Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 988

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Chapter 988: The Arrival of the Demon King

"Astarot!" In the moment when Yun Xi uttered the true name of the master of the Golden Sea of Chaos, he felt an unprecedented sense of expansion.

This feeling, even surpasses the awakening after experiencing thousands of years in the Time River with Teacher Casina the Battle God.

Even if thousands of Starwings Knights' seeds are combined, they cannot achieve it.

Even the Golden Crow Princess, who is high above and dances in the thirty-three heavens, feels a bit overshadowed.

This power comes from the abyss, from the Golden Sea of Chaos, from the Demon King named "Astarot."

The red and black magic sword named Abyssal Condemnation naturally falls into Yun Xi's hand, emitting a soul-shaking sword sound.

Sword, pull out this sword!

After pulling it out, the world will be different!

This is what White Lotus Secret Treasure sees, the strongest future for Yun Xi in the river of fate that can be captured.

Become the Demon King!

The Abyss Demon King has the power to kill gods, and is not like the imaginary Supreme Heavenly Demon Elise.

The disciple, bearing the name "Astarot," became the master of the Golden Sea of Chaos.

The ancient Golden Sea of Chaos hopes for such a future and has specially granted Yun Xi the qualification to use the most powerful magic sword, Abyssal Condemnation, because they were captivated by his unique soul.

With Elise, the duplicate of the master of the Golden Sea of Chaos, as the key, Yun Xi opened a path to an endless unknown future.

The entire Golden Sea of Chaos boiled when Abyssal Condemnation was pulled out.

It is a power even darker than dusk.

The power of the golden king of darkness, deriving from the endless chaotic sea, is darker than pitch black and deeper than night.

She is the abyss, she is destruction, she is slaughter, she can bring about the end of all things!

As long as you possess Abyssal Condemnation, even gods can be slain by you!

Everything foolish standing in front of the Abyssal Condemnation will turn into history's dust!

A dark abyssal light fell from the White Lotus Secret Treasure crystal ball.

Wearing a pitch-black armor, with beautiful black long hair, an elegant and slender figure, and chaotic golden eyes, a shadow stepped onto the battlefield.

Her opponent is Quran, the prince of the Black Demon Dog and a descendant of the terrifying Cerberus from the depths of Hell.

In the future deduced by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Quran inherits exceptionally pure Cerberus bloodline, with a huge dog head manifesting and wearing ancient and heavy royal armor.

"The sky is useless and dying stars!"

"Death is with me!"

Quran, transformed into a giant dog-headed emperor, let out a deep roar. He has already won ten consecutive victories since joining this battlefield.

In the war of the crystal ball, the winner has a huge advantage, while the loser will suffer a huge mental blow. Therefore, the more consecutive victories a person has, the greater their advantage.

From this point, it can be seen that this trial is biased. Only those who have the highest potential and can unleash the power of their future desires to the fullest can make it to the end.

Losers have no rights!

The prince named Quran, with the bloodline of Cerberus fully awakened, is undoubtedly an elite on the battlefield of the crystal ball. His bloodline comes from Cerberus in the divine era, a hellhound that surpasses the evil gods.

Transformed into the form of a giant dog-headed emperor, with each opponent he defeats, he can taste the pleasure of absorbing their souls.

After absorbing souls ten times in a row, he believed that as long as he continued like this, he would be invincible in this crystal ball battlefield - at least that's what he thought.

Until this moment, he encountered a figure behind him with a single black wing, named "Astarot," who held the future.

Trembling, Quran's giant dog paw involuntarily trembled when facing the invisible pressure emanating from the dark figure, despite the power of absorbing souls being stacked ten times. He became extremely panicked.

What's going on?

What happened!

Why is his body trembling when he already has the power from his ancestors and the ability to absorb souls from the real Cerberus?

As the terrifying monster dog, Cerberus, who has resurrected from the divine era, Cerberus has a true immortal body. How could he be afraid of a human?

No, is this really a human?

Why does the soul tremble just by looking at this figure, as if seeing a natural enemy?

I am the mighty Dark Wrath Beast, the bloodthirsty hunter, the Emperor of the Cerberus! How can I lose here?

"I will devour your soul!" Quran lunges forward, opening his blood-filled mouth and launching a primal attack on his enemy.

Roar of Terror - Emit a soul-shaking roar, lowering the enemy's fighting spirit and causing them to scatter and flee!

Bloodthirsty Trail - Marked enemies cannot escape and leave visible traces that can be pursued until death.

Soul Absorption - Gain a portion of the opponent's soul power after killing them. The stronger the enemy, the more soul power is obtained!

Endless tearing - using his sharp claws to tear apart the opponent's body, making them unable to resist!

In an instant, Quran activated the four innate abilities from his Cerberus bloodline. This would be impossible in the real world, but this is the battlefield of the Crystal Ball Game.

This is his future form, a manifestation of the Cerberus's killing instinct!

"..." Astarot looked at Quran rushing towards him, with no intention of drawing his sword. An opponent of this level doesn't deserve to make the Demon King from the abyss draw his sword.

Extending his snow-white fingers, the dark flowing light from the abyss danced at his fingertips, and then gently flicked.

"Crack!" In an instant, Prince Quran, who awakened his Cerberus bloodline, turned into a pile of unrecognizable shredded meat, then blew away to the edge of the horizon.

Only a motionless ghostly image of a dog's head remained, lingering where he died, confused and lost.

"Ouch!" Among the ranks of the Aristocratic Youth Alliance, Quran, who was just proud moments ago, held onto his head in pain, rolling on the ground and wailing.

Completely unaware of how he died, and unable to even see clearly how he was killed.

The figure with spread black wings became Quran's haunting nightmare, even if it shattered and returned to reality from the crystal ball, it still made Quran's whole body twitch, almost making him vomit.

"What's wrong, Quran? What happened to you?" Childe Sanquan exclaimed in astonishment as he looked at Quran beside him.

Although he didn't want to admit it, the not-so-smart Prince Black Demon Dog Quran was indeed the strongest fighter among the evil gods.

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