Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 981

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Chapter 981: A Thousand Years Later

After waiting for a thousand years, she wanted to see how Yun Xi had grown.

Teacher Casina, is your sense of time a little off?

Yun Xi, who had been immersed in the river of time, experienced the passing of endless ages. They could only be an observer of history.

Those thousand years were truly a thousand years, not a single year less!

If the future shown by the White Lotus Secret Treasure is correct, once Yun Xi reaches hero-ranked, Teacher Casina the Battle God will capture them and throw them into the river of time.

Some of Yun Xi's Elder Martial Sisters are still lost in the river of time and haven't returned. Yun Xi even had several encounters with them in that river, even though they had never met before.

It is hard to describe how it feels to be trapped in the river of time, the Sand of Time. Even the White Lotus Secret Treasure could not fully capture its essence. So, what Yun Xi felt was only a tiny part of the thousands of years.

For Yun Xi, who is only sixteen years old, those thousands of years were too heavy, like an unbearable vanishing of life.

A regular hero-ranked person, once entering the river of time, would not be able to survive, let alone endure the time freezing and acceleration from Casina the Battle God.

The stillness of time, as if all things in the world have lost their brilliance in the end of the Sand of Time.

The flowing of time, like being swept into an uncontrollable storm, unable to distinguish whether it is in the past, present, or future.

Even now, Yun Xi still does not understand how he came back from that river of time.

A thousand years, in a blink of an eye.

A thousand years in this very moment.

Just like the path of Sunwalker, when Yun Xi noticed, the Magnificence of Sky Dance had already started, and he was dancing in the sky with Casina the Battle God.

"Don't resist the taste of time, it's a gift from the past."

"Just a thousand years, and you can come out from there, proving that you have the best talent."

"My other lovely disciples took an average of one thousand eight hundred years to come out from there." Casina the Battle God guided Yun Xi's movements, sometimes spinning around, sometimes standing side by side.

Yun Xi could smell the scent on himself, a scent that didn't belong to the mortal world, but the essence of the Sand of Time from stepping into the river of time.

Even though his body was still sixteen years old, his soul and will had transformed from thousands of years of history.

That was not just a hero-ranked soul, but something more noble, closer to eternity.

Immersed in the sands of time for thousands of years, the ancient times opened a door to an unknown and mysterious world for Yun Xi , and paved the way for him after obtaining the Battle God's Seed.

That path leads to ultimate brilliance and glory, everlasting and never fading.

"I don't understand... why me?" Yun Xi always felt like he had experienced so much during those thousand years, but couldn't recall what exactly those things were.

Vague memories, like a dream after a thousand years, made the real world seem unfamiliar.

"Because it's you, that's why it works."

"I don't just choose anyone to be my disciple," Casina the Battle God leaned in close to Yun Xi's black hair, tying it into a big braid, an expression of satisfaction on his face.

In this moment, Yun Xi shed all traces of a mortal, to the point where he couldn't even be described as "human".

This is exactly what Casina the Battle God aims for. Only those who can master both strength and flexibility are qualified to inherit the power of the Battle God.

The other disciples are still far behind in this aspect. They are taking a similar path as her at the beginning, pushing their flexibility to the limit and then discovering the secrets of strength. Eventually, they will achieve a balance between strength and flexibility.

This is the biggest challenge in mastering the Battle God Genre, and Yun Xi, right from the beginning, has accomplished it. That is why she implanted the Battle God's Seed into his body without hesitation. After it sprouted, she threw him into the flowing river of time, the Sand of Time.

"A thousand years... so long..." Yun Xi's gaze became distant. His path is completely different from that of Sunwalker.

He has only experienced a glimpse of it during the deduction in the White Lotus Secret Treasure, but he noticed a significant change in his aura.

Is the person he is now the same as the person he was before entering the river of time?

At this moment, the power surging within him is almost as strong as Casina the Battle God's power. But where did it come from?

In the river of time, over thousands of years, what did he see and encounter, to master such astounding power?

He not only mastered Casina the Battle God's the Battle God's Seed, but also Hua Huo's the Sky Flying Sword, and even the most difficult Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword.

Besides the unpredictable Starwings, with the advantage of a thousand years of time, he has almost perfected all the abilities he can cultivate.

After a thousand years, he has become so powerful that he easily surpassed the legend rank. However, he doesn't understand the true power of his legend rank.

The river of time, like the ultimate shortcut, allowed him to possess the power that would belong to him in a thousand years. But it also caused him to lose many things.

In those vanished thousands of years, what did he gain and what did he lose?

Not understanding, Yun Xi was only sixteen years old, and a thousand years seemed too long for him.

Most hero-ranked beings could never live for a thousand years, which meant that if he were thrown into the river of time and came back, everything he was familiar with could be gone.

The girls of the Starwings Knights, as well as his childhood friends in the town, probably couldn't live through this much time.

But Hua Huo was different. With her power surpassing the world, even a thousand years could not diminish her shine. She would even shine brighter at the peak of the endless god's domains.

Only beings with the "eternal" attribute could emerge from the sands of time.

His teacher, Casina the Battle God, was naturally such a person.

The twin witches and Hua Huo were also like this.

Yun Xi was surprised to find that his companion, Pafu, had also endured the test of the River of Time and survived for thousands of years to stay with him. Pafu was the only living being he had brought out from the river of time.

"Not used to it, huh? But that's the reality," said Casina the Battle God.

"As someone who has reached the legend rank, you will eventually have to part ways with those you know," Casina continued gently stroking Yun Xi's hair. "When you enter the realm of legends, the mortal world will gradually fade away from you."

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