Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 990

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Chapter 990: The Sword of the Demon King

Dying on this battlefield is just a temporary illusion. As long as you have a noble soul and strong will, you can overcome the aftermath of death!

Xia Jie firmly believes in having a noble soul.

Losing to the Starwings Knights was because they had that non-human creature, Xiao Cao.

Having just one of those creatures is enough.

This time, he's determined to get back the points he lost!

His goal is not just this second level, but a higher area.

What gives him this confidence is the great future predicted by the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

The Black Dragon Emperor and the twelve Black Cavalry!

"Advance!" Xia Jie said at this moment, almost completely in sync with the Black Dragon Emperor.

However, this war seemed to be somewhat different from what he had imagined.

The rare black dragon soul hovering behind the Black Dragon Emperor didn't attack on its own, but instead fell stiffly behind him.

The entire body of the black flame formed by the dragon soul looked like a flickering candle in a storm, about to fall.

Along with this, the Black Dragon Emperor, who was commanding the twelve Black Cavalry, also showed a hesitant attitude for the first time.

There shouldn't be any "fear" in their emotions, even when surrounded by three times as many enemies, the twelve Black Cavalry, as pure war machines, began showing clear signs of chaos.

That's because whether it's the Black Dragon Emperor or the twelve Black Cavalry, they felt a clear difference in rank from the black-haired figure across from them.

It wasn't a gap that could be compensated for with any tactics or strategies, but rather a "power" that completely disregarded the so-called difference in numbers.

The people who can enter the second level of the Crystal Ball Disk trial are mostly considered as seeds with a "legendary" possibility by the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Xia Jie, who woke up the Great Xia Dragon Soul, is fine.

Whether it's Hua Yue or the Starwings Knights, it's fine.

Quran, the Prince of the Black Demon Dog, is just one step away from coming here.

They are all recognized by the White Lotus Secret Treasure and have the qualifications to access the world above the hero rank and open the door to it.

However, the seeds of the legend-ranked and the true legend-ranked are not the same thing.

The more talented the seeds are, the more they can feel the fear of "Astarot", while those lower-level tentacles cannot truly perceive this terrifying source.

Faced with the fear of "Astarot" that he felt, Prince Quran of the Black Demon Dog went completely crazy, refusing to believe in this gap and launched a desperate attack.

Likewise feeling the "fear", the Black Dragon Emperor and the Twelve Black Cavalry, after getting over the initial shock, still made the choice to "fight".

Xia Jie couldn't understand the huge difference between him and the future Black Dragon Emperor, because they were not even in the same world.

So, when he saw the Black Dragon Emperor absorbing the power of the Great Xia Dragon Soul, leading the twelve Black Cavalry to charge against that black figure, he even thought it was the beginning of a victorious dawn.

That was really his illusion.

This charge was not launched with the goal of "victory," but merely to "prove" oneself.

Facing an opponent that was absolutely unbeatable, the Black Dragon Emperor still chose to go into battle, just like a despotic ruler who walked onto his final battlefield under the setting sun.



Unlike the madness of the Black Demon Dog Prince, this was the Black Dragon Emperor's own will.

Even if it meant death, he would die on the battlefield.

Astarot slightly lifted his head and reached out to pull out Abyssal Condemnation.

It was not because of the enemy's strength, but only because of that courage, that Demon King had the qualification to draw his sword.

With such strength and courage, deserving of being destroyed by Abyssal Condemnation, only a will like this is worthy of Abyssal Condemnation to be drawn.

Like a crazy opponent like the Prince of the Black Demon Dog, the monster who couldn't face the power of the abyss, didn't even have the qualification to become a sacrifice to Abyssal Condemnation.

The magic eye on Abyssal Condemnation quietly opened, and the red and black flowing light shone on this sword of the Demon King.

The power from the abyss began to cause the earth to shake violently, countless small stones were blown away by the huge airflow, and the rapidly gathering power of the abyss formed a massive storm.

Destruction, slaughter, the power representing all darkness erupted recklessly around Abyssal Condemnation. The tremendous power distorted the space around the demonic sword, constantly devouring the material of this world.

An earthquake, it erupted!

The earth emitted a tragic groan, unable to bear the will from the depths of the abyss.

On the ground, big cracks appeared one after another, and if you looked down from the sky, it spread out like a spider web.

In the sky, chaotic airflows gathered strangely together, with the Abyssal Condemnation at the center, a huge tornado was forming.

Twelve Black Cavaliers rushed on this collapsing land, crossing one crack after another with the help of the legion aura released by the Black Dragon Emperor. Black dragon flames passed from the Black Dragon Emperor to them.

At this moment, they were burning!

Under the black flames, they transformed into a fearless burning army, bravely charging towards an opponent that seemed unbeatable.

On the crumbling ground, they were the only units still able to move.

Violent storms began to sweep the world, the power of the Demon King from the abyss acted like a giant mixing machine, gathering all the space and darkness around Abyssal Condemnation.

With Abyssal Condemnation as the center, the earth began to crack, the sky started to change colors, but more power from the abyss continued to gather, distorting the scenery.

The magic eye locked onto the approaching final army, then in an instant released the endless power of the abyss.

I cannot describe what happened in that moment.

The marks of a sword from the abyss swept over everything. Just the wind pressure caused by the sword created a huge tornado that stretched for several kilometers. A destructive black storm overwhelmed everything.

The sky, the earth, the air. Everything was crushed. In the face of this storm that destroyed everything, no material was allowed to exist.

All the magical elements in the world were disrupted. There was no longer a boundary between the sky and the earth. This land, carved out from the battlefield of the crystal ball, was collapsing. The end of the world is probably the best way to describe this scene.

The sky fell, the earth crumbled. In the face of the destructive storm brought on by the Abyssal Condemnation, everything turned into nothingness, everything was destroyed.

From the ground, cracks stretched all the way to the end of this world. With a destructive storm, everything was blown into oblivion.

As for the Black Dragon Emperor and the twelve Black Cavalry, not even fragments could be left behind under this sword mark.

Demon King's first sword technique - Dark Mark, Astarot's god-killing sword technique.