Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 980

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Chapter 980: Waiting for You to Grow Up

Is this world the Sand of Time?

Yun Xi was washed and swept away by countless golden granules, rolling forward in a seemingly endless river.

Every second, this river would fork into one branch after another.

Every second, streams from unknown sources would converge into this river of time.

The soft golden granules were not rough or prickly at all, and when they were washed away, it seemed that something inside the body also disappeared along with everything else.

Suddenly, the river came to a halt.

That was because a voice, a will, appeared.

"Time, stop."

No one can truly stop the time of the world, but it is possible to do so within a certain area, within a very small range.

At this moment, it was Yun Xi's mentor, Casina the Battle God, who stopped the pebbles of this river of time.

When time was frozen, the golden pebbles that were constantly moving forward around Yun Xi suddenly lost all their weight and became like pure nothingness.

In the frozen river of time, Yun Xi began to sink quickly.

Really, very fast. In just the blink of an eye, Yun Xi sank to the lower region of the river of time.

Compared to the constantly flowing upper region, this place seemed particularly empty and quiet, perhaps because time had temporarily been stopped, causing the entire bottom scenery to freeze.

As Yun Xi fell, gently touching the scattered pebbles around him, his thoughts became calm.

In a quiet world, everything seemed to have vanished, and only the sound of our own heartbeat and the flow of blood could be heard.

And even in a world where time stood still, the Battle God's Seed sprouted with a powerful force, releasing a huge amount of energy!

It seemed like something was slowly awakening.

The seed planted by Casina the Battle God, after being washed by the sands of time, is now sprouting and growing.

In the blur, Yun Xi saw a sword.

It was a sword similar to the Starwings, but with slight differences in the details.

The existence of this sword was the most vibrant color in this silent world.

"Do you see the sword in your heart?"

"That is a sword forged by the Sand of Time specifically for you."

"When you draw this sword, it will be the moment you inherit the true teachings of the Battle God Genre."

The voice of Casina the Battle God continued to echo in Yun Xi's (man's) ears, and then the frozen river of time suddenly thawed.

"Time, flow on!"

The stopped time might have just been a little while, only a few heartbeats.

But when time started flowing again, it instantly became thousands of years!

Amidst countless golden lights, an unknown divine sword burst out from the depths of the river of time.

"Here, try your sword," said Casina the Battle God, raising his long right leg and giving Yun Xi a spinning kick.

Yun Xi 's figure appeared blurry and elusive, like a ghost, as he dodged Casina the Battle God's attack.

In this brief clash, which lasted thousands of times in the scale of time, the outcome would be like this if presented in a list.

Casina the Battle God took the first strike, locked onto his opponent, activated his "inescapable" ability, and chose a future where he would definitely hit Yun Xi .

Yun Xi launched a defensive counterattack, determining that this strike was "inescapable" within a certain range. He entered a brief invincible state, nullifying the opponent's attack, and then counterattacked.

Both sides constantly adjusted their strategies and techniques in different time scales. By the time they actually faced each other, they had already made thousands of choices, attacks, defenses, and counterattacks.

Raising his right hand high and pressing his left hand on the ground, Yun Xi directly imitated the technique of Casina the Battle God, which he had only seen once before.

The Magnificence of Sky Dance, one of Casina the Battle God's most advanced techniques, combines the power of humans and gods. Even the mighty Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword was forced to the ground by this move!

This technique requires an extraordinary level of physical abilities. Back then, Yun Xi had the support of the entire world's will as the Water God, and with the blood blessing from Hydera the Water God, he barely reached the minimum requirements to use this move.

Without the absolute advantage of the Water God's world, and unable to enter Hydera's Nine-tailed mode, Yun Xi, even though he remembered this move perfectly, couldn't use it at all.

Just like Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword, the Sky Flying Sword is a move from the divine [Field]!

Watching her talented student, Casina the Battle God smiled with joy and took the exact same starting stance as Yun Xi.

At almost the same time, in the same position, they soared into the sky.

Yun Xi's right hand, and Casina the Battle God's right hand, both grabbed each other's shoulders.

After countless choices in the river of time, this was the decision they made together.

Unity of heaven and humanity!

Absorbing the energy of the heavens and earth, sealing the opponent's vitality. Even Shaya Longnis, with her god-like body, was once bound by this move and unable to move.

Even Casina the Battle God was curious about the same move, the Magnificence of Sky Dance, being used by both sides at the same time. What would be the result when they locked onto each other?

Now, the answer had come!

Unity of heaven and humanity against unity of heaven and humanity!

The Magnificence of Sky Dance against The Magnificence of Sky Dance!

Neither could overpower the other, because both had entered that state. The result of using this move was a beautiful dance together in the sky!

Two graceful figures danced together in the sky, forming a bridge that connected the heavens and the earth. The powerful energy of the universe resonated between their bodies.

The essence of the Magnificence of Sky Dance was the ability to suppress any outsiders with the coordinated power of the world. It represented the state of harmony between heaven and man.

With the Magnificence of Sky Dance, both sides entered a world where they could feel the resonance of the heavens and the earth, and understand each other's essence.

Even Casina the Battle God himself couldn't believe how wonderful this feeling was.

Just the touch of their fingertips brought their minds together, like a seamless blend of water and milk.

"A thousand years of time was not wasted."

"It was worth it, to see you grow up," Casina the Battle God said, looking at the divine sword forged from the river of time and millennia, with satisfaction written all over his face.

" wasn't necessary to imprison me in the river of time for thousands of years..." Yun Xi said, with a headache, watching Casina the Battle God teach his disciple in an unconventional way.

The way to forge the divine sword is indeed correct, and its power is truly astonishing. But what is the teaching method that requires you to wait for a thousand years, until you grow up to become the sword?

"Isn't it interesting to wait for the green fruit to ripen for a thousand years, and then enjoy it?"

"Now, you can be considered a qualified heir of the Battle God Genre."

"I have been waiting for you to grow up."

Casina the Battle God tilted his head, wearing an adorable expression of "What's wrong with that?"

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