Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 983

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Chapter 983: The Radiance of the Starwings

In the midst of their entangled bodies, Yun Xi, a man with a bewildered expression, looked up at the constantly flashing scenes in the sky.

Being with Casina the Battle God made it difficult to keep track of time.

Just how long have the two of them spent in this golden desert?

Both of them belonged to the legendary rank and possessed the power of the Battle God's Seed. The overwhelming sense of physical and mental resonance was so captivating that it was impossible to break free from it.

For Yun Xi, Casina the Battle God's body was like a more intoxicating poison than Hydera's venomous wine. Drinking it would make one forget all their dreams.

Once an existence akin to a god, now she was by his side, and her slender and beautiful legs showcased the characteristics of a supple body, firmly holding him in place.

The two of them spent a very exciting time together, like a joyful battle. Casina the Battle God had a strong and gentle nature. When she was gentle, she was as soft as water, and when she was strong, she was like a blazing fire.

Yun Xi couldn't remember how much happiness he gained during this time.

This is truly a promising future.

Returning to the path of predicting the future in the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Yun Xi stared blankly at the future he had just entered.

"The cost is a thousand years... Teacher Casina the Battle God, you really planned this carefully."

Yun Xi never expected that the Battle God's Seed planted by Casina the Battle God in his body would have such an effect.

As long as he officially breaks through to the hero-ranked, Casina the Battle God should arrive as promised and throw him into the golden river of time formed by the Sand of Time, waiting for him to grow after a thousand years.

For anyone, this is a great opportunity, you could even say it's a dream come true.

By just sacrificing a thousand years of time, there is hope to enter the legend rank, this opportunity is even rarer than the appearance of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Yun Xi doesn't know what kind of sacrifice Casina the Battle God has to make, but it's easy to imagine that a thousand years of time in the river of time is not given away for no reason.

Even as a legend rank Casina the Battle God, it probably takes a lot of sacrifice to make the river of time accept a life that doesn't belong there.

It can be said that after understanding Casina the Battle God's way of teaching, Yun Xi is very grateful to this teacher who always seems lazy.

Not all teachers are willing to put in so much effort for their students.

This future can be said to be full of hope, and in a certain sense, even clearer and more understandable than Sunwalker's path.

By sacrificing thousands of years, one can almost certainly obtain the power of the legendary rank.

The Sky Flying Sword.

Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword.

All of the sword techniques that Yun Xi practiced could enter a god-like field.

He mastered the divine technique called the Magnificence of Sky Dance.

Finally, he could spend time with his own Teacher Casina the Battle God in a hot and exciting way.

No matter how he thought about it, it was a future close to perfection, planned by his teacher Casina the Battle God, becoming the true successor of the Battle God Genre.

However, the cost he had to pay made Yun Xi hesitate.

Thousands of years, for someone who was only sixteen years old, were really too heavy.

Even until now, he still remembered the vague and deep sadness he felt after leaving the River of Time.

The passage of thousands of years, even if it was just a simulation of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, made Yun Xi feel the sorrow of time passing by swiftly. It was a sense of age and experience etched into his soul.

Before entering the River of Time, he, in his current stage, felt lost and anxious, with the dreams of sixteen-year-old Yun Xi.

After leaving the River of Time, he became more mature than his present self, but also more melancholic.

"If it wasn't for this price... how good would it be..."

Getting something always means losing something, the principle of equal exchange always applies. Yun Xi saw his future self, thousands of years from now, but that self felt unfamiliar and left him at a loss.

Just like the future where he becomes Sunwalker and the Golden Crow Princess, the future with Teacher Casina the Battle God is within reach, as if it will happen in the not too distant future.

Casina the Battle God is waiting not for him in the present, but for his future self who will step into the legend rank thousands of years later.

"And, there are other futures..." After seeing his future twice, one as the "Sunwalker" and the other as the "Casina the Battle God," Yun Xi had a clearer understanding of the future predicted by the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

These futures have a high possibility of happening, so the version of himself appearing in the future is very likely to be another one.

