who were defeated by "Astarot" could only see a strand of black hair, and instantly lost consciousness.

This is the difference in treatment. After all, they encountered the golden Demon King who responded to someone's wish to come here from the deepest abyss.

Soon, even the second level area could no longer accommodate the Demon Kings from the abyss.

The final area of the crystal ball disc opened up to "Astarot".

This is the battlefield of legends, a world where only those who have achieved almost complete victories in the second level are allowed to set foot, elevating their future to become true "legends".

If the challengers in the second level are seeds that may reach the level of "legend" in the future, then the challengers who can enter this level are representatives of the legend-ranked, which is one hundred percent predicted by the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

The first opponent that the Demon King from the abyss encounters here is a very, very familiar figure.

The Starwings Knights, gathering everyone together.

The flag of the platinum rose flies, a great banner that will surely become a legend and be celebrated by countless people.

The golden hair flowed like tassels on the battlefield, it was a blossoming platinum rose, blooming among the flowers of the Starwings Knights.

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