Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 995

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Chapter 995: The Lock of the Stars

"Mom, I have found news about Dad!" These words, like an absolute forbidden curse, shot out from the large, silver, upright ear-shaped accessory on Mumu's head.

In that instant, everyone in the Starwings Knights froze in their tracks!

Something unimaginable, incomprehensible, and even the power that caused the future world predicted by the White Lotus Secret Treasure to collapse on a large scale began to appear on this battlefield.

This secret realm is not capable of containing such power!

Because that is the power that truly comes from the "creation" level.





Countless dark chains pierced out from behind Mumu, surrounding the battlefield in the blink of an eye, expanding its scale by hundreds or even thousands of times.

The power from the distant northern star domain, the power of the Dragon God of Order, is actively expanding, stabilizing, and at the same time, sealing off this realm.

No matter where this world is, whether it's in the abyss, a secret realm, or a nightmare world on the other side of the world, it can't escape this lock!

Each chain is entangled with the shadows of countless dragons and twinkles with the brilliance of star gems.

This is a specialized chain that targets a special individual, specifically crafted for the properties of the world—the Chain of Star Dragon.

Like the scales of a cold creature, the Chain of Star Dragon, numbering in the billions, completely seals off this sky.

Whether it's the "Dimension Teleportation" of the legend-ranked magic system in the Western magical system, the "Faraway Horizons" of the Eastern Golden Core cultivators, or the "Dimensional Rifts" of abyssal monsters, they absolutely cannot escape from the blockade of the billions of chains of the Star Dragon.

These reinforced Chain of Star Dragons were created by the great Mother of Time and Space, the Order Dragon God, the Supreme Dragon God of the Northern Giant Dragon God's Domain, as a cage to capture the one and only precious treasure they desired to possess.

The future that the White Lotus Secret Treasure originally calculated could not simulate such a scene. Just the existence of billions of chains of the Star Dragon would be enough to completely collapse the world of the crystal ball.

However, at this moment, the power of creation is coming from the distant Giant Dragon God's Domain at a ratio of ten thousand to one, or even higher. If it weren't for the fact that the Eastern God's Domain is the territory of the Western Queen Mother, the power of creation poured in would be even greater.

From the moment Mumu shouted, this battle had nothing to do with the Starwings Knights anymore. Their souls and bodies were so immobilized that they couldn't even perceive what was happening now.

The power of the Chain of Star Dragon is able to block the flow of time and space.

Even the future Starwings Knights with the legend-ranked are frozen in the cage of time and space, just like a butterfly trapped in amber before the power of creation.

In this frozen world where time and space are locked, there are only two and a half units that can move.

First, it is Astarot, who holds the Abyssal Condemnation and symbolizes Yun Xi's strongest future as the Abyssal Demon King.

The other one is Mumu, the smallest member of the Starwings Knights, who acts as a coordinate point to transmit a certain message.

And the half unit refers to the transcendent being who used Mumu as a coordinate point and exchanged the power of creation with a terrifying ratio of ten thousand to one in the extremely distant God's Domain.

The power of stagnant time and space is a tremendously large number, even beyond the imagination of the legend-ranked. At this moment, the power emanating from Mumu not only completely seals off the time and space of this battlefield, but also constantly expands the range of this seal!

The pitch-black Chain of Star Dragon extends and weaves, forming a cage with more than thirteen rings in an imposing manner that not even a mosquito can escape.

With each additional ring of the seal, the ratio of power consumed from Mumu's projection increases continuously, quickly shifting from ten thousand to one to twenty thousand to one, thirty thousand to one.

There are ten legendary knights here, and they have all been taken away!

"Mumu's future?" Astarot looked at the endless Chain of Star Dragon in the sky, and this future was somewhat terrifying!

"The Abyss..." Mumu's eyes had turned into a magnificent color that contained countless stars, staring cautiously at the beautiful figure with black hair and a single wing.

"It seems... this is not just Mumu's mischief..."

"I can smell his scent... from you..."

"Another little girl who has been deceived?"

The vertical pupils condensed into a dot, instantly releasing a power that humans could never comprehend!

It was a power that surpassed the "legend," unaffected by time, and even the river of time couldn't wash it away or shake it. It was an absolute power!

It was the aura of Dragon God Asha, the ruler of the countless dragon races of the heavens and worlds, the supreme dominator of the northern sky of Endless God's Domain!

Also Mumu... Narabel... Asha, the youngest member of the Starwings Knights, Mumu's real mother.

"You... are..." The black single wing behind Astarot rose high, and the golden blood inside their body suddenly boiled.

Ah, what a shock!

That supreme power of the gods!

That power that reigns over all creation!

It is the beginning, and also the end. It is the power that can create everything and destroy everything!

That is what Astarot wants to pursue and also wants to destroy!

The strongest Demon King born from the chaotic golden ocean, the ultimate target that they want to hunt down!

Very well, this opponent has the qualification to witness the true power of Abyssal Condemnation!

If you make a contract with me, you will receive a reward!

Take the time to feel what the abyss and punishment are!

"Do you want to challenge me?" The Supreme Dragon God Asha, who had partially descended, raised her delicate little hand.

The reason why Mumu has a diamond body is because she is a child protected by the orderly Dragon God Asha, and she was born blessed with an eternal and indestructible body as the White Holy Dragon.

No matter how severe her injuries are, she will always be able to be reborn, and the brief hibernation is only for the next perfect transformation.

Losing to Lilibet, the Guardian of the Sky Sword God's Domain, and falling into the White Lotus Sword Domain, it was just a small obstacle that Mumu encountered on her trial journey.

She was born with a certain mission, to find a certain person whose exact location and future cannot be predicted by any prophecy or spell.

Only that person, even if all the powers of the four creators are combined, and even if the seven towers are turned upside down, cannot be captured in his true whereabouts.

He is in heaven, he is in the abyss, he is in nightmares.

He was in the past, he is in the present, he will be in the future.

You don't know his name, but he is everywhere.

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