Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 986

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Chapter 986: The Strongest Future

"Why... would the future turn out to be such a tragic ending?" After witnessing the bloody and devastating conclusion of the White Lotus Secret Treasure simulation, Yun Xi's eyes were filled with indescribable sadness.

He couldn't believe that he would fall for his first love, under the dazzling Hua Huo, who was like the queen of summer in his heart.

The time they spent together was very happy, even when Hua Huo forcibly made him wear the black greatsword maid outfit and enter the White Lotus Sword Palace as "Mei," he never thought he would become enemies with Hua Huo.

After realizing he was the reincarnation of one of the stars, he once wanted to quietly leave Hua Huo's side and wander alone in the distant God's Domain. But in the end, he chose to stay.

He likes Hua Huo.

Hua Huo must have liked him too.

Yun Xi had high hopes for a beautiful future together, but the future that White Lotus Secret Treasure presented to him was a big disappointment.

It shouldn't be like this.

That wasn't the Hua Huo he knew, her wild and desperate appearance didn't seem normal no matter how you looked at it.

Like a summer queen shining in the clear sky, Hua Huo turned into the embodiment of blood and fire, her uncontrollable anger leaving a huge psychological shadow on Yun Xi.

Yun Xi never imagined that there would be a day when he would become an enemy with Hua Huo.

Since he was very young, Hua Huo has been his invincible idol.

This impression, starting from considering Hua Huo as only a third-rank swordsman, has been unbreakable, and it has never wavered as he stepped out of the small town and witnessed a wider world.

His understanding of the strong, the concept of the limits between hero-ranked and below-hero-ranked races, all came from Hua Huo.

Hua Huo is his ideal, the embodiment he admires.

If there's anyone in this world who makes him want to give up before even starting a fight, it's only Hua Huo. At least for now, he can't even imagine defeating her with his own strength alone.

Just like the future deduced by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, even if he becomes the legend-ranked in that future, he still falls under the dominance of Hua Huo's Emperor's Dragon Sword.

"You know very well... I won't beat you..." It's not just because I'm not strong enough, but because Yun Xi can't bring himself to harm Hua Huo.

From the very beginning, he would lose to Hua Huo in battle, because she is the queen of summer in his heart. Even when he had the endless blessings of the Water God in the world of the Water God, and used the Magnificence of Sky Dance to suppress her, Yun Xi never had the slightest intention of hurting Hua Huo.

How could he possibly harm Hua Huo?

But, he did hurt her indeed.

He himself didn't understand what was happening. The despair and madness in Hua Huo's eyes, as if she was about to cry, and her shattered heart, were evident when her Imperial Dragon Sword pierced through his body. Even though it was his own self being pierced, Yun Xi heard Hua Huo's broken voice.

The battle between him and Hua Huo would have no winner; both sides were losers.

That's why the future is so dim, teetering on the edge, and even the calculations of the White Lotus Secret Treasure are filled with fear and uncertainty.

Who exactly?" From the scattered words of the four Zaka beasts, Yun Xi could infer that it was caused by a "nameless woman.

It's not Elle Felice, Milei, or Ye Li, his childhood friends, and it's not anyone from the White Lotus Sword Palace or the Starwings Knights.

There was someone related to Hua Huo, a person who he might not be aware of right now, and this eventually led to this tragic bloodshed.

White Lotus Secret Treasure would definitely not make unfounded speculations, which means that this woman is already connected to him now and has a great potential to cause this tragedy in the future.

"Anyway, I won't let this future happen... Hua Huo."

After seeing three different futures, Yun Xi was convinced that the deductions of White Lotus Secret Treasure had a high probability of occurring, just that they extended in different directions from his own timeline.

Truly representing the rules of world wisdom, the Sacred Tree Linjia, a crystallization that even the Sky Sword Yun Hai admires, is an unique flower that can make the world believe lies with just one petal.

"I... will forgive you..."

"I will definitely prevent you from seeing this kind of future!" The previous three futures, in a certain sense, led to hopeful timelines, except the one where Hua Huo is involved, which is full of tragedy and bloodshed.

Even so, Yun Xi chose to believe in Hua Huo and forgive her.

If it really came to that point, it wouldn't just be Hua Huo who was wrong, but rather there would be a greater possibility that he himself made the mistake.

Knowing Hua Huo's personality, even if Yun Xi married Elle, Milei, Ye Li along with her, and brought all the Starwings Knights back home, he could not possibly fall into such despair.

Just as he would forgive Hua Huo unconditionally, she would never fall into that kind of dark state unless forced into a desperate situation.

With wings that soared above the world, Hua Huo was a free-spirited queen. Even if it was a thousand years later, she would definitely continue to be with him. Yun Xi had no doubt that she could reach the legend-ranked.

After seeing the future with Hua Huo, Yun Xi became even more convinced of the miraculous aspects of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Since such a future was possible, he wanted to avoid it by any means necessary.

Therefore, he no longer looked at the countless different future paths, as it would waste a lot of time and make his future choices more uncertain.

"For the last time, I want to know the strongest future I can enter now." Yun Xi asked himself seriously, abandoning unnecessary distractions and opening many convenient doors with the White Lotus Secret Treasure.



This time, the quiet moment of White Lotus Secret Treasure was even longer than the time it took to deduce Yun Xi and Hua Huo's future together.

The most tragic future and the strongest future are, in a way, similar. It takes more than a moment to deduce them.

However, that kind of future does exist.

Sacred Tree Linjia can see, among Yun Xi's countless intertwined threads of fate, the path that leads to the deepest and darkest future.

He may not have realized it himself yet, but he has already found the key to that future.

However, even Sacred Tree Linjia needs to expend a tremendous amount of power to deduce that future.

