Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 987

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Chapter 987: Dance of the Black Wings

Yun Xi never expected that the White Lotus Secret Treasure, which consumed his highest-ranking White Lotus insignia, would ultimately lead to such a result.

This sword was one of the three strongest swords he had glimpsed in the past, present, and future memories of the Star Spirits, which he had chosen as his exclusive God Weapon during the purification of the star's will.

At that time, he had chosen what seemed to be more suitable for his "future," which is now his exclusive God Weapon—the Starwings.

He had no knowledge of the names or origins of the other two swords, and it was unclear which represented the "past" and which represented the "present."

The answer given by the White Lotus Secret Treasure was the strongest future he desired and could now see—this sword.

"Is this... the future I will experience if I choose this sword?"

"Is it only through Elise that one can enter this future timeline?"

At that time, the reason Yun Xi chose the Starwings was because he felt it resonated the closest with his own aura.

The "future" is always filled with charm because no one knows what the future will look like.

Among the three swords "Past," "Present," and "Future," Yun Xi chose the Starwings for a very simple reason.

Because the Starwings is the most beautiful, with a charm and radiance that suits his understanding, it comes with a halo formed by countless intertwining wings.

By the time he realized the indescribable secrets hidden within the Starwings, it was already too late to turn back.

However, even if given another chance to choose, he would probably still choose the Starwings, as he is more unfamiliar with the other two swords.

In the initial observation, whether it's the sword sealed by countless chains or the sword with the magic eye in front of him, both emit a desperate scent of blood and aura of slaughter.

Only the Starwings, shining with hopeful brilliance, like a mythical creation woven with countless feathers of love.

Subconsciously, Yun Xi classified the two swords in front as cursed swords, while considering the Starwings as a divine sword.

From the beginning, Yun Xi had a vague premonition that he would interact with the other two swords in the future.

Just didn't expect to come into contact with one of them so soon.

Without a doubt, White Lotus Secret Treasure knows about the existence of this sword and has provided the key to obtaining it.

The Heavenly Demon—Elise, summoned by the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll, is the one who can enter the abyss and come into contact with the key to this sword.

It is because of Elise's presence that Yun Xi feels a slight connection to this mysterious sword, unsure if it represents the "past" or the "present."

However, he is not the owner of this sword.

Yes, it was only after Yun Xi saw the sword that he realized this.

In fact, this sword doesn't belong to him; it belongs to someone else.

The proud and icy black-red blade, the slowly opening magic eye that is gazing at him, gives him a familiar yet unfamiliar feeling.

It seems that he and this sword have an indescribable connection, woven by the dark threads of destiny—a symphony of despair and deepest terror.

This sword is the abyss.

This sword has the power to kill everything.

There is nothing that this sword cannot kill.

Just like the Starwings represent wings that surpass the three realms and exist beyond the five elements, this magic sword born in the Golden Sea of Chaos has the innate power to destroy all rules and slay deities.

Unlike the Sky Sword that will reach the "Godslayer" realm in the future, the original purpose of this sword's creation was to kill the mighty gods and defy all the rules of the heavens and the realms.

Who, who is the owner of this sword?

Why did the will of the stars bring forth this sword before him in the beginning, and offer him possibilities to choose from?

In this Golden Sea of Chaos, it's clear that besides this sword, there's no sign of any living beings!

The sentence is from a storybook, please translate it into English: The golden crystal, which seals the red and black sword, slowly shatters. The red and black magical sword quietly gazes at the unexpected visitor who has entered the Golden Sea of Chaos.

Here, is a chaotic field that even ancient gods cannot enter.

The distant time and space have always been closed to the public, and this [Field] has never been open to outsiders.

Since the golden chaotic scenery appeared at the bottom of this abyss, there have been no visitors, and even the outside world remains unaware of this [Field].

So, who gained the coordinates here and crossed the endless spiral corridor to arrive at this Golden Sea of Chaos that should not be observed by anyone?

