Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 985

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Chapter 985: The Final Bloodshed

After half a month of space battles between the Starwings Knights and the Insect Princess, Yun Xi pondered.

"This future... should be fine..."

"They... have such potential and future."

At this moment, Yun Xi could feel the many threads of destiny intertwining with his own, creating a future.

The owners of these threads of destiny were right beside him, visible within his sight.

Because their destinies were connected to his, they would no longer be ordinary.

They also shared some blessings from the stars, and in the distant future, they would become his strength, fighting for him in the starry skies, like his wings.

The Starwings Knights, they were a collective, like a butterfly gently fluttering its wings, eventually causing a huge storm in the sky.

The dragon's nest was successfully built, and it seems like Mei Lan and the others' chests have also grown a little bit. Remembering the scenery he observed in the future with the Starwings Knights, Yun Xi had a bold speculation.

The plan to "capture the demon dragon" by the Starwings Knights seems to have been successful, or at least partially successful.

Looking at the confident expressions and improved figures of the civilian girls in the more vibrant future Starwings Knights, it appears that everyone's chests have developed better.

This future seems closer to the present timeline than a thousand years after Casina the Battle God, making it more real.

Since this was a large-scale celestial battle, Yun Xi didn't directly participate as an observer. However, based on the rule that the more connection seeds, the stronger one's power, he also had the strength of the legend rank in this future.

The huge dragon's nest has a close connection with him, and it seems that the construction of the dragon's nest is closely related to him.

He voluntarily entered the deepest part of the dragon's nest and saw the White Holy Dragon sleeping, effortlessly gaining the highest authority of the dragon's nest.

It seems that the highest authority was originally his possession.

"So... this kind of future exists too..." After seeing three different futures, Yun Xi captured three different paths of destiny.

He couldn't help but wonder if it was his illusion, but in these paths of destiny, there was always someone missing.

"Why... in all these futures... is Hua Huo missing?" Hua Huo is supposed to be Yun Xi's childhood friend and the strongest ally he knows, but in these three futures, she doesn't exist.

"Is there a future where Hua Huo and I are together?" For the first time, Yun Xi asked the White Lotus Secret Treasure that revealed different future paths for himself.



The White Lotus Secret Treasure seemed to hesitate for a long time before finally giving Yun Xi an answer.

That path was hidden in the most inconspicuous corner among all the paths, and it could even be said that its existence was precarious.

In the future world line shown by the White Lotus Secret Treasure to Yun Xi , this line was the most unstable, like a kite string that could break in a storm at any moment.

Just by looking at this line that seemed like it could disappear at any moment, Yun Xi instinctively sensed that there were problems within it.

Would the White Lotus Secret Treasure be unable to complete its calculations for the future of him and Hua Huo ?

Was this the problem of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, or was it the problem of him and Hua Huo ?

"No matter what, I will see..." Yun Xi believed that the future could be changed.

Even if he had three possible futures that could be called glorious, Yun Xi was willing to believe that his future would definitely include being with Hua Huo .


That was a strange scenery unlike the landscapes in the human world.

In the enormous ruins, a girl cried as she raised the Dragon Emperor's Sword towards her lover.

"Why...why is it you?"

"Only you...only you...I can't accept it!"

Uh, what's going on here?

Yun Xi, stunned, watched as Hua Huo approached him with a drawn sword, a sight he had never seen from her before.

"Hua Huo, can you please let me explain?"

In this timeline, Yun Xi's gaze seemed even gentler and more forgiving than usual.

Whenever he looked at Hua Huo, it was like he was looking at a child who would never grow up.


"'re not my Little Xi!"

"Someone like you is not my Little Xi!"

"Liar, big liar!"

The more gentle Yun Xi's voice became, the angrier Hua Huo became.

"El'phyllis, Milei, Ye Li—they, the Starwings Knights, all can be forgiven!"

"But, this time, I can't forgive you!"

"Why... did you betray me, Mei!"

A cluster of green hair stood up like a knife, coldly locking onto Yun Xi's neck.

"You are... my enemy!"


What on earth is going on? Yun Xi was completely puzzled by this future.

What kind of misunderstanding had happened between him and Hua Huo , to result in such a bloody scene with Asura?

"Hua Huo... How did we end up like this..." Yun Xi in this future, with a hint of sadness and world-weariness, seemed much more mature than the present Yun Xi .

From the outline of his features, it seems that he has indeed grown a lot, no longer the green and inexperienced look of a sixteen-year-old, but more like the self that Yun Xi in Casina the Battle God's future would see a thousand years later.

Nevertheless, from that faintly sad gaze, he was still Yun Xi , a version of himself from a timeline that the current Yun Xi is unaware of.

"It's all unfaithful turnip!" Hua Huo said, with clenched teeth, and the green light on her head almost breaking through the sky.

"You must admit when you've been unfaithful." Desert Dragon Zaka said.

"Clearly, you've had multiple affairs, and yet you have the nerve to speak." Ice Dragon Zaka said.

"And besides, this time it's..." Red Dragon Zaka hesitated.

"Oh my goodness..." Black Dragon Zaka looked at Yun Xi with a hostile gaze, feeling especially resentful.

Hm, Yun Xi could see from the cold sweat on his forehead that perhaps he was at fault.

"I am innocent... I didn't know she was..." Involving a woman whose name isn't even allowed to be mentioned, the future Yun Xi also had a face of frustration.

Clearly, he himself was the biggest victim in this matter!


"Face your judgment!"

The green flashes turned into scissors that could cut everything. They launched a punishment against Yun Xi , and four Zaka blocked all the spaces that Yun Xi could escape to. They used a never-seen-before sealing technique on Yun Xi .

In this battle, Yun Xi was defeated miserably, completely crushed by his unbeatable childhood friend!

"From now on, I won't allow you to leave my side!" Hua Huo pierced Yun Xi 's body with the Dragon Emperor's Sword, her eyes becoming crazed.

Ah, this is the end of blood!

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