Unlike the previous four futures, this future contains something hidden that carries a heavier destiny than all four of the previous ones combined.

It is about love and being loved.

Trust and betrayal.

Even after millions of years, they will still be intertwined and unable to separate even in the distant future.

In the river of destiny, Yun Xi has grasped that thread, awakening the existence that will create the most terrifying legend in a certain timeline.

"Do you... truly want to know?" For the first time, Linjia, the origin of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, spoke to Yun Xi.

"Yes, give me the strongest future."

"At least let me know what I can achieve at this moment."

Yun Xi also understood that the future deduced by Sacred Tree Linjia would not appear without reason. It was all strictly deduced based on everything he currently possesses.

The Sky Sword Yun Hai once obtained the ultimate answer of the Yun Hai Quadrant Sword here, creating the nonexistent cat that drove countless mathematicians and even deities crazy.

His first path is a future with the Golden Crow Princess, based on the high compatibility of his Starwings and the Golden Crow Princess.

The second path is a future with Teacher Casina the Battle God after stepping into the river of time, a bond between master and disciple.

The third path is the future of the Starwings Knights, created by countless connected seeds.

The fourth path is the future that leads to the tragic ending of falling under Hua Huo's sword.

At this moment, Yun Xi also wants to know what the strongest future he can achieve will look like.

If he wants to change the tragedy with Hua Huo, he will need strong power, at least a future that gives him confidence to stand against Hua Huo.

"This future... it will require you to give up your highest mark..." Sacred Tree Linjia, the source of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, informs Yun Xi about the cost he must pay to see this future.

Without a doubt, Yun Xi has been able to overcome challenges and master the Gigabit Wings sword technique that suits him best. The highest level mark recognized by the White Lotus Secret Treasure has played an important role, and it may continue to have a magical effect in the next stage of the trial.

But now, Yun Xi has no hesitation.

The highest level mark of the White Lotus Secret Treasure is very precious, but what Yun Xi wants to know more is what his strongest future looks like.

Only then will he have the confidence to change the tragic outcome with Hua Huo.

"Sure, go ahead and use it." For others, the highest level White Lotus Secret Treasure imprint is a treasure they would never let go of, but for Yun Xi, who is not focused on the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial itself, it is something he will use when necessary.

For him, this future deduction might be more important than the reward for the final trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

"You... will see the abyss..." After the profound hint from the White Lotus Secret Treasure, all the paths around Yun Xi disappeared, leaving him alone in a vast void.

No, not all paths disappeared, there is still one path remaining.

To be precise, that cannot be called a path to the future, because this path is beneath Yun Xi's feet!

When Yun Xi's eyes were filled with the sparkling paths, it was impossible for him to notice the path beneath his feet.

That path was none other than an abyss itself, instantly swallowing Yun Xi!

"My... master..."

"Are you truly... willing to come to this side?"

A voice that seemed familiar echoed in Yun Xi's ears as he fell into this endless abyss.

In no time at all, Yun Xi fell deep into the abyss. There was no light here, only a large group of multi-legged creatures that lived in the shallow regions of the abyss, resembling various kinds of squids.

Yun Xi had seen these creatures during the sacrifice ceremony of the divine priestess. They were ultimately incinerated by Sunwalker Hula Azda, the embodiment of the Sun God, and turned into a string of barbecue.

Even though they were referred to as "evil gods" outside, they were just the inhabitants of the surface of this abyss. The region where Yun Xi fell was far beyond this area.

The contamination continued to deepen, and the whispers of ancient gods filled Yun Xi's ears.

"Want some candy?"

"This is a very comfortable and cozy world here."

"Don't worry about anything, just have a nice sleep, and when you wake up, the world will be different."

Hmm, this voice sounds somewhat familiar. It's really cute and sweet.

Falling, falling, it seemed to touch something familiar again.

"Oh, it's you?"

"We can't go down there!"


It was a familiar voice, but where had I heard it before? My consciousness started to blur, and it felt like I was about to fall asleep.

"Splash!" Like a pebble falling into a calm lake, creating ripples after ripples.

Where am I?

In the depths of the abyss, can there be such colors?

It's not black, but gold, a kind of golden color with a mysterious and nameless aura.

Here, is one of the areas located at the bottom of the abyss, which cannot be observed or accessed by people.

Yun Xi opened his eyes and found himself immersed in a golden ocean, not knowing if it was in a gaseous or misty state. The liquid enveloped his body, cleansing his soul.

"My master... you... have finally come here..."

"So... this is indeed an inevitable fate..." The voice of Heavenly Demon Elise whispered in Yun Xi's ear, as if witnessing the arrival of an era.

Yun Xi reached out his hand and although there was nothing around, there was a sense of realization that he had touched a forbidden taboo.

There was no turning back anymore.

So, let him clearly see what is in this future that can only be accessed with the key of Supreme Heavenly Demon Elise, and what makes the White Lotus Secret Treasure call it the strongest future.

This action caused ripples in the nameless and chaotic ocean.

And so, Yun Xi saw that sword.

Among the three swords that represent the past, present, and future in the will of the stars, this is the one that Yun Xi didn't choose.

The sword is sealed by a golden crystal, as if it is still in a dormant state.

The sword itself has a cold and ruthless red-black color, and on the hilt, a magic eye slowly opens, as if a taboo has been broken.

"Is... this sword?"

Yun Xi recognized it at first sight, this once elusive magic sword that the will of the stars recognized as the pinnacle of the endless starry sky.

The name of this sword, the name is... There was a name on the tip of Yun Xi's tongue, but he couldn't say it.

Unlike the Starwings, the name of this sword is despairing, it never brings happiness to anyone.

Because this sword was born with only one purpose - to slay the highest deity!

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