With his wings burning in golden red, Sunwalker flew together with the Golden Crow Princess in the heavens above the thirty-three realms.

Stepping into the river of time, mastering the battle skills of the Battle God, Yun Xi embarked on a legendary path, just like Casina the Battle God.

The future is not set in stone, a small detail can often lead to different landscapes.

This time, the future that Yun Xi touched had an exceptionally dazzling radiance.

It wasn't just one star, but two, three, four stars... A future woven together by countless dazzling stars that made one's eyes dazzled.

As Yun Xi touched this moment of the future, he understood whose future it was. To be precise, it was "their" future.

The sky was filled with countless stars, shining brightly.

Each star was a scenery for Yun Xi. They were all a part of his future.

This future belonged to the "Starwings Knights."

"Mei, what are you daydreaming about?" Hua Yue, wearing platinum rose armor, holding a sacred cross-shaped shield, and wearing a crown on her forehead, looked at Yun Xi with a confused expression.

Behind her, a platinum rose flag adorned with the Starwings emblem was fluttering in the wind.

Beside the two of them, there was an army of over three thousand people.

The leader of the Starwings Knights, Hua Yue, the vice leader, Xiao Cao, the secretary, Ling Ling, the treasurer, Mei Lan, along with the members of the Knight and Magic Squad, Robin, Mumu, and Yun Xi, were all gathered together.

Hmm, not only that, but there were also many, many faces that Yun Xi didn't recognize.

Those creatures with long, pointed ears are the superior race from the faraway Western God's Domain - the fairy race.

The girls with horns on their foreheads and long tails behind them are the companions of the dragon race - the half-dragon people.

In the sky, there were even real dragons flying. Not just one, but some members of the Starwings Knights that Yun Xi knew became dragon knights.

This is a diverse army made up of multiple races, from the swordsmen from the Eastern God's Domain to the dragon riders from the Western God's Domain, and even rare beings like Lamia and merfolk.

Without exception, they are all beautiful and lovely women, many of whom are part of Yun Xi, the man's, million-bride army, and there are many, many faces that Yun Xi doesn't know yet.

The only thing they have in common is that their bodies all have Yun Xi's "seeds," which are life seeds planted with the power of the stars. And from what Yun Xi can feel, there are many more connections than just these.

"Report, the second and third squadrons have launched an encirclement from the east and west!"

"Report, the seventh aerial magic knight squadron, Gigabit Wings, has shot down the enemy's air combat corps!"

"The special operations magic team is destroying the enemy's third stronghold. The fourth spiral forbidden curse is being activated and is expected to be completed in one hour."

While Yun Xi was lost in thought, various commands flowed like snowflakes to Hua Yue, who was in the center of the Starwings Knights.

"Keep attacking, don't stop!"

"Gigabit Wings, switch to ground attack and prevent the enemy from taking off again."

"After the special operations magic team completes their mission, they will rest for an hour and then continue preparing for the spiral forbidden curse."

Hua Yue, a young woman, gave one command after another. She had grown from being a noble lady to becoming the true leader of the Starwings Knights. However, she didn't choose to lead her family's holy knight group. Instead, she chose the Starwings Knights.

Once just a small knight group gathered together because of "Mei's black hair," they had now become a legendary force that shook the entire night sky.

Now, the Starwings Knights carried a glory and brilliance that humans couldn't even imagine.

They were currently fighting against a terrifying army that made the entire Endless God's Domains tremble. It was led by an exotic Insect Princess and consisted of billions of insect soldiers.

Wherever their insect wings flew, everything turned into food. Plants, animals, and even entire planets!

There is nothing that the swarm cannot devour. The Sun Demon Insects, with their long purplish-black tentacles, can even use the sun as their breeding ground and reproduce in overwhelming numbers.