There is only one answer.

It is the owner of this Golden Sea of Chaos who brought this person here.

Only she can do this, but she herself is still in the process of being nurtured, just like this Golden Sea of Chaos.

In place of her slumbering, one of her incarnations, similar to a mythical dream elf, collects the Abyssal Breath from the outside world, eternally immortal.

It is a fate of sorrow burdened with bloodshed and killing, engaging in unending battles with unbeatable opponents, falling time and time again on the battlefield, unable to live or die.

Through a more ancient existence than this Golden Sea of Chaos, that girl made a contract with this Field, gaining "eternity" and a true name that doesn't belong to humans.

Elise, the goddess of war, with her unrivaled beauty and the Dancing Sword known as the Killing Princess.

Why did Elise choose to open the endless spiral corridor lock that no one else could unlock from the outside and bring outsiders into this Golden Sea of Chaos?

How did this human manage to come here, a place that even gods cannot enter, representing infinite darkness and corruption, untouched by any contamination?

"Ishtar... who is he?" The sound of swords echoed in the endless golden chaos sea, as the demonic sword ruling over the Chaos Sea asked the Endless God's Domain and one of the embodiments of the Golden Sea of Chaos' master, the Supreme Heavenly Demon, the only one connected to this place.

"He... is... my master..." The voice sounded slightly confused, as if the owner of this voice was also in doubt at the moment.

Returning to the Golden Sea of Chaos that gave birth to her, she seemed to suddenly understand many things, while the memories belonging to the Killing Princess were also falling apart.

Everything after becoming the Supreme Heavenly Demon, everything while alive, and the memories of the other three superior Heavenly Demons within her body, were all starting to be released.

The allure of the Heavenly Demon, Saint Demon's wisdom, Asura's intent to kill, and the power contained in the true name "Elise," everything was going mad!

She herself couldn't understand the concept of this Golden Sea of Chaos, just by coming here, her own existence started to dilute!

Yun Xi could immerse himself in the Golden Sea of Chaos without being changed because he had a soul that could not be affected by anything, whether it was the whispers of ancient gods or the pollution of the abyss. His blessed soul was protected by the stars.

In other words, only when Yun Xi himself had problems would his own soul collapse, and it would never be polluted and destroyed by external forces.

This applies even to the chaotic atmosphere of the ocean that contains the power to destroy even the Supreme Heavenly Demon.

"How do you have a master?"

"You only have one master..." The changes in Elise seemed to surprise even the magical sword.

The concept of Elise's existence died long ago in her battle with Cerberus. She left behind the black maid's outfit and the sword, representing the legacy of the greatsword maid. The once Killing Princess has long been annihilated, leaving behind only the "Heavenly Demon" transformed from her soul.

Through a contract provided by an ancient being, Elise became a partial vessel for the master of the Golden Sea of Chaos, which is still gestating. She collects the essence of despair and slaughter, walking on the battlefield of the Endless God's Domain.

She no longer needs to personally engage in slaughter, just calmly observe the killings, madness, despair, and blood of these intelligent beings to gather corresponding abyssal power.

After a certain period of time, she returns to the Golden Sea of Chaos and provides the collected abyssal power as samples here.

Elise, the goddess of dawn and Venus, symbolizes endless wars. Perhaps, since she obtained this name, she has been connected with some mysterious existence.

"I... am Elise..."

"No... I am also Ishtar..."

"Dawn's... Venus..."

Elise, who separated from Yun Xi, held her forehead, feeling weak and unstable all over her body.

"Return... you are severely damaged..." the magic sword issued a mandatory command, making "Ishtar" return to the inside of the sword.

Elise, whose self-being began to disintegrate, quickly returned to the sword. That place was the dwelling of her Heavenly Demon form and the entity of her Supreme Heavenly Demon form.

Witnessing this scene, Yun Xi finally understood that "Elise" was indeed a part of this sword. She was the only tendril extending from this Golden Sea of Chaos to the Endless God's Domain.

