Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 984

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Chapter 984: The Showdown of the Aces

The insect army sent out their most powerful troops, the Sun Demon Insects, with a force of over three thousand.

Each Sun Demon Insect that landed on the ground had the power to destroy the world, like a weakened version of the Sunwalker.

This troop doesn't actually exist in the insect army's hierarchy, it is a special unit exclusive to the Insect Princess.

Wherever its purplish-black long whiskers swept, everything turned to dust. And when more than ten Sun Demon Insects gathered, they could unleash an attack called "Black Particle," which could directly destroy a standard-sized planet.

Facing the enemy's strongest unit, the Starwings Knights also sent out their own ace.

In the midst of a long dragon roar, a gigantic creature as big as the stars slowly leapt out from behind the Starwings Knights.

"What is that..." Yun Xi looked at the massive war tool surrounded by countless dragon roars. He had no idea that the Starwings Knights had such an ultimate weapon!

One, two, three!

Countless void beetles were released from this enormous creature, while one after another, the most powerful intelligent creatures from the endless god's domains soared into the sky.

This was a "Dragon's Nest," the ultimate battle tool of the endless god's domains, the highest mystery from the godly dragon's domain!

Legend had it that with just one Dragon's Nest, they could annihilate a divine realm!

The color of this Dragon's Nest was sacred silver!

Yun Xi had caught a glimpse of a white holy dragon, whose true name was Mumu Narabel, the sacred dragon of Asha... Asha's apostle.

Is this enormous dragon nest the ultimate weapon she built?

Upon careful observation, Yun Xi discovered a large population of wind-sail jellyfish residing in the Water God's world on top of this silver-white dragon nest. Occasionally, he would even catch glimpses of the dance of the dark butterflies.

So, this really is the war fortress belonging to the Starwings Knights?

To think that the Starwings Knights, still so weak now, would possess such immense potential in the future, even capable of single-handedly resisting the army of Insect Princesses crossing the starry sky.

"Roar, roar, roar!"

"Dog, dog, dog!"

In the endless void, the battle ignited the entire night sky in an instant.

Both sides, unleashing their ultimate cards, engaged in an intense long-range bombardment battle with the Sun Demon Insect army at the core on one side, while continuously releasing war dragons to forcefully advance towards the enemy front on the other side.

In the battle between Mechanus God's Domain and Sun Demon Insect, the tactics used were like a showdown between a heavy battleship with super cannons and a space carrier with countless fighter jets, back in a war era.

Sometimes, black particles would strike the Dragon's Nest, creating a horrifying black cave.

Other times, a fast-moving white dragon would dive into the camp of the Sun Demon Insects and unleash waves of dragon roars, crushing the insects into dust.

The Dragon's Nest itself had a terrifying ability to heal, thanks to the hard work of the jellyfish-like creatures called Wind Sailers, the wounds caused by the attacks would quickly be repaired.

The Sun Demon Insects were fearless insect soldiers who were willing to risk their lives. Even if a few of them were killed by the Dragon Roar Waves, new units of Sun Demon Insects would quickly be replenished from behind.

The shining light of Gigabit Wings occasionally sparkles in the night sky, which has become a battlefield at the level of gods. And the flag of the Starwings Knights still shines on this level of battlefield.

With only the size of a single knight order, and not even a large knight order with hundreds of thousands of members, they managed to resist the invasion of the ultimate insect troops.

The image transmitted by the planet's quantum computer group to the endless god's domains has shocked countless people.

The name of the Starwings Knights echoes through the stars!

"Their future... can actually be so glorious..." Yun Xi had the boldest imagination about the Starwings Knights, which was just a small knight order located in the remote God's Domain.

Currently, the Starwings Knights, along with the newly joined Robin, the knight and magic team, only has a little over forty people.

Even if Hua Yue, as the leader of the Starwings Knights, expands the size of the group, the most she can do is recruit the potential young ladies from influential families in the White Lotus Sword Palace. With Yun Xi's limited imagination, he feels that having around one hundred members in the Starwings Knights is already the maximum.

Until he breaks through the hero-ranked limit, there are only a limited number of "seeds" he can use.

It wasn't until White Lotus Secret Treasure showed him this future that he could have imagined the Starwings Knights growing to this size and level.

Not only did the number of members increase to the point where they had to establish a second and third division, but they also formed the Gigabit Wings, an air magic cavalry unit centered around the planetary quantum computers. Finally, they even built the ultimate war fortress called the Dragon's Nest in the endless god's domains.

Looking at the future composition of the Starwings Knights, this small group has transcended the boundaries of civilization, forming a diverse army with members from different races.

Yun Xi saw various members in the close guard battalion of Hua Yue, a woman. Among them were fairies, half-dragon people, giants, dark fairies, Lamia, mermaids, and even girls with demonic appearances.

Hmm, without exception, the Starwings Knights only accepted female members into their ranks.

Judging from this terrifying number, the seeds he had sent out must have numbered in the thousands long ago!

In this future, the connections between the seeds planted on himself seemed to be even more intricate than a spider web.

What happened for this small group of only a few dozen people to become a legendary legion capable of conquering the endless god's domains in the starry sky?

"Hua Yue..." Yun Xi looked at the blooming platinum rose beside him with a complex gaze.

On her body, there was also the aura of the legend rank, and the platinum crown on her head made her appear as noble as a queen.

"Mei... this time, I will definitely protect you," Hua Yue said as she lifted her platinum cross sword, her eyes filled with unprecedented seriousness.

"The tragedy that happened back then... will never happen again!"

"It is because of you... that we have gained the power and courage we have now!"

"We fight for Mei!"

At first, it was only Hua Yue's voice, but soon, it spread like a terrifying virus!

"We fight for Mei!"




Uh, in this future, am I... Yun Xi looked at himself still wearing the black maid uniform, and his head suddenly started to hurt.

Why is it "Mei" instead of his real name, Yun Xi?

Does he have to wear this black maid uniform even in the future's interstellar war?

This is just too embarrassing!

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