The number of units in the battle between the two sides reached a despairing ratio of tens of thousands to one. On average, one member of the Starwings Knights had to face tens of thousands of insects.

Any other knight order in the endless god's domains would have already collapsed in such a dire situation. Only the Starwings Knights managed to hold their line steadily, and occasionally even pushed back the enemy.

Such miracles can only be created by the Starwings Knights.

Because the Starwings Knights are a completely integrated super-race mixed army.

Here, they possess tactical abilities that no regular knight order in the endless god's domains can achieve. All members of the knight order coordinate with absolute harmony.

Never have they betrayed, fought over power, or even had logistics disputes. The Starwings Knights can maintain full combat effectiveness in any harsh environment, even in situations where supplies are completely lost.

Well, mainly because they have "Mei's Bread," an incredible strategic supply. No matter how tired or weary they may be, as long as they can eat bread made by Mei herself, they can immediately regain their energy and continue fighting.

"Why... haven't you surrendered yet..."

"You clearly... have no chance of winning..." From the other side of the starry sky came the confusion of the Insect Princess who invaded.

The army of demon worms she leads are natural enemies of the sun. The terrifying Sun Demon Insects, with their purple-black long tentacles, can only hatch and survive by feeding on the sun.

A swarm of insects that can devour even the sun brings deep despair to humanity. In God's Domain, where the sunlight has been lost, often before the insect army even lands, complete collapse has already taken place.

Because, we have our own sun.

As long as the sun in our hearts remains, you won't be able to cross this battle line!

In the sky, dozens of retro-looking fighter jets with quantum radiance flew by. They resembled old-fashioned propeller planes.

However, these fighter jets were equipped with real star quantum computers, each possessing the power of quantum jumps, allowing them to engage in space battles.

In addition to the unexpected star quantum computers, they also carried the unique "Gigabit Wings" system of the endless god's domains.

Faced with the overwhelming barrage of attacks from the insect swarm that brought despair, other cutting-edge weapons from the Mechanus God's Domain could only escape in a panic. These fighter jets, on the other hand, would always charge forward fearlessly, enduring the despair-inducing multiple barrage attacks.

Next, it was a glorious moment for Gigabit Wings, no matter how many bullets were fired at them, these planes would absorb them all and then return them.

The swarms of insects that were destroyed by their own bullets would even drop countless gems, just like the scenery Yun Xi saw in Crystal Creek Valley.

"Why... won't you become mine?"

"Resisting... is meaningless..."

"The will of the Insect Princess... cannot be defied..."

More and more dense swarms of insects fly from the other side of the starry sky, crossing the vastness of space, launching fearless attacks on the endless god's domains.

Even though the Starwings Knights obliterate wave after wave of insect armies, there will always be more swarms coming to replenish the frontlines.

This is the great terror of conquering the stars, the power of the Insect Princess that makes the endless god's domains tremble. Each Insect Princess, who embarks on a journey to conquer the stars with their own independent swarms, is a nightmare for beings with endless wisdom.

Those creatures with long purple-black tentacles, carrying incomplete Light Furnaces in their bodies, are some of the most terrifying ultimate warriors in the universe, capable of destroying entire worlds.

What's even scarier is that these terrifying warriors can be mass-produced.

All they need is a suitable sun as an incubator, and the number of Sun Demon Insects can be counted in hundreds or thousands. When they gather together and release beams of sunlight, they can even turn a planet into dust in an instant.

"S-such demon worms..." A bead of sweat dripped down Yun Xi's forehead. No matter how you looked at it, those demon worms seemed to have some inexplicable connection to him.

Even the voice of the Insect Princess, which came from the distant stars, had a sense of familiarity.

That aloofness and arrogance, that willingness to invade the entire order of the endless god's domains for their own desires, challenging the will of the universe with their own strength.

Hmm, it must be a mistake, he has never encountered such a scary Insect Princess before.

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