Elise is a part of this sword!

As Elise forcefully returned, Yun Xi instantly felt the connection between himself and the sword.

It was a bridge built by Elise's presence, connecting him and the magical sword.

The proud and unknown sword stood silently in the center of the Golden Sea of Chaos, waiting here for millions of years.

The owner of this Golden Sea of Chaos had not yet been born and was like the Golden Crow Princess nurtured by the Queen Mother of the West, trapped in a chaotic and ignorant "shell".

Waiting for her to open her eyes and pull out this magic sword, the endless starry sky will tremble for her.

She will be the born Demon King, the legend that slaughters the gods!

"Why... is this my future?" Yun Xi couldn't understand why he came here and knew such a secret that could shock the entire Endless God's Domain.

Clearly, this sword doesn't belong to him, at least not to him now!

Unlike the Starwings, this sword has already distinctly chosen its owner and has been waiting for her awakening.

So, why would this be the strongest future for myself as shown by the White Lotus Secret Treasure?

"Do you... desire power?" The magic sword standing in the center of the chaotic sea emitted a soul-shaking sound after forcibly retrieving the key that could open the golden door of the Chaos Ocean.

"If you want power, why don't you make a contract with me?"

"Offer the blood of the gods as a sacrifice to this ocean, the master of this ocean."

Ah, is this the future that awaits?

It's not the Starwings, but the future that chose to make a contract with this magic sword?

It turns out that such a future is also possible, and the calculations of the White Lotus Secret Treasure were not wrong.

From the moment he met Elise, this future had already begun, but he himself didn't realize it.

Elise is not only the legendary greatsword maid, the Killing Princess, but also the goddess of the Morning Star, the key to opening the Golden Sea of Chaos.

"Tell me... your name..." Even though it seems like they are asking Yun Xi, he actually doesn't have a choice.

From the moment he entered this vast and chaotic Golden Sea, there was only one destiny.

Controlled by the owner of this Golden Sea of Chaos, becoming a disciple of chaos just like Elise.

Because the owner of the Golden Sea of Chaos has not fully awakened, he is just a temporary substitute.

"May..." Accidentally, Yun Xi said a name that almost felt like his real name.

"Well then, accept it. This is your destiny." Several black chains extended from the hilt of the magic sword, forcefully pulling Yun Xi towards it.

The deep black chains instantly tore through Yun Xi's hand, entered his blood vessels and nerves, and finally connected to his heart, revealing golden runes that represented the power of the Demon King.

Amidst excruciating pain, Yun Xi felt like his body was no longer his own.

Like the rhythm of a gigantic black gear turning.

A suffocating feeling poured down like an endless abyss.

Elise saw endless killing, war, and destruction, all turning into memories flowing through Yun Xi's veins and nerves.

Along with it came the true name of this sword.

This is a demon sword born from the Golden Sea of Chaos, naturally the sword of the Demon King!

Its name is not known yet, but when its owner opens their eyes and emerges from this Golden Sea of Chaos, they will inevitably commit their original sin - killing gods.

Not just one, but two gods, killed by the "god-killing" unit!

Because it was born in this Golden Sea of Chaos for this mission.

At this moment, it has not yet grown into its complete form, but it already possesses the power to control Yun Xi's body and give him the path of the Demon King.

"Hiss!" Endless black feathers flew from behind Yun Xi, a single black wing extended. It was a sign of the chaos power entering his body and the arrival of some kind of consciousness.

What you look like doesn't matter at all, it's the soul that can hold the aura of the Golden Sea of Chaos that is valuable.

Yun Xi saw his own future and understood why the White Lotus Secret Treasure believed without hesitation that this was the strongest future he could achieve.

"Abyssal Condemnation!"

That is the true name of this magic sword!


That is the name of the owner of the Golden Sea of Chaos!

Black long hair cascaded down, showing shades of an endless abyss, similar to Elise's locks.